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BThe treasures of genealogy

Genealogy preoccupied the thoughts of most of us since the younger age of our life and led us irresistibly (later on) to search and discover our roots and also the thrilling adventurous era of the "LEROUX dît ROUSSON in Canada and within North America.

It is with great pleasure that we pursue our researches continuously and with patience.

This pastime led us to meet extraordinary people of all ages who were also passionate of genealogy and its multiple discoveries, these people are still cheerfully participating.

Together, we were happily surprised to realize that numerous descendants, spread out all over, were searching for their roots and ancestry…! And also those good people were seeking to share all these little things that make us all so exclusive and alike at the same time.

Man is eternal through his descendants: Again these descendants must know where and who were the preceding authors of their living days…! That is exactly where genealogy comes in; the most important living gift given to one’s children and then these children to their children and so on and so on. That is why genealogy becomes a gesture of love towards one’s descendants and also a strong believing towards the Supreme Being Who ever He may be for each of us.

We were given the occasion to realize that the "LEROUX dît ROUSSON are fierce individualists

who seldom look for association with other unless it is really essential. What a paradox, nevertheless so real…! But these same people regroup as soon as it is justified to share together their exclusivity so dear to their hearth.

Our greatest project:

: Surely to actively pursue our researches and establish all lineages of the descendants of Hubert

LEROUX and Anne-Marie Van Zeigt, to wit: the "LEROUX dît ROUSSON".

: To establish a repository to receive, preserve and add all genealogical documentation

our correspondents will send voluntarily to us.

: Share with whoever desire it, these extraordinary treasures through Internet and otherwise.

: Create eventually a regrouping of all the "LEROUX dît ROUSSON" .

: To discover, initiate and offer to join, new members who would perpetuate these aims and

objectives and thus replace those within our actual group who would have been giving their best

efforts and will be rightfully deserving to take a rest from the work of genealogy.