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The arrival of the LeRoux in Canada

They crossed over the ocean nearly together within a time frame of less than ten years.

Nevertheless, and they most probably originated from a common ancestor, but nothing indicates that they were related to each other one way or another.

The first, François Leroux, married in 1668, and came from Poitou region. François was the head of the LeRoux of Quebec city and Charlesbourg, and one of his direct descendants established himself within the Sorel area and became the head of a distinct and fourth group of LeRoux of a smaller size family descendants.

The second, André Leroux, married in 1671, was from Normandie region and precisely from the city of Rouen. André had only one daughter who died at a young age thus, André had no descendants.

The third, our ancestor Hubert LeRoux, married in 1673 in Montreal (Canada) came from the ancient region of Champagne, and more precisely from the small town of Vitry-le-François within the now department of Châlons-sur-Marne.

The fourth, Gilbert Leroux, married in 1675, place of origin unknown and seems not to be related to the three others as he settled himself into a completely separate area which was La Pérade and surrounding areas.

Hubert, our ancestor, settled within the Montreal region and he is the ancestor of the LeRouxs of Pointe-Claire, Vaudreuil, and Soulanges.

Descendants of Hubert LeRoux are believed to be those LeRouxs who moved further away from the province of Quebec through the years and established themselves and their families all over North America.

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