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This is where I will post pictures from my trip to Japan. ^_^ I am studying in Shiga prefecture from the end of May until early August 2003. I arrive back in the States August 5th. Well, hope you enjoy my pictures and everything goes well for me. ^_^ Ȥ!

By the way, this will more than likely have Japanese encoding in places. If you have that capability, I suggest you turn it on (EUC works for me rather than shiftJIS, oddly enough). If not, ignore the nonsense squiggle. It isn't important anyway.

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**New** Check out my friend's page and see our crazy KARAOKE pics!!! Doot's Page I'm actually in some of his pictures since he's in my kaizokudan (pirate gang). Look for the yellow-headed kid with the black backback that has a long red ribbon hanging off it. His page also has movies which is always fun.

Want to check out the underground CRYSTA mall? Click here!

Click on the link to get to that day's gallery. If certain thumbnails won't load, click on them anyway. There should be no broken links, I've checked them myself.

Pics from before leaving

The airport, the flight over, and my first night

Second day with shopping

Another plaza and KFC

Finally some pics from about town

Total loafing day good for laundry and gyoza

Some more random pictures and stuff

Pics of the garden and our train adventure (AKA cute high school boys and school girls)

Some random photos

Hikone Castle

A dinner of nabe and a kick ass movie

500 Rakan Tenneiji Temple: my first temple trip, tea, coffee, and cake

First cultural class, ikebana

Okonomiyaki experience, oh what an experience

First field trip to a museum and Shigaraki village

Finally we make it to Osaka!

First new pics in while - absolutely nothing special

My brief trip to the middle school

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