Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch Hung hails from Sacramento Cali. He Wants to stay underground and not sell out to the radio which is tight cause a lot of people are trying to sell out these days

. His album Season of Da Siccness debuted on the billboards at 26.Brotha Lynch Hung says on Season Of Da Siccness he was drunk and spitting some emotional shit cause he was angry. On Loaded he was high and on 24 Deep it was a mixture of the two.The beats on the album Loaded are done by Funk Beta ,Kokane(Hutchs cousin) also appears on Loaded as does Ice-T.

Brotha Lynch Hung has his own record label SiccMade Records,whos website you can visit through my links section.He has to do a number of albums on BlackMarket until hes free to concentrate on his own label.

coming out this year from Brotha Lynch Hung are "Head Drama" (Internet only),MidEvil,The Best of Lynch and Brotha Lynch Hung presents The Concocuction also his alter ego Evil has an untitled release.

****** new newz July 2000 ********* Lynch is pissed with cedric singleton on Black Market Records the label that released the album reviewed below. I been up to Lynchs webpage for his record company siccmade records and i read an interview with the ceo of Black Market Records up at the murderdog magazine site. Up at the siccmade website it says somethin like lynch is pissed with former ceo and if ya down with Lynch dont buy da album from blackmarket, wait for siccmades material comes up. In da other interview the ceo of blackmarket records is saying some shit like lynchs manager is trying to poison him and that priority tried to fuck over his company and just have lynch signed to priority. Thats why blackmarket had to go independent again. I think if Lynch wants to leave blackmarket he should be allowed to. His album Season Of Da Siccness probaly kept the ceos company alive. There is some beef over a record that tommy boy and blackmarket where going to release as well I aint still got the newz but i think Lynch wasnt really into labels feeding of his work while he dont get no proper dividends

Season of Da Siccness Review

Ive been looking 4 an album from Sac 4 a while and when i saw this muthaphucka Season of da Siccness in the shops i picked it up immediatly, i was not disapointed this is a tight album and has left me fiending for more of this mcs material. The production is West Coast which is the way i like it and the mcing is of a high standard. This guy sounds a little like Snoop but is about ten times more real, he aint on a wack record label and i dig his lyrical content more than snoop. Dont think im hating on snoop just i like this mc better. The album 18 tracks -minus two cool intros leaves ya with 16 tracks and I think 15 out of 16 tracks are tight. I like the intro to the killing babies song, i dont want to flick my cd over just know cause it got bud on it, so what do i really want to say, if you like E and Ren and all that you'll think this album is cool, i say if you aint got this you need it and when ya got it you,ll know what i mean.This is some dark sinister shit just how i like it, the mc has a cool outro about smoking green with the devil and a track about killing babies to feed his family , you might find it twisted but this is a 5 out of 5 album , its the shizit, buy it and you wont be disapointed.


What Happened when Brotha Lynch Hung got shot ----Lynch was at a friends house who was a gang banger, but the set of flats was flooded with a different set of gang members from which his friend belonged to. His gangbanging friend and all his gang associates started to go in and out of the departments showing signs and basically saying we aint scared of your gang to the gang which had flooded the set of apartments. So When Lynch ,his girl and Hyst are leaving the apartment,the other gang bangers come up to him and speak some slang which Lynch is not familar with, so Lynch just said forget it and when they where trying to drive of ,six shots point blank where shot in the car. At the hospital where they where treated they could not find the bullet in lynch so its still in him. His mate Hyst who was in the car had a bullet go into his chest and out of the back of the arm.

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