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Hubert LeRoux who originated from "Vitry-le-François"

Vitry-le-François is a small municipality of fifteen thousand inhabitants (more or less). It is located within Châlons-sur-Marne department in France. The actual church (Notre-Dame) saw the beginning of its construction on the year 1629 and was terminated in 1678. Hubert LeRoux was born within this parish in the year 1646 and this is the same church that he attended to during the first part of his life and it is within this parish registry that we may trace his history and that of his family.

The father of our ancestor was also called Hubert and he was a Notary Royal in the very same small town of Vitry-le-François and his spouse was Madeleine Varnier.

Hubert the son was in the fur business and as we find his trace again in a marriage contract in Canada, he was categorized as a furrier for a profession. The furriers were in this era very important in France. They were erected into corporations and their statutes dated from 1586. They were the fourth corps of merchants of Paris.

For such a business, Canada did offer at the time many very interessing opportunities and that (without a doubt) was these possibilities that motivated our ancestor Hubert LeRoux (the son) to come to Canada hoping maybe for a temporary stay.

Upon leaving France, our ancestor seems not to have had a father any more, because we may notice written on his marriage contract that his father is qualified as deceased. The very fact that he had the same first name as his father seems to indicate that he was the oldest of his family (as most of the time such a tradition took place for the first born child of a family within this given era).


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