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Royal House

KNIGHT KING -- Supreme authority in all GASP decisions (with the help of the official GASP Seer). Responsible for upkeeping the web page, flogging peasants, and pleasing the queen.
Don McCalmon
    Location: Carnegie, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Deadlands, CarWars, Battleground WWII, Star Wars RPG, Warhammer 40K, Paranoia, Axis and Allies, Shogun, Battletech, Dawn Patrol, Paintball.

KNIGHT DUKE OF DORCHESTER -- Responsible for recruiting new members and coordinating sponsorship and/or cooperative efforts with local game stores and other gaming clubs. Also responsible for coordinating food harvests for the vassels (he collects the money and orders pizza at the open game days).
Stephen Caldwell
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Avalon Hill games (all genres), some RPG's, card games (M:TG, Middle Earth: The Wizards)

TAX COLLECTOR -- For those tournaments and other events that actually involve money, the Tax collector will be responsible for collecting the money and keeping it in a ceramic pig. Of course, the only thing that involves any cash right now is the Chaos Magic league, so this is a pretty simple job. But the peasant girls still dig him.
Dan Caffro
    Location: Industry, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Werewolf: the Apocolypse, Vampire: the Masquerade, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Deadlands, GURPS

KNIGHT SCRIBE -- The resident GASP geek. Responsible for all club communications, including the newsletter. Also responsible for the creation of advertisements for the club. It also seems to require the consumption of a lot of beer, but it's not yet clear why that is.
Jim Robertson
    Location: Scott Twp, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, CarWars, Squad Leader, Blood Bowl, Battletech, Dawn Patrol


MINISTER OF PROPAGANDA -- The people must love their rulers, and it's Mike's job to make sure we're WELL loved.  If the peasants become restless, it's his fault!  Also assumes responsibility for the website.

Mike DeSensi
    Location: Pittsburgh (Beechview), PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D 3rd Edition, Car Wars, Warhammer Fantasy and Warmaster, wargames, Zombies, Munchkin, GURPS, AH & SPI wargames, willing to learn and try just about anything else.

The position of Seer is a closely guarded secret, and the identity of the true Seer is only known by the highest officials of the kingdom. The Seer is responsible for assisting the King in the most important club decisions.




Hopefully there will be many appointed to the position of Knighthood. To become a Knight, you must run an Event at a GASP-CON, run an ongoing GASP campaign, or otherwise assist in running the Kingdom. Knighthood is open ended, but it will be stripped away if you fail in your duties.

Sir Shawn Smith -- Earned Knighthood for his valiant efforts fighting against the dread villian Procrastination and helping to deliver the official word of the Kingdom (i.e. the GASP newsletter) on time.
    Location: Monroeville, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D any edition, Alternity, Warhammer 40K - name the game I've either played it or will play it..
Sir Dave Henderson -- One of our first Knights, Sir Henderson was Knighted for running an Event at GASP-CON 00. Performs above the call for King and Country by running a RPG PBEM campaign.
    Location: Long Island, NY
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Whitewolf (Mage), Shogun
Sir Lee Clapp -- Among other feats of daring, Sir Clapp received his knighthood for running Events at GASP-CON 2001 & 2002.
    Location: Greensburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Anything wargaming - Battleground WWII
Dame Jennifer Kuntz -- Earned her Knighthood by running a weekly World of Darkness campaign. Extended her duties by running Events at GASP-CON 2001 & 2002.
    Location: Turtle Creek, PA
    Gaming Interests: Tabletop (any type) esp. AD&D, World of Darkness, Shadowrun
Sir Tom Kuntz -- Earned his knighthood by running Events at GASP-CON 2001 & 2002.
    Location: Turtle Creek, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, White Wolf, Shadowrun and others
Sir Jim Barber -- Sir Barber of the North Hills was Knighted when he ran an Event at GASP-CON 00. He expands his duties by organizing Dawn Patrol sessions.
    Location: Allison Park, PA
    Gaming Interests: Dawn Patrol, Airlines, Civilization Gold (on a home network), and most other Wargames/Boardgames
Sir Daniel Cetorelli -- Earned Knighthood by running GASP-World, a monthly RPG game at the GASP Open Game Days. This has become a added value to our already diverse gaming environment. Also ran Events at GASP-CON 2001 & 2002.
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Palladium FRP, Shadowrun, Vampire, D&D 3rd edition, Flux, Lunch Money, Robo Rally, Just about anything.
Sir Timothy B. Harper -- Earned Knighthood by maintaining the website for GASP-World, our monthly 3rd Ed D&D campaign. His hard work provides a record for the adventures of all the characters involved.
    Location: Youngwood, PA
    Gaming Interests: Most fantasy based games, D&D 3rd Ed RPG, Titan, Chaos Magic, Chess, Middle Earth The Wizards CCG, Rolemaster RPG.
Sir Dave Hartman -- Earned Knighthood by assisting in SCAR CarWars events at monthly Open Gaming. Also ran an Event at GASP-CON 2002.
    Location: Millvale, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, CarWars, Champions
Sir Ralph McConnell -- Earned his Knighthood by stepping forward to run an Event at GASP-CON 2002.
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, computer gaming, plus anything else interesting.
Dame Megan Heber -- Earned her Knighthood by facing all odds, and leading the fellowship against Sauron at GASP-CON 2002.
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic, D&D, board games, will try just about anything.
Sir Kevin Wible -- Along with Sir Steinhoff, earned his Knighthood by running an Event at GASP-CON 2002.
    Location: McMurray, PA
    Gaming Interests: RIFTS, Battletech, D&D, Marvel Superheroes, TORG, Big Eyes Small Mouth Including Sailormoon, Champtions of the Galaxy, Palladium Fantasy, and just about anything anyone is willing and patient enough to teach me.
Sir James Steinhoff -- Along with Sir Wible, earned his Knighthood by running an Event at GASP-CON 2002.
    Location: Dormont, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic, AD&D, Vampire The Masquerade, Champions Of The Galaxy, Wrasslin, and any other game out there to learn about.
Sir Mark E. Coleman -- Earned Knighthood by volunteering to run an Event at GASP-CON 2002, even though his membership was less than 1 week old.
    Location: Monroeville, PA
    Gaming Interests: Warhammer 40K, Deadlands, Deadlands;Hell on Earth, Warhammer Ancients, Katana.




Vassals are active members of the GASP Kingdom. If you attend the monthly Open Games Day, participate in other GASP gaming sessions or even just reply to some e-mails to let us know you're alive, you will attain the rank of Vassal. The status of vassal is evaluated every six months.

Jeannie Caffro
    Location: Industry, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Werewolf: the Apocolypse, Vampire: the Masquerade, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Deadlands, GURPS
Denny Duffy
    Location: McKees Rocks, PA
    Gaming Interests: If it's a game you've played, I like it!
Sharyl Clapp
    Location: Greensburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Card games, will try any Role-Playing game, but like Deadlands
Stan Mamula
    Location: Oakmont, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic the Gathering
Terry Mealy
    Location: Bethel Park, PA
    Gaming Interests: Any - primarily boardgames and historical miniatures
Paul Colose II
    Location: Imperial, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D, Twilight 2000, other older TSR games.
Lee Keller
    Location: USC, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic: The Gathering & just about anything else.
Mike Pranno
    Location: Somewhere in the known universe
    Gaming Interests: Strategy (wargames), *some* CCG, no RPG.
Brian Rosati
    Location: Bridgeville, PA
    Gaming Interests: Any and all, prefer great roleplaying to mindless killing, although it has its moments.
Aaron Best
    Location: Beaver, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D 3rd Ed,Twilight 2000, Warhammer, CarWars, Vampire: the Masquerade, Traveler, GURPS, all the turtles game systems, Gamma World, and anything else that sounds cool.
David A. Nichols
    Location: Monroeville, PA
    Gaming Interests: GURPS, Traveller, 7th Sea, Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness; strategy-oriented boardgames like Settlers of Catan and History of the World; non-collectible card games (e.g. Guillotine, Chez Geek).
Dave Adams
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Rifts, Anything Palladium, AD&D, White Wolf, etc.
John R Timberlake
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic: the Gathering.
Curt Collins II
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Axis and Allies, Settlers, Risk, Chess, party games, AD&D, basically any strategy game. Interested in CarWars but have never played.
Monica Gaudio
    Location: Follansbee, WVa
    Gaming Interests: World of Darkness; Shadowrun; D&D; Amber DRG; just about any roleplaying, really.
Jerry Bachmann
    Location: State of Unknown
    Gaming Interests: D&D, board games.
Will Pattison
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Wargames, Boardgames, RPGs, card games
David L. Gerda
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D, Battletech, a bit of everything...
Joel Walker
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Battletech, MechWarrior: Dark Ages, Legend of the Five Rings, D&D 3E, GURPS, Warhammer (Fantasy & Fantasy RP)
Mark Maynard
    Location: Richmond Heights, OH
    Gaming Interests: RPG, war gaming
Matthew M. Monin
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D 3e, Shadowrun, Marvel, boardgames.
Jeff Hoskinson
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: A little bit of everything.
Cory White
    Location: Darlington, PA
    Gaming Interests: Anything.
John Joseph Del Vecchio
    Location: Republic, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D (2nd Ed.), Carwars, Battletech, Vampire, Mage, Star Wars.
Rick Myers
    Gaming Interests: ShadowRun, Champions, RoleMaster...nearly anything with cards or dice.
Nandor Poczik
    Location: Farmington Hills, MI
    Gaming Interests: AMC-Micro Armor.
Monica Mulneix
    Location: Butler, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D 3rd edition, I especially love Ravenloft, Call of Cthulhu old version and D20, Star Wars, also I'd love to learn Rifts or Hackmaster.
Brad Kwiatek
    Location: Saltsburg, PA
    Gaming Interests: Mordheim, D&D, Marvel Heroclix, Board Games.
Eric Jones
    Location: Cranberry Twp, PA
    Gaming Interests: RPG (D&D 3rd ed, Fading Suns, Shadowrun, Weird Wars, Star Wars d20, Star Wars WEG), Strategy Board Games (Axis and Allies, Risk, etc), Warhammer Fantasy and 40K
Eric C. Kiefer
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Pretty much anything but Vampire.
Mark Wintz
    Location: Brentwood, PA
    Gaming Interests: Historical Wargames, PBEM Wargames, & some RPGs. Main RPG interests are Middle-Earth (I own nearly all modules published), Cthulhu, Elric/Stormbringer and White Wolf Games, although I'm open to new games.
Frank Swaney
    Location: California, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D 3rd Ed, Call of Cthulhu.
Justin Firestine
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Champions, Rolemaster, Battletech, War Gaming... just about anything.




Peasants are people who live in the Kingdom of GASP, but are not active participants. Perhaps they're busy working the fields? The status of peasant is evaluated every six months.

Treff LaPlante
    Location: Middletown, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, computer strategy gaming, paintball, some other RPG's, Magic The Gathering.
Don McIntyre
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D, Magic, the Gathering, Twilight 2000.
Jim Fortino
    Location: Glenshaw, PA
    Gaming Interests:
Alexander Rowe
    Location: Morgantown, WV
    Gaming Interests: Roleplaying. . .not dice roleing, but when I role dice I like it to be simple.
Shannon Lewis
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Primarily V:TM and other White Wolf areas.
Jeffrey Gluckson
    Location: Forest Hills, PA
    Gaming Interests: Too many to list here; several dozen popular games.
Dan Luchesa
    Location: Cadogan, PA
    Gaming Interests: Mage Knight, LOTR CCG, Rage CCG, Terrain making for miniatures games.
Eric Stark
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D (2nd edition), Rolemaster (incl. MERP).
Bill Starmer
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Warhammer (40K, Fantasy, and Ancients), Necromunda, Mordheim, Battleground WWII or any miniature wargame
Steve Gruber
    Location: Glenshaw, PA
    Gaming Interests: Machiavelli/Diplomacy, Titan, Blitzkreig, Warcraft2.
Jay Hernishin
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Roleplaying, Wargaming, Paintball
Matthew Harris
    Location: Beaver, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Vampire, Gamma World, Alternity.
Charles Hills
    Location: Monroeville, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D, CarWars, but willing to learn almost everything.
April L Cole
    Location: McKees Rocks, PA
    Gaming Interests: RPG- D&D, Shadow Run, Earthdawn.
Jeffery L Cole
    Location: McKees Rocks, PA
    Gaming Interests: RPG- D&D, Shadow Run, Call of Cuthulu, Aftermath, Traveler, Hol.
Stephen Nemmer
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D.
Crystal Burrows
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D, Magic: the Gathering, possibly a LARP.
Alaric Terrason
    Location: Mars, PA
    Gaming Interests: GURPS, D&D 3E, Classic (pre-AD&D) D&D, Mage:the Ascension, Mage Knight, Magic:the Gathering (just learning).
Les Ernster
    Location: Mars, PA
    Gaming Interests:Werewolf the Apocalypse, D&D 3E
James B. Valdesalice
    Location: Greensburg, PA
    Gaming Interests:D&D
Michael Kelly
    Location: Murrysville, PA
    Gaming Interests:PBeM, Boardgames, RPG
Curtis Riemann II
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests:White Wolf, Shadowrun, AD&D
Erik M. Fry
    Location: Butler, PA
    Gaming Interests:Yes....I play almost all of it, from miniatures, to boardgames, to RPGS, to LARP
Jeffery L Malson
    Location: Canonsburg, PA
    Gaming Interests:D&D, BattleTech, History of the World, Axis & Allies, others
Vince Kwiatek
    Location: Saltsburg, PA
    Gaming Interests:D&D, BattleTech, History of the World, Axis & Allies, others
Michael Coe
    Location: Greensburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: RPGs, Some online gaming, Japanese animation, 'The Sims', Wing Commander.
Jennifer Coe
    Location: Greensburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: RPGs, Some online gaming, Japanese animation, 'The Sims', Wing Commander.
George Lonnie Coontz III
    Location: Canonsburg, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D, Alternity, Shadow Run.
Geoffrey Martin
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Battletech, Palladium (FRPG & Robotech), and I'll dust off my MTG deck with the proper incentive. Will play anything that's presented to me though. I'm also interested in various computer games.
Ryan A. Ahrens
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic: the Gathering, Wrasslin, PC gaming.
Todd Fowler
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D.
Bill Bernsdorff
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D and BattleTech.
Jennifer Martire
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D Second Edition (Fantasy, Historical, Ravenloft, Masque of the Red Death), Kult, Shadowrun, Star Wars.
Travis Cole
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic: The Gathering.

Dave Meyers
    Location: Imperial, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D
Rodney Ervin Wegner
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D (AD&D) most rpg's.
Jeff Stillwagon
    Location: PA
    Gaming Interests: Everything.
Craig McCullough
    Location: Irwin, PA
    Gaming Interests: Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Ed, Twilight 2000.
Derek M Minto
    Location: Valencia, PA
    Gaming Interests: Live action, Tabletop - D&D, Mage the asecsion, Vampire, Wherewolf.
Roz Thomas
    Location: Somewhere in the known universe
    Gaming Interests: Shadowrun, Battletech, TOON, Spelljammer, AD&D.
Jill Zochak
    Location: Monroeville, PA
    Gaming Interests: Tabletop & Live action - D&D or fantasy settings.
Vernon L. Etzel
    Location: Shippenville, PA
    Gaming Interests: Warhammer & other miniatures, Columbia Games.
Paul Kaczmarek
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Non-D&D RPGs, Live-Action RPGs.

Brian McCarthy
    Location: Castle Shannon, PA
    Gaming Interests: Computer games are my primary focus, mostly tribe, but I would like to get back into table top gaming, IE TW 2000, WH4000, D&D anything.
J.P. Keenan
    Location: Downingtown, PA
    Gaming Interests: Mostly science fiction rpgs.
Barry Linck
    Location: Beaver, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Backwaters of Mysticism, Warhammer 40K, Deadlands, Space Hulk, Star Wars, Playstation
Sam Waite
    Location: Ligonier, PA
    Gaming Interests: Roleplaying, LARPing, and miniature collecting and painting, and CCGs, in that order. Right now, I'm playing Amtgard, DMing a 3rd Edition D&D campaign and playing in an online AD&D 2nd Edition campaign. In the past, I've played Call of Cthulhu, Hunter, Mage, Shadowrun, and Vampire. I don't really play Magic much anymore, though I'm interested in trying L5R.
Ronald E. Hand Jr.
    Location: Bethel Park, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D 3rd Edition.
Karen Beaudway
    Location: Zelienople, PA
    Gaming Interests: Roleplaying (Hero/Champions, FRP/Bostonia (homebrew of Chris Magoun).
Scott Beaudway
    Location: Zelienople, PA
    Gaming Interests: Champions/HERO, Avalon Hill, Dawn Patrol, will try most games.
Dana Golden
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Magic: The Gathering, AD&D, CarWars, anything else they'll teach me
John Kozak
    Location: Pittsburg, PA
    Gaming Interests: Nearly any RPG, all genres.
David L. Spencer Jr.
    Location: Natrona Heights, PA
    Gaming Interests: I'm interested in ALL games
Jesse Helms
    Location: Grove City, PA
    Gaming Interests: Circle of Swords web site, D&D, Alternity, Battletech (not mechwarrior), Dragon Dice, Magic: the Gathering
Tom Connor
    Location: Georgetown, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Battletech, Mechwarrior RPG
Eugene Wilson
    Location: Murrysville, PA
    Gaming Interests: Mostly AD&D, looking to get back into gaming.

Thomas Stump
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: AD&D, Star Frontiers.
Nicholas Graham Scheman
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Modern Horror and Survival Horror RPGs.
Nathaniel James DeMarco
    Location: Monaca, PA
    Gaming Interests: Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire, Alternity, Werewolf, and Magic: The Gathering.
Patrick Kracklauer
    Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Gaming Interests: Pen & Paper RPG's, Video Games.
Glen Rockhill
    Location: Aspinwall, PA
    Gaming Interests: GM & Play: D&D, AD&D, AD&D2, D&D3, Shadowrun, TMNT, Starwars RPG (d6), Starwars RPG (d20), Twilight 2000 2ed, Ironclaw Athropomorphic RPG. Card Games; Pokemon.
Sheri Rockhill
    Location: Aspinwall, PA
    Gaming Interests: D&D 3rd Edition, AD&D, Star Wars RPG d6 & d20, Ironclaw.
William R Hallam
    Location: Butler, PA
    Gaming Interests: Battleground WWII, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Ancients, WFRP, AD&D, Chill