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LeRoux Family Genealogy

This site was structured with the help of precious collaborators namely Eddy and Conrad Leroux, two brothers who beleive in genealogy as much as me.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you into my home and my world.My principal interest are FAMILY, GENEALOGY, and all and everything related to computer science and computer technology and surely one should never forget sports and especially "fishing" which is very dear to my heart.

The LeRoux (Leroux) Genealogy

The name is more important than the person himself because it travel everywhere. (Old african saying).

Chineses were the first known people to use family name on or about year 2852 B.C. In the antiquity, Romans would have only one name which they changed eventually for a three names appellation system. The surname came first followed by nomen to define the clan coordinates' and least name would be the family. As the Roman Empire did decline, the use of one single name became usual and customary.

Names could be associated with trade or profession (carpenter, miller, butcher, taylor) or place of residence: the one who live on a mountain, a valley, a river etc. The name of the father has been taken often as a distinctive sign; for exemple, Gregory Leroux who see some of his offspring taking the name Gregory as their family name. There was also common physical appearance of family members that could determinate eventually their names which they were called by other people living around them (Small, Large, Tallest, LeBlond, Leroux, LeRoux).

The family name LeRoux indicates that it could have been associated with individuals who had hair and/or complexion of auburn or reddish brown color. The LeRoux have also been wheelmaker or repairmen for all king of wheel. According to many already made research LeRoux name seens to be known as an old and distinguished name.

Hubert LeRoux who originated from Vitry-le Francois
The arrival of the LeRoux in Canada
The children of Hubert LeRoux
Hubert LeRoux's Spouse
Hubert LeRoux's Spouse (Addendum)
Hubert LeRoux, his death, and his children
LeRoux dit Cardinal
Hubert LeRoux in Montreal
The Carignan regiment
Jean LeRoux(nickname Jean-Baptiste)
The LeRoux Coat of Arms
Historical facts
The village of Rivière-Beaudette and its history
My family to-day and of to-morrow
Joseph LeRoux " The Patriot"
Joseph LeRoux " The Patriot"(suite)
Joseph LeRoux " Theaftermatht"(suite)
The treasures of genealogy"(suite)
Count Alain LeRoux (in construction)"(suite)
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