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Stories About Bullying

From Bully B'Ware

We are grateful to the producers at Bully B'Ware for allowing us to use thier content in raising awareness to the problems associated with bullying and for providing resource material in combatting bullying in schools and homes.

If you have any articles or news stories about bullying that you would like to see posted on this website please e-mail them to us at bully@direct.ca


Adult Support needed to end bullying, expert claims

By Scott Simpson
-The Vancouver Sun, Friday, November 28, 1997

An expert on school bullies feels young people need to know they have adult support before they will intervene to prevent violent tragedies like the recent murder of Victoria-area teen Reena Virk. ...continued

Port Coquitlam school leads way in taking bluster out of bullies Article

By Scott Simpson
- The Vancouver Sun, Friday, March 14, 1997

A Port Coquitlam school is taking the bluster out of bullies with a hard nosed anti-bullying program that is serving as a model for other schools and districts around the province. ...continued

Bullying: Kwayhquitlum tackles tough issue

by Deborah Bach - Staff Reporter
-the Coquitlam NOW Newspaper

It's not just a childhood rite of passage. Bullying is a growing problem that can leave deep psychological scars or drive children to suicide. One local school has taken steps to combat the problem. ...continued

Bullying: The most underrated and enduring problem in schools today

by Alyson McLellan
- B.C. Teacher Magazine

The memory of individual school yard bullies remains clear and unblemished for many adults long after their reading, writing, and arithmetic skills have faded. Any child or adult can tell you about a time he/she was bullied, or he/she saw someone they knew being bullied....continued

Tired of Kids being bullied

TAKING ISSUE by Joanne MacDonald
-Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times February 1, 1998 issue - page 12

Did you know that bullying occurs, on average, every seven minutes? And that each bullying episode lasts about 37 seconds? Did you also know that 60 percent of kids, who are identified as bullies by the time they are eight years old, will have a criminal conviction by the age of 24?...continued

Terror in the schoolyards

Three part series By Wendy-Anne Thompson
-Nanaimo Daily News, April 28, 29, 30, 1997

John terrorizes other students daily with threats and acts of violence. He picks on kids and pushes them around. John's a 10 year old schoolyard bully. ...continued

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