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Do you favor loss of driving privilages for first time DWD offences?
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Drinking and Driving


   I thank God that, during my younger days, I was never in a 'serious' accident while driving drunk. Yes, I am as guilty as any when it comes to being intoxicated and driving under the influence of intoxication. Just because I was never charged for the crime does not excuse my offence. I have, though, been reformed from getting drunk and have been forgiven for my past offences. Thank God.
   I am not against alcoholic beverages, only the excessive use of drink because of the resulting damage that can occur ,spiritualy, emotionally, physically, relationally, financially.
   For imformation on the cause and effects of drinking, please go to


I believe that the courts are far to lenient on driving while drunk offenders. Mandatory jailtime for 1st time caught offenders. Permanent loss of driving license for repeat offenders, should be the rule.
   I believe that drinking and driving is as serious an offence as having an accident while under the influence.
   I believe that drinking establishments, bars, pubs, lounges, restuarants, casinos, and the public in general, have a responsibility to see that their guests and patrons do not drive after becoming intoxicated in their premises.
   I believe that more resources need be readily available to show the seriousness of drinking .

What's Your Response?


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