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Should bars, restuarants and entertainment venues be held responsible for their patrons behavior?
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   There is no denying the fact that, Alcohol use is in excess in our culture. Alcohol has been legally promoted to the point where most people rely on alcoholic beverages in order to have a good time. This is to our cultural shame. Although most people will refute this claim; Rare is the occasion where alcohol is not present. Few and far between are the restuarants and entertainment facilities that do not provide and promote the drinking of alcoholic beverages, and are willing to allow patrons to drink till they are drunk. Despite numourous ads promoting 'designated drivers', all to often the driver is intoxicated, and is a potential danger to himself, his passengers and other traffic and pedestrians.
   View any advertisement for alcohol and you will see that they promote drinking as the means to a 'good time'. And the ad companies have done a very good job, especially towards the youth. Teenage drinking is on the increase. Alcoholism is on the increase.
   Alcohol dependency and alcohol misuse can ruin families, careers, marriages and lives. It is time to rethink our own values concerning the drinking of alcohol, the promotion of alcohol, and the availability of alcoholic beverages. I am not advocating prohibition; only responsibility, and asking the question,"What influence does my drinking habit have on my family, my friends and my work.?"

What's Your Response?


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