Waz up this is my Yukmouth page where i will have an artist profile, newz and reviewz of Yukmouths work and the Luniz work. It may look a bit shit just know but I am working on that

Yuknouth is from Oakland and made his name in the rap game with his podna Numskull as the group the Luniz. Commercial muthafuckas might remember them from their single which was quite sucessful I got five on it . I got their album "Operation Stackola" and will hook myself up with new copy "Lunatik Muzik" since I lost it . I will review these albums later. IN 98/99 Yukmouth was in the studio rappin waiting for numskull. Lil J thoought he sounded tight solo, so he signed him to rap-a-lot. The Luniz are going to make other albums though. Yukmouth released his album "thugged out the albumlation" which was one of the tighter albums of the year. It featured Tek Nine and Yukmouths people the regime as well as the rap-a-lot family, Mc Ren and the Outlawz. I will review that shit shortly. Yukmouths new album is called Thug Lord and has been pushed back til 2001

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