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Mindless Invalid
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DO NOT copy this guide for any reason. I put a lot of effort into it and i want it to stay here. Just link to it if you are just trying to help people.
(i've split the page up so it will load faster, they're listed in the order of release)

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avatar Visit the Altador Staff Tournament page if voted correctly for atleast one staff member.
avatar Visit the Altador Prize Shop if you participated in one of the matches. Having only voted isn't enough, you need to have actually played in the games.
avatar Lookup the pet lookup of a desert ruki like these: Chalanin, Hewki_the_Ruki, or Khyanm.
avatar Lookup the pet lookup of a faerie peophin like these: Hailiin, faerie_peo, or Rormeoh.
-Thanks swimchickie623 and star_wars_fan_freak
avatar Feed your pet any type of food item between the hours of 3pm-4pm or 3am-4am nst.
Note: Spooky foods do not work
avatar Visit the pet lookup of an island tuskaninny, like these: made_to_be_broken, Tarentegrala, or bauteyandthebeast.
-Thanks to cutestuf204 and aeversween for the tuskaninny names
avatar Visit the pet lookup of a disco ixi, like these: Derpot, rumpus0303, or kaserda.
Note: The ixi may need to be a certain amount of days old, some ixis did not work.
avatar Visit the pet lookup of a flotsam that has a strength of 55 or higher. These flotsams work: Mikonoka, Ciraelerane, or angelBam.
avatar Visit the Scrollery, may take more than one try.
avatar Look up a Pink Kau older than a certain amount of days (somewhere between 312 and 465 days) while you have a Crystal Ball in your inventory. Crystal Balls are: E-Z See Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball Table, Ice Crystal Ball.
Pink Kaus you can use are: berry1225, ImSpeciall, Buurbe, Booly66, Abbyssister, kaukau_01063, rainbunny, volkouleur, or Lil_Margereta.
-Thanks to animaluvr9109 for the pink kau names
-We have been told that you are also able to get this avatar by having a snowglobe (such as Darkest Faerie Snowglobe) in your inventory, and then changing your language to spanish (thanks simsine604 and im_money_baby), this may or may not work, try at your own discretion
avatar Random? while posting :)*angry*:( on the Avatar/NeoSignatures NeoBoards
You need to type it, not copy and paste, if you do that it will not work. The smiley code is: :)*angry*:(
avatar Visit the pet lookup of a Mutant Quiggle - Santasmuffin, Witchella_Bruise and fB0b
avatar Visit the pet lookup of a tyrannian jubjub like these ones: Jurrabob, The__Eternal_Dragon, or DarthZinedineZidane.
-Thanks susan_12317
avatar Visit the janitor at the Hall of Heros
avatar Visit a painted Koi while you have a Koi Plushie in your inventory. You can use BigandSpeedyCarrot or _xx_MiMi .
-Thank you sleepingbueaty110589!
avatar Visit a Halloween Moehog while you have a Sloth item in your inventory.
Halloween Moehog: Slothydoo, Virtuswine and Sphyroz.
Cheap Sloth items: Sloth Ruler, Dr Sloth Pinata, Sloth Lunch Box, Sloth Faerie Plushie.
-Thanks to squishyxbear
avatar Feed your pet a speckled food, like a Speckled Negg or one of the new speckled foods. If you have a grarrl or a skeith you can feed it any item with the word speckled in it, like Speckled Neopets Birthday Balloon, Speckled Neopets Party Hat, or Speckled Neopets Party Blower.
NOTE: It has been said that you can also turn your language to Korean (last language in the language menu) and feed your Grarrl or Skeith a Neezles Jab. Please try at your own discretion, not everyone has received the avatar when they tried it this way.
avatar Visit the pet lookup of an ice hissi like these ones: origamikau, cotton_candy_clouds or Trevathan.
avatar Visit King Altador's statue at the Hall of Heros in Altador.
avatar View the pet lookup of a plushie cybunny with any "plushie" item in your inventory: Ice_Blue_Wolf8, Lulluby_Bunny, or Kelsaroo_Jordaroo.
avatar View the pet lookup of a baby kougra under the age of 50 days old: _pennyroyal_tea . -Thanks sadiebaby123 for the baby kougra name :D
avatar View the pet lookup of an Island Krawk with an Island petpet attached like the following: Taja, Doobiezez, Javeten.
avatar Watch a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert at the Concert Hall (you need to have/buy a Yes Boy Ice-Cream Ticket).
avatar Watch a Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers concert at the Concert Hall (you need to have/buy a Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers Ticket).
avatar View the pet lookup of a rainbow chomby like the following: Urwissen, Wyspire, Merkanty.
avatar Have any color scorchio plushie in your inventory (purple and yellow are the cheapest) and then view the tcg collection of someone who has the scordax tcg in their collection like this person: pinkcaddy.
avatar View the pet lookup of a starry gelert while having a "starry" item in your inventory. Some cheap starry items are: Starry Hair Brush, Starry Paint Brush Plushie, Pale Starry Notebook & Starry Birthday Blower. Here are some starry gelerts: Tufy27 & SilasStars.
avatar View the pet lookup of a hallween uni (Most likely it only works between 8pm and 6am NST) like the following: Merakhias, AugmentedSecond, _Nightwalker.
avatar View the pet lookup of a hallween mynci with a Spooky Petpet attached like the following: Tombstones, Marity5 or Parroki.
avatar View the pet lookup of a mutant tonu that is sick, or has less than 1 hp, like these ones: NiteRhino, MUTANT__TONU, or BloodGal.
avatar Score 1200+ points in Feed Florg.
avatar Score 2000+ at Faerie Bubbles.
-For some help, please check out pyrorockchik's Faerie Bubbles Guide.
avatar Visit the lookup of a Mutant Lenny with mutant petpet attached. Such as: Shikadia, Orangish or Lenny_mas_Grande.

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