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Bengal tiger 
(Panthera Tigris Tigris)
Owner: David Talbot
Range: India
Facts: In his youth David was an avid hunter and perfected his skills in India. The great tiger was his most precious trophy and stalked Lestat in dreams, provoking him into giving David the Dark Gift. Symbolised Lestat's predatory nature.
Adopted by: 
Devi Emogene
Sierra O Connell
Keepers' comments:
As the keeper of such a formidable and symbolic creature, I expect to be checked up on frequently by Lestat and/or David. Luckily I have always had a way with cats, and tigers are the most beautful of them all. I admire them for their grace, ferocity, and regal nature. Such a respected creature could never be ill-treated in my lair. *s* - 

I love cats, and this beautiful cat is the perfect representation of my favorite vampire, Lestat. I will spoil this pretty kitty as if it were Lestat himself. An emerald collar, fresh meat every day, even a bowl of milk. = ) - Amanda

i love tigers, especially bengal fact, i love all animals, but since i could only choose one, i chose this one...such a beauty...i hope they never become so many other lovely creatures...i hope that humans figure out one day that we have to do something to stop extinction, and to save all the wonderful animals on our planet. because once they're gone, they're gone forever. it's sad, but it's true. so if you love animals like me, then be aware of this problem, and spread the word to others. maybe there's still time to save them - Colure

I have always loved these majestic creatures, I will care for it like my own child - DarkRaine

I have always loved tigers very much. They are strong, smart and beautiful, just like my favourite vampire Vittorio. 
Because my own beloved cat has died, I am very happy to have a splendid animal to look after again! - Amber

This is the animal that makes me happy & I know to David too. I will make this tiger happy like all of the others animal keepers of him - Eugene

I am a huge fan of tigers. I work at the zoo, so I have got aquainted with these animals. They are great! ~ Sierra O Connell

I have always loved Bengal Tigers and I will care for this tiger with all my heart and soul ~ Alicia

Jaguar (Panthera Onca)
Owner: David Talbot
Range: Brazil
Facts: This splendid animal marks the new beginning in David's life. Jaguar hunt was the reason why David came to Brazil, where he first had an encounter with spirits.
Adopted by: 
Sarah Miller
Chad Boern
Keepers' comments:
I look forward to caring for such a magnificent creature.  Surely it will be my pleasure to look after this animal for it's owner ~ Sarah

I love David, I love animals (especially cats)and I promise I'm going to take good care of this one! ~ Veronique

i am fascinated by mr. Talbot....anything that is special to him will always be special to me as well.... - Litha

Black Panther 
(Panthera Pardus)
Owner: Louis
Range: India
Facts: According to the first version of Louis' interview, when Louis found it, the panter was living in a German zoo. At that time Louis was feeding exclusively on animals, and it gave Louis the ultimate experience by sharing its blood with him.
Adopted by: 
Vampire Raven
Queen Akasha
Raven Steelhorse
Azure Flames
Nakura Mitsukai
Valnous Implated
Sethia Chante
Andrea  M  Adams
Kimberly Anne
Keepers' comments: 
I look forward to having a companion for nightly prowls and gazing down from tall trees.  The black panther is as beautiful and mesmerising as it's owner! - Artemesia

I'll take good care of him, Louis! :) - Ebony

This beautiful panther has Louis's silky black hair, emerald green eyes, feline grace and long white fangs.  I will treasure his panther as I treasure him.  Raw Steak every night, PROMISE! ~ DarkAngel

These are beautiful animals who are sleek and elegant.  I'll take good care of it! ~ Jennifer

i sometimes shape-shift into a black panther at night.  we will be night stalkers and prowl together.  also i think i would like to have kittens with this big handsome prince!  im in love!!!!  purrrrrrrrrrrrr ~ Kimberly

If I can't have Louis, I'll have something that reminds me of him :) - Vampire Raven

I promise to love this animal as if it were my own child. Panthers are things of enormous beauty, and it would be an honor to Keep it. Besides--it belongs to Louis! ~ Queen Akasha

This is the safest way to keep a panther... by letting him go free.  I will keep close tabs on him, and join him for the occasional night feast - Raven Steelhorse

I love Louis! And I'll be careful not to allow *this* dark-haired and green-eyed beauty have rats as its meal ---only raw, juicy meat for this exquisite creature of the Savage Garden - Azure Flames

I've always admired these stealthy and deadly animals.  They are almost as beautiful as the emerald-eyed Louis, my favorite of the vampires.  I'll take good care of this creature and hope that Louis comes to visit it occasionally - Gwen

This Black Panther reminds me of my dark profile as the Devil: a black emotionless face with eyes shining like  diamonds in the sky of night. I love this pet  and I'll take good  care of it:) - Memnoch

Black panthers are the most beutiful cats ever. I have a black house cat - Kali

I love Louis and find that he owns one with the same beautiful black hair has he...tantalizes me - SilverHawk

He's as close to Louis that I can get, so I'll take him! ^_^ I promise I'll feed him choice cuts of beef, or any other kind of meat he wants. He will be the most pampered Cat in the world! Ja ne! - Nakura Mitsukai

I love this animal i have seen kinds like him over the years.  I would love to be held responsible for this breed of animal ~ Valnous Implated

I'm in love with this beautiful kittie! mrroww ^V^ ~ Daiseymae

Just like the Louis, the panther is a beautiful creature. I vow to myself and Louis that I will care for his lovely pet as well as he does ~ Sethia Chante

Louie, I will protect your panther and look after it for as long as my mortal self prevails me to do so. I am not the only carer of your panther, but I hope that you will approve of the way in which I tend to it. I love the mystery and the darkness that a panther posesses. Is the panther a metaphor of yourself my beloved Louie? ~ Andrea  M  Adams

Gourguos creature, just like it's owner.  It will be a pleasure caring for such a miraculous animal! ~ Kimberly Anne