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GASP's Game Days

This is what GASP is all about. Friends gathering around a common hobby, having fun. Our latest Open Gaming day was no exception. Here are a few out takes from Saturday, September 14th, 2002.
We had an excellent turnout for this month's Open Gaming, with 23 people participating in a multitude of games. Here's a brief summary.

Magic Chaos

Game #09 of the Official GASP Magic:Chaos League Season 4 was played. It was not a particularly large game, but lasted well over many of the others. The current rankings are online and you can view them here.

Game #09 was won by Stan???.

GASP-World Monthly Role-Playing

Now a staple game at our monthly gatherings, GASP-World (D&D) made an appearance again, thanks to Dan Cetorelli, GASP Knight. The campaign is in full swing, and had about 8 people hacking their way through the adventure this month. Look for more RPG games at future GASP Opens.

CarWars - New Edition

The newly revamped CarWars was played, with 4 drivers participating in the carnage. The game plays similiar to the older edition, but the rules are better organized and alot less ambiguous.
In classic CarWars fashion, nearly every car and driver was destroyed, except for the winner. He was mearly knocked into a coma, and won by process of elimination (nobody else was around to hand the trophy to!)
Plans are in the works to revive the SCAR CarWars league, and we are shooting for a January 2003 kick-off battle. More details of the League will be disclosed shortly. For more info, check out the SCAR website by clicking here.


Warmaster is a small-scale game of large-scale battles. Armies clash in heated combat, pitting cavalry vs. infantry, with a good mix of fantasy monsters and magic thrown in.
Dave Hartman debut his newest terrain creation, a modular system of hills and valleys. Quite an excellent job, especially considering he put it all together in only 12 hours.
Only one game of Warmaster was played, pitting the foul, drooling Chaos army vs. the benevolent, happy, tree-hugging elves. Since there were very few trees for those elves to hug, they ended up surrendering the field to the swarms of Chaos. I'm sure a rematch will come about next month, as well as more of Dave's fantastic terrain!
There is currently a Warmaster campaign being run, so email GASP for more information.

MechWarrior: Dark Ages

WizKids newest click-base game was released to the general public on August 21st, but I had a chance to play at this year's GEN-CON in a pre-release frenzy. The game was brought to GASP this month, and demo'd for all to see.
For those people not familiar with click-base games, all the units stats are kept on a dial base that you "click" as the unit takes damage. New stats apear in the window for each "click", thereby negating the need to keep any stats on paper.
The game is set in the year 3132, 60+ years after the current Classic BattleTech story line. After many years of peace, the Inner Sphere is again thrust into war as communication across space is disrupted. The battlefields are ruled by giant war machine called Battlemechs, with infantry and vehicles helping to pound their way to victory.
The demo went fairly well, and we were able to get 2 games in, teaching 4 people how to play.
Thanks to everyone that came out and played, and expect some more MW:DA games in the future.

Miscellanious Gaming

Scattered throughout the main events played were some side games, including Risk 2210, pick-up Magic: The Gathering games, Vinci, and other board/card games.
All-in-all, it was an event filled day.

Thanks to everyone that came out and played.

Our next regularly scheduled event is the GASP Games Day on Saturday, October 12th, 2002.

Some regular GASP features will include Magic:Chaos Game #10, maybe some new SCAR CarWars primers in preperation for the SCAR New Season 3, GASP World RPG, and I'm sure a few other surprises. As always, new faces and games are welcome.