Snoop Dogg hails from the LBC and is presently on No Limit Records owned by P. His last album on No Limit is to be called The Last Meal.Hes setting up his own label Dogghouse Records which will soon drop an album called da eastsidez..

Snoop is a product of Nwa and at least he knows that and says it himself which is better than denying it as many rappers do. Snoop was given his chance as an eighteen year old, when Dre left Ruthless claiming that he was getting ganked at Ruthless, which is bull cause dre got screwed even more of Suge Knight. Anyway Dre took the d.o.c to Death Row under the impression that the record label would be called future shock and he would own half of the label. Once again fooled by Suge, who had no intention of sharing power with dre , instead he ganked dre ,who made not a lot of money at Death Row. Snoop came out 4 the first time on the chronic.

The D.O.C was brought along to write Dres lines and help snoop refine his skills. A Question, that must arise is that if the d.o.c had never crashed his car , would snoop of ever blown up in the way that he did.Anyway thats all beside the point.

Snoop was the rapper on the chronic, an album dre got a lot of credit 4 but remember , Snoop was rapping , the d.o.c played a big part and daz probaly helped with the production.

After the chronic an album that snoop came good on , snoop released an album which is his best and to his fans he has never came out since as tight.This album was called doggystyle as everyone knows, i will review this and some others soon. No Limit Topp Dogg was dropped last year which was given as a an album of the year by the source but we all know that is some money under the table shit. i got Topp Dogg and although its the best since doggystyle it aint one of the albums of the year. its still got some tight shit on it though, dre and quik come tight as does the dogg and x-zibit.

Doggystyle was snoops finest hour and the following release

Date Last Modified: 20/10/99