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HZNV?Hubert Le Roux’s Spouse

According to Mr. Drouin’s research (i.e.: Institut généalogique Drouin) Hubert Le Roux’s Spouse Anne-Marie Van Zeigt was the dependant of the blessed Marguerite Bourgeois. Anne-Marie was foreseen to become a nun, but Providence had other objective for her and would rather see her married.

That is why she stood under the protection of Marguerite Bourgeois until her marriage with our ancestor. Fact to be noted, in the marriage contract, one may read, "daughter of the deceased and noble Christian Phansèque, Captain of the Imperial troops.

Also in the marriage contract, Anne-Marie Van Zeigt (also written: Marie-Anne Phansèque,

Marie-Anne Fannenche according to the notary who wrote her name incorrectly most of the time…!) was noted as originating from Hamburg, town of Germany. We will show an extract of this marriage contract dated November 7th 1663, 13 days before her marriage.

The quality of the witnesses who where present to her marriage indicates that she was in contact and relation with the best society of the era. One would notice the names of the priest Gabriel Souart pastor of Ville Marie, Philippe de Hautnesnil Squire, Zacharie Dupuy Squire and Major of the island and many more….

Lastly, one may question why a young girl would come from a part of Germany rather far from French border. We have to remember that Hamburg was the capital of a free and independent state and at some period of history Hamburg was more sympathetic to France than Germany. Also Hamburg was always a big commercial center and families of this town, mostly high society families could have close relations with families from France of high society.

Our ancestor Anne-Marie Van Zeigt most probably was the first German woman on Canadian land. Her German name brought many writing difficulties for the "law men", it should be,"Van Zeigt" but was written Phansèque, Vanzèque, Fannexexe, Vandezzeque.

When Hubert Le Roux died prematurely at the age of 42, Anne-Marie remarried the following year with Gabriel Cardinal, but life with her second husband does not seem to have pleased her at all. On March 11th 1692, she left her second husband and her children were placed under guardianship and a man named Lory was to take care of them. She died alone and was buried in 1722 at the age of 66.

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