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I first heard Suga Free on his last album produced by quik. I thought the shit was tight, my mate thinks the shit is tight too but, he thinks that Suga Free aint bringing out another album cause he never sold enough of his last album. I hope that shit aint true. Suga Free has made numerous of guest appearances on other peoples albums like Quiks last two and snoops last album. I think Suga comes especially tight on that Do I love her track on quiks new shit. I suppose right about now everybody in quiks crew will be pissed off about Mausbergs murder. Suge Free hails from Ponoma, California the same place as Above The Law. I will review his album on this page shortly

Wat Up this will now be the Suga Free and Mausberg page. Unfortunately mausberg was murdered before he got famous but his legacy will live on as a tight mc. As I said before im gonna review Suga Frees album Street Gospel and i will review Mausbergs new album Non Fiction when i can get it. There is also a quik produced album called konnected, with these rappers on it.

Date Last Modified: 20/10/99