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Problem Kids in School

   Is it the teachers responsibility to 'discipline' children in school? Should it not be more the parents responsibility to ensure that their children behave themselves while at school? When a child misbehaves at school, instead of the teachers repremanding the child, oft times leading to suspension, what if a parent had to chaperone that child at school. In many families, both parents work. Too bad. It's your child, and your responsibility, you take the time off and accompany him or her to school, wait in the hall while class is on, and monitor their behavior while at school. Education is far too important to be disrupted by unruly children. Far too important for the 'disruptor' and the others in class. Educators should not have to be the police at school. Discipline is the parents job. It's time to force parents to take more responsibility for their children, at school and on the street.



   At what point does the parent's resonsibility for their children cease? At what point does a child become independent from his or her family? The financial burden of supporting a minor should be the parents; not the state. Before a minor can claim social assistance, they should be required to disclose all imformation about where they come from and co-operate in resolving the matters which led them to leave home. At which point the parents should have to pay all costs of supporting that child and costs of re-uniting the child back with the family. Social service resources would be better spent in helping families in conflict, rather than supporting seperation.



   Would it be feasable to set up another branch of 'military' service designed primarily to intervene in matters of juvenile delinqency? Schooling and discipline seem to be the two main factors governing a childs future. If there was a junior branch of service that was social, not military orientated, to which all youth had to serve a minimum time, we just may be able to head off many criminal behavior patterns in the future. Run as a semi 'boot camp', in which continuing education and service to community would be mandatory. There could be live at home service time for those who are already continuing their education, and camp for those who find it difficult to live at home or stay in school. Many years ago, I worked at a detention home for boys. So many of these youths, aged 12 to 14, after serving their 'sentence', just before their release date, would runaway, go downtown and wait for the police to pick them up, knowing that they would be given another six months or so in detention. They preferred the 'home' to being sent back to their parents. They relished the discipline. I'm not advocating detention home jails for problem kids, but I do believe we need a program of some sort in which youths can further develope into productive members of society. All too often the environment in which children are raised, adds nothing towards security and hope for the future. How best can there be intervention on their behalf?


Revolving Door Jails

   There is no doubt about it, our jails are full. The costs of keeping prisoners in jail is very high. Even though the percentage of prisoners per population is decreasing, the overall costs of operating prisons is on the rise. Can't help but wonder; is the per population factor due to less crime, to prisoner reform policies, or to shorter sentences, or short terming sentences? Are prisons meant to be a deterrent to crime, or a place of punishment for doing the crime? I searched the web for statistics which would support any one line of thought on crime prevention, prisonor rehabilitation, prison programs, etc.; but couldn't find any hard evidence supporting any one direction that prison 'officials' or legislation should take. One fact still remains and that is peoples perception of our justice systems in near all countries, and that is that it is failing to protect the citizens. If they are failing; is most of that failure due to costs? The failure to provide adequate resources so that the justice system and prisons can do the job they are supposed to do; that being - protect the citizens. Isn't it about time we all recognized the relationship between our social policies and inequality that exists in our society. We allocate more money for prisons each year and yet cut funding for education. Many of our policies prevent the poor from recieving the training and education that is needed to bring them out of poverty. So much of our tax structure benifits the rich to the detriment of the poor and middle class. Is this the freedom which our constitutions are meant to guarantee? Without hope, democracy becomes a faded reality.


Helping the Street Kids and Homeless

   Many storeowners and buisnesses complain of the panhandlers, who, seem to be almost every- where in all urban communities. With no source of income, many of these people are forced to beg for money. Many people, and I'll admit, myself included, don't like to be 'harrassed' by people asking for money. Although I would rather they did not come up to my vehicle, I have to admire the initiative taken by squeegie kids. At least they are doing something moral for the money. Not that begging in itself is immoral. Heres an idea. Each city block on average has 8 buisiness fronts and, most often, above street offices or buisinesses. If each contributed toward a daily fund of, depending on the city, $30 to $40, and that fund was paid out to whomever was willing to sweep the block; the streets would be swept daily, the number of panhandlers could be reduced, the homeless who participated would be earning their money, all contributing to an increase in patronage on that block, resulting in increased revenues for the buisinesses. All for a tax deductable sum of between $30 and $120 per mo. A designate buisiness would put up the chit each morning. and whoever claimed it first would be handed a cleaning cart with broom and bag, and when they returned after cleaning they would recieve their pay. It wasn't too very long ago that each storefront was responsible for keeping the sidewalks clean.


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