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Current Issue:

  • September 2002



Future Issues:

(If you wish to submit an article for a future issue, please e-mail it to me before the dates below)

  • October 2002 - Expected Release Date: September 28, 2002
  • November 2002 - Expected Release Date: October 26, 2002
  • December 2002 - Expected Release Date: November 30, 2002

Magic Chaos League Update

Salutations, ye Weekend Wizards!

Only five players joined the battle for Chaos Game #8 on Saturday, August 10th, much to the detriment of absentees Lee Keller and Dan McNair. Stan Mamula, Megan Heber, Chris Caldwell, Kevin Horey, and I charged into a two-hour Magic mosh pit that was as brutal and unpredictable as a game twice its size. Kevin proved to be a real terror in this match, eliminating both Megan and Chris before falling to Stan. By eliminating Kevin and me, Stan equaled Lee Keller’s mighty record of 14 kills for the season. Stan won the game, garnering 12 victory points for the first place finish and two kills. I fought to a second place finish to claim 5 victory points, while Kevin collected 5 victory points of his own for the third place finish and two kills. We certainly rocked the Chaos League’s world this time around!

Here’s the condensed version of the updated rankings. Note that Kevin Horey has jumped from a three-way tie for 8th place last month to a commanding 7th place this month. I’ve moved past both Megan Heber and Kevin Wible to a solid 5th place. Most interesting of all, Stan has brushed aside Dan McNair to reach a 2nd place that’s only 7 points behind Lee Keller!

  • Lee Keller (1st): 56
  • Stan Mamula (2nd): 49
  • Dan McNair (3rd): 38
  • John Timberlake (4th): 26
  • Steve Caldwell (5th): 14
  • Megan Heber (tied 6th): 10
  • Kevin Wible (tied 6th): 10
  • Kevin Horey (7th): 7
  • Chris Caldwell (tied 8th): 3
  • Craig Gray (tied 8th): 3
  • Jim Robertson (tied 8th): 3
  • Jim Steinhoff (9th): 2
  • Denny Duffy (10th): 1

Join us for Chaos Game #9 during the GASP Open on Saturday, September 14th. The doors open at 10 AM, and the Chaos Game gets underway at about 11 AM. Will Lee and Dan manage to fend off the real world and show up for their long-awaited grudge match? Will Stan leave boot prints on Lee’s back while he claims first place? Will lousy weather convince John “Mountain Man” Timberlake to show up and threaten Dan for third place? Be there to find out!

Stephen, Duke of Dorchester, Knight Who Says Nee

Magic Cards for Sale at September 14th Game Day

I will be bringing 4 boxes each of: 6th, 7th, Judgement, Torment, Invasion, and Apocalyspe.

I will be bringing 1 box of Oddysey.

I will be bringing a bunch of loose Nemesis packs.

Everything except the Nemesis is 3 packs for $7.00
Nemesis is 3 packs for $6.

I am friends with a magic wholesaler and thought Gasp might enjoy some cheaper cards.

I am going to bring some ones to make change but it would be nice if people brought some 5's and 1's also so I don't run out.


Tim Harper


The Return of SCAR (Again)?

5th Edition has been out for a few months now, and unfortunately we've only played once. Well, the summer is almost over, so it's about time we started driving offensively again! I've gone so far as to buy some Hot Wheels, but I've not had a chance to mount them on bases yet. Thus we will be forced to use the lame cardboard counters for at least another month. Even so, I'm hoping to get in one or two "unofficial" games to get familiar with the new rules. This would be a great time for any newbies to join in! As for the "official" games, I'm undecided. Perhaps some of you could provide me with some feedback as to what to do. Should we start a new season with all 5th edition, or continue with the same characters and points we left off with? Either way, I will most likely completely re-vamp the web site for the new edition. This will include an update of the "House Rules" page to address any questions we come up with. I'm going to shoot for starting after the Magic game around 4:00 PM. Hope to see you all there!

Jim Robertson, GASP Scribe

Matchbox sized R/C cars

I just thought these were neat. Maybe I should invest in these instead of Hot Wheels for Car Wars?

Jim Robertson, GASP Scribe

Famous Last Words

These “Famous Last Words” are invariably funnily tragic and not just tragic. It’s happened to many of us at one time during roleplaying session; a PC or NPC has made some unfortunate statement only to meet an ironic and still unfortunate end. You know the style, “They’ll never hit me from …” and here’s you chance to read hundreds more. Enjoy!