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Bare with me im trying to beef this muthaphucka up- soon to come album reviewz and anything else i can get on e-feeezy wheezy. B-Legits album "Hempin Aint Easy " is newly out and e-40s newest album "loyalty and betrayal will be hittin the stores soon- peace out

E-40 is also known as fonzarelli and Charlie Hustle,he hails from Vallejo,the bay area and the profile will come soon.

Charlie Hustle is out september 28th-featuring a tupac track-40 had this track for a while but he did not want to make money out at a time when everybody was bringing out makaveli trackz. i thought it was cool how Richie Rich never even put that tupacs name on his cd Seasoned Veteran-so not to cash in on a dead rappers name.

Charlie Hustle the movie is about 40s life story-e-40 says its a documentary on a ghetto level.

E-40 is going to bring out a slang dictionary every year, so people can understand fully his lyrics.This man makes up new words for different things all tha time.

40s record label has been around since 88.Its called Sick Wid It Records and includes artists such as Celly-Cel, B-Legit,A-1 and The Click. His label has distrubution with Jive Records.The album was put down by 40 and his cousin B-Legit, his brother D-shot and his sister suga-T.The first album in 92 sold 350,000 copies and was titled Down and Dirty.There was eps before this like 40s own Mr Flamboyant.The Click released Game Related in 95.Rough Ridin will come out in 99 .Thats the click.

E-40s releases are

-Mr Flamboyant

-The Mail Man

-In a Major Way

-The Hall Of Game

-Element Of Suprise

-Charlie Hustle:The BluePrint of a self made (sept 99)

B-Legit releases are

-B-Legit The Savage

-Hemp Muesuem

-Hempin aint easy

as you can see by his releases b-legit likes a smoke

D-Shot 40s brother has released

-The Shot Caller

-six figures

-Boss Ballers

Suga T has one album called

-Its All Good

Celly Cel has also brought out


Another Group on 40s Sick Wid It are A-1

40 left a messsage in a magazine for people just beginning to listen to him

Just Tune In .Take Time to listen to E-Fonzerrili lyrically.,cause you know i might not spit strictly metaphors 'cause a lot of people think that if you dont spit constantly metaphors, if you aint comparing rap ,like,"Im like that chair over there.I cant be sat on." If you aint doin that , youre not the dopest rapper in the world, or youre not considered an mc. Im a game related-infested,street-slang rapper ,You Smell Me? I Got the stop-start and go street-talk delivery.So you might wanna Focus. Listen Closely.Im not just throwin a whole bunch that dont fit in a rythme.

Charlie Hustle Review

Although this has been out for a while in amerikkka i just got it over here. When e-40 is solo on this album the tracks are good but with the exception of Jayo Felony,C-bo and sickwidit cru all the guest appearances are weak. The worst being with Fat Joe and Sauce money and the hot boyz tune aint that hot either, but apart from that the other tracks are all tight, my favourites bein LIQ,Ballahollic,Rules n Regulationz,Big Ballin and the track with Jayo Felony(Cause I Can),who my friend says is trying top get signed by SickWidIt i dunno though San Diego is quite far from Frisco. Bosko, Ant Banks and Rick Rock handle the production duties. Fonzarelli has his lyrics printed inside the sleeve which is cool.I would say 11 out of the 17 tracks are tight so it aint a classic but its still hella tight, ya unda smell me.E-40 is now going to drop 2 SickWidIt releases every 9 months -7/10


Date Last Modified: 20/10/99