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Wat Up look out for new Mc Ren album reviewz soon

Mc Ren is one of my favourite rappers in fact maybe even my favourite rapper. This Mc is crimially underrated as you while find out if you read the devils son in laws page. I couldnt believe that Shock of tha hour only sold 300,000 copies. I only found out through the villians page. Fuck that shit never even went gold it should have been at least platinum. Ren was the tightest rapper in Nwa but never got as much coverage because he was not as outspoken as cube and tha E. Eazy-e knew Rens brother and thats how he joined up with nwa.

Whilst still in Nwa, Ren along with The D.O.C where writing Eazy-E rythmes, Eazy came up with what he wanted to say and Ren or The D.O.C would put it into a rythmable verse

There is rumours just now that Ren might be setting up his own label with Big Rocc and The Whole Damm Click

After leaving Nwa Ren has released 4 tight albums two of which I regard as classics "Shock Of Tha Hour" and "Villian In Black".

Mc Ren Shock of Tha Hour review

Damn this gotta be Rens Tightest Album. Everbody has a different opinion, but I think this just shades Villian In Black as his best. I think Mr Percussins crazy 4 liking Ruthless4Life better than any of the others in my opinion that album is rens least tight, still tight album though so dont be thinking that shits wack it aint, Ren aint made a Wack album in his career as an Mc and he aint gonna. What ever you think about the west , you might be a new york lover or dont like west 4 some reason you gotta respect Ren 4 keeping it real and saying he aint gonna sell out ,hes gonna go more hardcore like when he started as an mc. look at the Shock of tha hour tracks below.

Year: 1993
Same Old Shit
Fuck What You Heard
All Bullshit Aside
One False Move
You Wanna Fuck Her
Mayday On The Front Line
Attack On Babylon
Do You Believe
Mr. Fuck Up
Shock Of The Hour

Look at the Track listing. Every Track is tight The intro is farrakhan and another guy talking about how good Ren is. Ren is a real muslim, like Kam he aint a muslim just 4 it being the IN thing like Cube is. Same Ole shit -sample verse

"Same Ole shit every morning that i wake, im thinking of another bitches money to take, I start to get dressed yo my bitch is still asleep, put the 9mm gun in the jeep and let it warm up and bump Marvin Gaye, i wish someone would come out and have something to say". Chorus Verse below

Same Ole Shit every day and every night but when it gets dark niggaz get out of sight,Make sure the ak is locked up tight because aint no telling if some shits gonna pop tonight

Fuck What Ya Heard is another class track "Niggas want to know whats the word, so beep it out You Can Fuck What Ya heard"

All Bullshit aside is a track talking if you want to step to Ren why dont ya put all the bullshit aside, I wonder who hes talking maybe a certain Oshea Jackson, maybe, maybe not

One False Move is about wack ARTISTS,who sell two copies of records, step to ren because their ryhtme is sloppy Ren can tear your ass up in a rythme but he wont mention your name because its a waste of his time

"One false move and a muthaphucka's dead ,one 9mm bullet to his head"

You Wanna Fuck her- is my least favourite trak on the lp but its still tight as hell. Its basically about fucking hoes

Mayday On The Frontline is one of the best tracks on the lp and its basically about joining ren and his men killing white people

Attack On Babylon is about an attack on america, Do you believe is about people believing in false ideas

This Album is mostly produced by a producer called Tootie as well as Madness4Real and Dr Jam. Rens friend Dj Train who is now deceased features on this album to boot

The last two tracks are tight like the rest of the album.

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MC Ren-Ruthless 4 life review


Year: 1998
Ruthless For Life
Who In The F*** (Featuring Eightball & MJG)
N***a Called Ren
Comin' After You (Featuring Ice Cube)
Voyage To Compton
Must Be High
So Whatcha Want (Featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg & RBX)
Shot Caller (Featuring Bog Rocc & Tha Chill)
All The Same
Who Got That Street S***
Pimpin' Is Free (Featuring Peeps)
CPT All Day

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Mc Ren Production Listing4 Villian In Black


Year: 1996

1 Bitch Made Nigga Killa-Production by Col187um

2 Keep It Real-Production by Dr Jam

3 Its Like That-Production by Col187um

4 Mad Scientist-by Production Madness 4 Real and Dr Jam

5 Live From Compton 'Saturday Night' Production by Col187um

6 Still The Same Nigga Production by Big Jess Willard

7 I dont give a damn Production by Madness4Real and Dr Jam

8 Mind Blown produced by Col187um

9 Great Elephant Production by Big Jess Willard

10 Muhammad speaks Production by Cold187um

11 Bring It on by Production Cold187um

Villian In Black Review

The Production on this album is mind Blowing. So Are The Lyrics In my opinion Rens Second Best Album-------------------------------------------------- Read the review from a different page Below I'll get my review sorted soon

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A review of Villian In Black From a different page at

"The Villain In Black"

You can tell by looking into MC Ren's Geronimo Pratt inspired eyes that he is ready to clear out the excess that has become hip hop nowadays. One of the west coast's original, premiere rappers believes his new album, The Villain In Black (Ruthless/Relativity), will set everyone straight. Ren was thoroughly focused preparing for his third solo album. Among other themes, The Villain In Black takes aim at the "studio gangsta" trend that has presently overwhelmed some aspects of rap music. "I'm putting my energy into bustin' rhymes. I'm a lyricist and that's what I want to be recognized for. I'm not about flossin' and tryin' to be harder than I am. I respect rap and I respect artists who sell records based on how tight their skills are, not on how much hype they make up or how many girls, cars and homes they get for props in their videos. Bustin' rhymes is why fools got into rap in the first place and that's why I'm here.

Just scan Ren's MC credentials: 17-year-old recruited straight outta Compton, California from high school by Eazy-E to join his trailblazing rap group, NWA (Niggaz With Attitude). The stern-faced rapper became known as the villain in black and with NWA took the music industry and music fans by storm by selling multi-platinum records with no radio or video support. The group took their music and message to the street and made history with the notion of "gangsta" rap. Ren's solo career began with a gold industry buzzing EP called Kizz MY Black Azz (singles "The Final Frontier" and "Behind The Scene") in 1992 followed by his acclaimed `94 first album, Shock of The Hour, featuring "Mayday on the Front Line," from the rap spoof movie CB4.

Although Ren was less outspoken with the media than Eazy-E or Ice Cube, he is regarded by many as the NWA member with the strongest rap skills. Today, a more confident and outspoken Ren is hoping to continue to build on his reputation as one of rap's most articulate urban griots. Ren believes The Villain in Black will remind his fans of the skills and baritone voice that have made him consistently one of hip-hop's most respected MC's. "I want people to be like `damn, Ren still sound the same," Ren said. With The Villain In Black, Ren sought out producers (Cold 187um, Madness 4 Real, Doctor Jam, Jess "Big Jess" Willard) who could keep the funk true to his Compton roots and give his fans a variety of recognizable west coast flavor to bounce to.

The album's first single, a bass heavy, speaker-ripper called "Mad Scientist," is a typical Ren blend of braggadocio and mental tidbits of knowledge. Hip hop fans eager for Ren's emerging balance of hardcore teacher and original Compton gangsta will also definitely dig "Great Elephant," which he named after the great African warrior Shaka Zulu. Cold 187um of Above The Law pumped in some of his group's trademark layered funk on five tracks. On thick, synthesized songs like "It's Like That" (featuring J-Rocc) and "Keep It Real," all the bandwagon rappers of today are dissed in an old school battle style of rhyming. Ren is proud of his continued black consciousness-raising efforts after joining the Nation of Islam a few years ago. The album's last track opens with fiery N.O.I. speaker Khalid Muhammad dropping philosophical footnotes on slavery before the roaring "Bring It On" closes out the 1 l-track LP. The track features Ren asking African Americans to take an inventory of their own government and themselves after "439 years of slavery and we still ain't free."

While Ren is aware the assault on brash rap music leveled by America's conservative politicos isn't about to subside, he's prepared to stand up for rap music like NWA did with "Fuck Tha Police." "Things have got to change but people ain't listening. So, all you can do is tell somebody-each one, teach one-for now," Ren said. The half moon ring on his right hand represents some of the changes Ren's made in his own life "I've learned to look at things differently. I've got a more balanced down-to-earth outlook. We're all responsible for learning what's real. Otherwise, laws will be changed and we won't have any say in what gets changed. Everybody is still wondering how the three-strikes-you're-out law got passed. It iust goes to show we all gotta learn the truth and act."

There's no doubt the original villain in a black Raiders hat and jeans is back. The Villain In Black is as authentic as it gets and Ren's determined to keep it real with food for your mind and funk for your soul.

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M.C. REN Albums I aint reviewed yet


Year: 1992
Intro: Check It Out Y'all
Behind The Scenes
Final Frontier
Right Up My Alley
Kizz My Black Azz

Mc Ren Albums and appearances

MC RENS albums
Kizz My Black Azz, Shock of Tha Hour (Recommended), Villian In Black(recommended), Ruthless 4 Life

Also features on Eazy Duz It , Str8 of the streetz of muthaphuckin compton, Thugged Out- The albumulation, The Chronic 2001 by Dre, Ruthless Record Compilation, The peace disc by Cube, Kam- Made In america,Above The Law -Time Will Reveal

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