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2pacalypse now review

This is a tight album 4 a first effort. It has 13 tracks on it. I would say 9 or 10 tracks out of 13 is a good enough ratio to call this album worth having. My favourite trackz are Violent-a track abou t killing the police with good bass and I dont Give a Fuck is tight as well.Track 8 has Stretch on it and also features samples of NWA. This was produced by The UnderGround RailRoad Big D,Shock G,Pee Wee,Jeremy,Raw Fusion,Live Squad and released on Interscope Records. Overall a raw record with good lyrics and good production. Top Tracks- Tha Lunatic,Violent and


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Strictly 4 My Niggaz Review

In my opinion this album is the shit definetly Tupacs tightest.This is raw and has hardore tight production, top mcing with lyrical content. It features Ice-T,Ice Cube,Treach and Digital UnderGround. BobCat produces a tight Microphone Mafia Track featuring Cube and T.

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