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Support Local Business!

 GASP thanks the following businesses for the their support!!

Phantom of the Attic

214 South Craig St, Oakland


Helm's Deep Games

2928 W Liberty Ave, Dormont


Don't forget: Helm's Deep offers a 10% DISCOUNT to GASP Members.  Show your card!

Games Unlimited

2115 Murray Ave, Squirrel Hill 


Game Masters

3439 Babcock Blvd, North Hills


Scorched Earth Games

405 Freeport St, New Kensington



Litko Aerosystems - manufacturers of quality wooden bases for miniatures.  GASP Members ordering 

$100 or more get a 10% discount!


RPG Websites and Utilities

Dungeons & Dragons Official Site. The GAME that started it all! is a great resource for all of your d20 needs.

PC Gen is a FREE Java based program for d20 systems . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

GURU is a FREE utility for making GURPS PCs. 

Dungeon Crafter is a great map making utility.

Fantasy Name Generator is an online generator of PC names.

EN World is a huge collection of great RPG utilities, character & spell sheets, and lots more.


Miniature and Wargaming Links
Painted Armies
Excellent site that both sells complete painted armies for many periods, or will buy and paint figures for you.
Battleground WWII Great skirmish-level World War II wargame. A favorite among GASP members.
e-groups Battleground WWII Mailing List This list is devoted to all aspects of the miniature wargame Battleground: World War Two by Easy Eight Enterprises. It is a forum to discuss rules, products, miniatures and anything else associated with the game.
A.T.A.K. Miniatures Distributor of 15mm figures and models for WWII wargaming.
Quality Casting Manufacturer of 15mm figures and models for WWII wargaming.
US Army Military History Institute Mission: Preserve the Army's history and ensure access to historical research materials. An Institute of the US Army War College.
Amazon Miniatures We are manufacturers of: * 25mm Biblical, Ancient & Historical, Future Wars * 25mm Fantasy * 15mm Biblical, Ancients & ACW * Microscale tanks and spaceships

Web-Grognards A great source for LOTS of wargames info.


Gaming Organization Links
Circle of Swords One of the largest RPGA Gaming Guilds is located right in our backyard - Butler, PA. They host a 3-day gaming convention each Spring, COSCON. Stop by their website for more information.
RPGA The official Role Playing Gamers Association site.


GASP Members and Game Specific Pages

SCAR This is the home of SCAR (the Steel City Autoduel Rampage). This CarWars site is by a fellow GASP member. It contains information about SCAR and some of our house rules.

Battleground WWII
Mechwarrior 3025 Campaign
D&D Midkemia Campaign
D&D Rome 27 BC PBEM Campaign
Magic:The Gathering-Chaos

GASP World