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Jean LeRoux (Nickname: Jean-Baptiste)

We now know that Hubert LeRoux when he died, left three children, one son and two daughters. One of the daughters Anne-Charlotte married Claude Leblond, while the other daughter Jeanne never get married. As for Jean LeRoux, the only son and bearer of the LeRoux name and continuant of the family, he married Louise Chaussé at the age of twenty-three years old in the Notre-Dame church in Montreal on February 13th 1702. In the marriage act of Jean LeRoux and Louise Chaussé, we acknowledge that one of the witness for Jean LeRoux was his stepbrother Jean Cardinal. The retrocession deed (in previous pages) could have led us to believe that these financial debates would have separated the LeRoux children from their half-brother on the mother’s side…! None of this took place, and the very presence of Jean Cardinal at this wedding (a happy family reunion) confirms exactly the opposite.

Jean LeRoux and Louise Chaussé had thirteen children and five of their sons made it to adulthood, they married and became heads of numerous families from whom descendants would spread into Lachine and Pointe-Claire and further in Ste-Genevieve and mostly within the county of Soulanges and Vaudreuil. Further generations would spread even more all over North America.

Their sons who became adult and got married: Jean-Baptiste LeRoux born 19/8/1705 deceased:29/3/1750

Married to: M.-Angélique Liberson on 8/10/1731 in St-Laurent

: Louis LeRoux born 1/6/1707 deceased:

Married to: Madeleine Thibault on 5/7/1734 in Rivière-des-Prairies

Second marriage to: Anne Prieur on 17/12/1738 in Pointe-Claire

: Joseph LeRoux born 27/4/1709 and deceased 20/1/1761

Married to: Marie Benoit on 21/11/1740 in Rivière-des-Prairies

: Hubert LeRoux born 16/12/1717 deceased:

Married to: M.-Anne Quenneville on 8/1/1742 in Sault-aux Récollets

Second marriage to: M.-Josephte Fortier on 17/8/1767

at Les Cèdres

: François LeRoux born 17/5/1722 deceased:

Married to: Anne Maguiet on 19/1/1742 in Pointe-Claire

Second marriage to: Véronique Trottier on 20/4/1744 in Lachine

Third marriage to: Josephte Gauthier on 19/10/1779 in St-Martin

We have seen that the farmland acquired by our ancestor and founder of our family Hubert LeRoux nearly as soon as he arrived in this colony, was located at Sault St-Louis in Lachine parish. We are led to believe that it was on that farm land that Jean LeRoux and Louise Chaussé brought up their family and it is really from there that the LeRoux family descendants travelled and settled everywhere.

Jean LeRoux lived to the venerable age of eighty years and seven months old. One may see his burial act in Lachine dated July 2nd 1759. He deceased just in time not to see his beloved country being taken under the yoke of the British.


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