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Owner: Lestat
Range: France
Facts: These two playful horses belong to the vampire Lestat. The darker one, the mare, was given to him by Gabrielle in Auvergne. The stallion had been owned by Magnus and stayed in his stables, Lestat received it as part of his heritage.
Adopted by:
Rebekah De Lioncourt
Jenny Elmore
Olga Bas
Keepers' comments: 
I love horses. I used to take up horse riding lessons when I was in high school. It is such an expensive activities though. I would really like to own a horse of my own. I will cherish Lestat's horses and take good care of them ~ Arisa

I love horses as much as I love Lestat.  Horses are strong physically, while Lestat's power is mostly preternatural.  Someday I will reunite these lovely souls with their original father (of lies) ~ Raven

I love horses in general and wish I had my own ~ Diana

I am so glad to be able to take care of these gorgeous animals ~ Rebekah De Lioncourt

I love horses ~ Jenny Elmore

I love horses and I love Lestat, what could be better? ~ Isabella

Owner: Armand
Range: Russia
Facts: This white stallion belonged to Armand's Father, famous for his riding and hunting skills. Saved the life of its owner during the infamous Tatar raid.
Adopted by: 
Little Vampire
Keepers' comments:
Es un maravilloso ejemplar y me siento muy orgullosa  de poder cuidar y consentir al corsel de mi amado Armand -

Well, I love animals, I love horses and I love the vampire Armand - Ksenia

Although Armand seems to be a little on the darker side, this white horse is so perfect for him. In sheer devotion to Armand, I will certainly care for for his beautiful horse - Little Vampire

I LOVE Horsies. SO... I choose this white horsie ~ Nathaniel

I have been fascinated with the beautiful Boticelli creature known only as Armand since I first read his story.  I would feel honored to have a part of him and a part of me be one in the same with this beautiful stallion.  I will enjoy riding this white stallion as he rides his black stallion through the night with me ~ Triana

I have forever loved Armand, and wish to show my gradatude to one of the very best vampires ever to grace the world and any gods eyes...Armand is a god ~ Remy

Owner: Armand
Range: Russia
Facts: This smaller black gelding was perfect for the young Armand when he had accompanied his Father in hunts or travels before he was sent to the Monastery. This very horse took him to the fateful trip to the wildlands.
Adopted by: 
Cathyrn Pendragon
Omega Desidery
Keepers' comments:
Such a beautiful horse! Only Armand can own it. We'll be travelling a lot and talking about Armand. I know it loves its Master. Sybelle, I promise to take good care of it! ~ Frankie

I love horses and would be very please to care for this magnificent beast. :) I will be delighted to be able to ride Armand's horse...with him ~ Vanessa

I am truly honored to share in the responsibility of caring for this gorgeous creature which has served Armand so well. May he forever be in our hearts ~ Miriam

What the perfect horse for Armand!  It's so beautiful and elegant.  Only Armand could ever have a horse like this ~ Cathyrn Pendragon

I love horses... And I love Armand too. So this is excellent choice. I will take care of him as I'd care about Armand... ~ Omega Desidery

I will take excellent care of this adorable Fresian gelding.  Just look at him!  How can you resist a face like that?  He's in good hands. ~ Jade

I will take care of it as if it were my own ~ Tabitha

This is such a beautiful horse, and one of my favorite breeds. I'd be more than happy to take care of him for Armand ~ Jessamyn

Owner: Louis
Range: Louisiana
Facts: This dark horse was Louis' favourite at Pointe du Lac... but wait... who is this rider? I warned you, the vampires visit their animals often!
Adopted by: 
Artemesia and Endymia
Christophe Marie
Chantrial Belledonna de Point du Lac
Maddillenne de Pointe du Lac
Keepers' comments:
Sybelle, Love you for listing the horse, and his beautiful rider!  We hope we'll see them *both* very very often, they are glad company for Armand's stallion and the black panther.  We'll be riding in the wind - Artemesia and Endymia

I know how much you love this lovely creature Louis. I'll look after him with all my love - Christophe Marie

What is precios to Louis is precious to me. I will cherish it forever - Nadia

I love horses and I love Louis, I named my cat after him, so I would love to care for this horse! ~ Arahsa

I know my love for horses will be as strong as Louis' because it would have belonged to the love of my life Louis de Point du Lac! ~ Chantrial Belledonna de Point du Lac

I adore horses, especially dark ones.  It had been a dream of mine to own one! ~ Claudia

I love horses. I have never actually owned one, but I love to ride them and just be with them. I think it will be even better with Louis's horse! ~ Maddillenne de Pointe du Lac


Owner: Louis
Range: Transylvania
Facts: This splendid white stallion took part in a ritual vampire killing in an East-European village. Louis keeps him in the memory of his mortal friend Morgan.
Adopted by:
Vincent Mayfair
Greeneyed Vampress
Keepers' comments:
Just think, a horse that can find vampires. I will have to make use of this ability next time I am in New Orleans, but only for good, of course - Elise

It will be my pleasure to help care for such a magnificent creature.  This horse has a dignity not unlike Louis himself.  A true reflection of his master! ~ Sarah

This horse is just too good and fits Louis so well ~ Chaos

Horses are indeed the most beautiful animals. I have owened some myself, but it has been a while since I have been riding. I miss it a lot, but collegelife does not leave time for this. I plan to get a horse again as soon as I graduate - Vincent Mayfair

Ohhh that hourse is a beautiful creature, as well as the owner.  I enjoy riding horses, and I shall take very good care of him! ~ Kimberly

Vampire's and Horse's are my passion...I will take care off this Beautiful Creature for Louis, my Love....for eternity... ~ Greeneyed Vampress