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Meet our friends... and submit pictures of yours!

Sybelle's Cherry

Our beautiful Ataman

Eleni's Don Carlos
Another good horsey, Bucks

And yet another beauty... Beota
(with Eleni on her back and Dasha by her side)
Khayman's Akasha

Killer's Fernanda
Irina's splendid trio:
Dolly, Jacqueline and Racquel
They have their own page!

Michelle's vampy cat, Bonnie

Jacqueline Rose, Artemesia's silver fox rabbit

Willow, Artemesia's adopted horse who lives in England

Rosemary, a little friend of DarkAngel 
and the Father of Lies

Sage, another dear friend of DarkAngel and 
the Father of Lies

Ksenia's Tomas...
come check out his own page!

Memnoch's loveliest Little Snow

Amaury's Nelson - isn't he gorgeous?