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Unwanted Pregnancy; Wanted Child


   Several years ago, my wife and were in Victoria General Hospital in Victoria, B.C., Canada, and saw the patient waiting room of the abortion clinic. In this room were 11 girls. Two looked old enough to make their own decision, the others were definately under 18. 3 girls were there in support of their friends that leaves 6 under the age of 18, two of which had their mothers with them. How many girls had already been processed; how many will come later? I do not know. But here were 4 girls, in their teens, children, alone to make a life and death decision which likely will effect them for the rest of their lives.
   Did their parents even know of the trauma that their daughters were going through? Were the girls too afraid to even approach their parents on this issue? Were some of them co-erced into having an abortion? By their parents? By their 'lover'? By their freinds? Were they able to get adequate counceling Due to the time restraints of being pregnant? For what reason they were facing this day alone, surely needs to be addressed.
   The most important question is,'how did they arrive at the decission that an abortion was their best alternative?'.
   I realize that not all pregnancies are 'planned', but all babies are in God's plan, whether they were planned for or not.
   Not all pregnancies are 'wanted', but all children are wanted and loved by God.
   All parents want the best for their children, then how can prenatal death be in the child's best interest?
   Motherhood is the most important role in a woman's life. It is ordained by God.
   Fatherhood is the defining quality of being a man. It proves a man's character.

What's Your Response?

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