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D&D (3rd Edition)
GM: Don McCalmon
Location: Carnegie
Frequency: Every other Friday
Intro: This campaign draws inspiration from the works of Raymond Feist. We try to focus on role-playing versus hack and slash. The character's actions affect the world around them in profound ways, sometimes more than they realize. I like the give the PC's a reason to fight the good fight, besides the aquisition of wealth and power. This is standard 3rd Edition rules, with some slight modifications.
Click here for the webpage.

D&D (3rd Edition)
GM: Daniel Cetorelli
Campaign Title: GASP World
Location: GASP Open Gaming, Dorchester Apts.
Frequency: Monthly (during Open Gaming)
Intro: This campaign is set in a world that is being built as each adventure unfolds, and as the players come up with backgrounds for their characters. Character pages, NPC pages, and a world map are provided on the website. If intersted in joining this monthly group, pass along any ideas for characters to Dan to make sure they are appropriate.
Click here for the webpage.

D&D (3rd Edition, Roman/Celtic)
GM: Dave Henderson
Campaign Title: Rome 27 B.C.
Frequency: a PBEM game
Intro: Rome 27 B.C. is a PBEM D&D campaign set in the world of the Roman Empire and its environs in 27 B.C. or 726 Ab Urbe Condita (since the founding of Rome) as the Romans reckoned it. We use the 3rd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, now known just as Dungeons & Dragons. This page contains all of the information related to the game - the world setting, the PBEM rules, the campaign story etc. The original game began as a face-to-face game by a group of GASP players. However, the DM moved to Long Island, and the PBEM campaign began.
Click here for the webpage.

White Wolf/World of Darkness Chronicle
Storyteller: Jennifer Kuntz
Campaign Title: Bridges to Heaven
Location: Turtle Creek
Frequency: Weekly (weeknight).
Intro: Seeking experienced, mature gamers to start a World of Darkness Chronicle based in Pittsburgh, PA. Character creation by appointment with the Storyteller. A cryptic prophecy, a falling star and the birth of an era draw the denizens of the World of Darkness into a plot which threatens their lives and all they hold dear. Starting in 1950's Pittsburgh, characters will have an opportunity to experience the most tempestuous years of our century as those whose exsistences are altered the most by the changes in humanity. Allowed character types, Vampire (Camarilla or non-allied clans), Werewolf (any except BSD and certain of the Changing Breed upon request), Mage (any Tradition), Changeling (any commoner Kith).

D&D (3rd Edition)
GM: Tony Lash
Location: Monaca, PA
Frequency: Every Tuesday, 5PM - 10PM
Intro: Welcome to Celestial Harbor, the city of everything imaginable. Located on the shores of the Eastern Empire, and a variable gateway to other worlds Celestial Harbor is a place of danger and intrigue. Major focus on rolepalying and thoughtful interaction, with a good dose of world threatening scenarios. Current party consists of low level players just beginning to discover the dark underbelly of their fair city. New players welcome but consistant attendance is required.

D&D (3rd Edition)
GM: Sheri Rockhill
Location: Aspinwall, PA
Frequency: Every Saturday night
Intro: Mithigar is a world beset by war. The Gods of Evil, as foretold by the prophecy, are trying to take over the world. While the prophesized ones work to defeat the Gods in the Northern Lands, a small band of unknown heroes from the Southern land of Coventry are pulled, unwittingly, into several of the war's smaller battles. Will they have what it takes to hold back evil's tide to buy the prophesized ones some of the precious time they need?

DeadLands: The Weird West RPG
GM: Jim Walls
Location: East Pittsburgh, PA
Frequency: Every Sunday evening
Intro: I've never tried runnin' this game before, but since I've just picked it up I think it'll be a blast. Gunfightin' and the Wild West meets Steampunk and horrible monsters as cruel abominations straight out of your worst nightmares come a callin' for blood. New players to the Weird West as well as ole veterans are quite welcome to join a campy, "spaghetti western with meatballs" kinda game. Its even endorsed by none other than Bruce Campbell so it has to be good right? I hope to start the gaming by April.

Mechwarrior 3025: Battletech campaign
GM: Adam Lash
Location: South Hills, PA
Frequency: Not yet determined - once per month
Intro: The campaign is a 2nd Edition MechWarrior campaign taking place in the year 3025. Mech battles are resolved using the BattleTech Core Rules or the BattleTech Compendium, situation depending.
Click here for the webpage.

D&D(3rd edition)
GM: Tim Harper
Location: Youngwood PA
Frequency: Every other Monday Time: 11:00/12:00am till 4:00/5:00pm
Intro: I have a loose world setup as a background with gods and races and was looking for roleplayers who like a blend between storytelling and hack and slash. The details of the world would be filled in as we adventure. Email me if interested in playing during the day.