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It is time yet again to begin planning for GASP CON 2003!

For those of you new to GASP, this is our 3rd annual 2-day FREE mini convention.

Dates for the event are February 8th and 9th.  GASP CON 2003 will be held at Dorchester Towers, the site of our regular Game Days. For directions, click here.

Events will run from Saturday: 10AM--2PM, 3PM--7PM, 8PM--Midnight

Sunday: 10AM--2PM, 3PM--7PM.

Like last year, there will be 3 events per time slot, for a grand weekend total of 15 events.

These will range from board/card games to miniature wargames to the ever-present role-playing experience.

But to make GASP CON 2003 work, we need dedicated volunteers to run events. Running an event at GASP CON 2003 earns you a Knight title in GASP for 1 year, and starting in 2003, Knights will gain special benefits in the GASP community (to be announced).

So make plans to attend, and run an event to earn your Knighthood in Pittsburgh's premier Games Club.

Coming Soon! Player Registration!