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   Several Topics have been put forth and are open to discussion. I have set forth my views and invite you to respond with yours. On each topic I have included URL links to sites that can provide imformation and resources for help. If you would like to provide a new link to an informative or resource site; please do so on the Add Link page. If you would like to propose a new topic of social interest, please email it to me with a discussion text. Our aim is to provide a service to people and raise social awareness on matters of personal, family and social concern.

Here is a complete list of all the resources mentioned on this site

  • Focus Adolescent Services: Help for Troubled Teens FOCUS--For Our Children And Us--Resources for professionals, support to parents and families, information on programs for troubled teens
  • Focus Adolescent Services: Help for Troubled Teens Canada FOCUS--For Our Children And Us--Resources for professionals, support to parents and families, information on programs for troubled teens
  • Rainbow Brigade A Website of Vanguard Magazine.
  • Prolifers Against Clinic ViolenceCan anybody seriously argue with pro-life and anti-abortion arguments?
  • Birthrite Are you pregnant and in need of help?

  • Carenet
  • CPC world-Canada: Help us Help Women Around the World
  • CPC World-USA Your not alone; someone cares
  • CPC World-England
  • Join Together a national resource center for communities working to reduce substance abuse and gun violence

  • Alcoholics Anonymous For imformation on alcohol dependency and treatment
  • Mental Health Org. General symptoms of alcohol/substance abuse
  • CYFERNet Youth Development CYFERNet is a registered trademark of the National Children, Youth and Families at Risk Initiative.
  • Taylor Road Middle School in Georgia.
  • Bullying: A Survival Guide from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

  • National Education Service Making a Difference Together!
  • Bully Beware Canadian organization against bullying presents information about bullies, victims, and what schools can do to help eliminate this problem.
  • Parenting IS Prevention Project site to learn more about how important parents are in setting their children on a drug-free path.
  • National Drug Information Center of National Families in Action NFIA mission is to help families and communities prevent drug abuse among children by promoting policies based on science

  • Marijuana Anonymous fellowship of men and women who share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction.
  • National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information(NCADI) A service of The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence(NCADD) providing a local perspective on alcoholism and other drug addictions
  • National Crime Prevention Council offers crime prevention tips for self, home, and family; community policing; neighborhood building; plus information on McGruff and the 'Take a Bite Out of Crime' campaign.
  • "Just Say No" International Teaching children and teens to Say NO to drugs and alcohol

  • National Family Partnership NFP is the voice for parents and families on drug prevention issues
  • National PTA Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Project The National PTA is the oldest and largest volunteer association in the United States working exclusively on behalf of children and youth.
  • National Head Start Association a national forum for the continued enhancement of Head Start services for poor children
  • Partnership for a Drug Free America Drug Free Resource Net is the Partnership for a Drug-Free America's web site that includes a large drug information database, prevention strategies for parents, and more.

  • National MADD   (USA) Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is more than just a bunch of angry moms. We're real people, moms, dads, young people, and other individuals just trying to make a difference.
  • MADD Canada We are determined to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime, and prevent underage drinking.
  • NCADD Campaign to Prevent Kids from Drinking
  • Talamasca ask yourself the following questions and answer them as honestly as you can.
  • US Dept of Education Comprehensive education resource covers access, grants, programs, and teaching materials. Check headlines, studies, and research findings.

  • National Post Canadian National news source
  • Associated Press A Interational News Service
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation Promoting safe firearms use
  • Center to Prevent Handgun Violence is the legal action, research and education affiliate of Handgun Control building bridges to law enforcement, educators, legal scholars, public health officials and health care providers, uniting diverse experts in a search for solutions to the gun violence epidemic.

  • Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2000 © 1997-2000 Microsoft Corporation.
  • Focus on the Family
  • Pure IntamacyIf you or someone you love,are struggling with online sexual temptation, we can help
  • C-NET The leader in web services and imformation

  • EPA, U.S. Environment Protection Agency
  • Sierra, Canada Canadian environment protection services and imformation
  • Earthways Environmental responsibility is a state of mind. Environmental living is a way of life

    What's Your Response?


    Topics For Response

  • Abortion Choices
  • Alcohol and Society
  • Bullies Need Taming
  • Crack - Article
  • Drugs are a Scourge
  • Guns and Controll
  • Pornography Insights
  • Pornography and the Net
  • Recycling Our Wastes
  • Truancy and Effects
  • Violence on the Rise
  • Appeal to Hollywood
  • Off the Cuff Thoughts
  • Reasons to Believe
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