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Le Roux dit Cardinal



Hubert Le Roux’s children as they were brought up at the home of Gabriel Cardinal, were often called "Cardinal" after their stepfather’s name.


That is the very reason that afterward and during many generations, members of our family would be called, "Leroux dit Cardinal".


It is interesting to notice that another "Le Roux" head of family within the first four immigrants who came to Canada (see The arrival of the Le Rouxs in Canada) François Le Roux whose offspring and descendants established themselves in the region of Quebec City and Charlesbourg , and also brought with him from FRANCE, the added surname "Cardinal" and his descendants kept also this added surname.


The first impression that comes to mind is that both immigrants could have been related to each other, but this is incorrect, as our ancestor Hubert Le Roux never bore this surname.


Our family name at the origin was written rather in two words, "Le Roux". We are to realize that our ancestors wrote it this way, Hubert Le Roux and his son Jean as of many of their grandsons did also the same.


It is only on or about the fourth generation that most of the descendants began to write it in one word "Leroux" and most of them did adopt this form of writing their name.

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