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Canary bird
(Serimis Canaria)
Owner: Claudia
Range: New Orleans
Facts: Lived with Lestat, Louis and Claudia. Was set free when Louis and Claudia left for Europe. Didn't leave the house. Jesse heard it singing when she was making research in their flat
Adopted by: 
Julie Y
Sybelle de Romanus
Lois Delander
Seductive Innocence Sierra
Claudia de Lioncourt
Keepers' comments:
I always hated Claudia makes me feel beter that I get to keep her canary! ^_^ - Julie

Having Claudia's canary will help me to feel that I have... purged the sin Armand took when he killed her. I don't know why. It will let me sleep better - Sybelle de Romanus

I'm a natural bird lover so I will be happy to care Claudia's Canaries - Lois Delander

I just love canaries so this would be perfect for me.  And if Claudia liked took care of them i can't do so bad ~ Nelly

I have came back as a Ghost of the Doll-like child, vampire known as Claudia. I have come to take back whats mine, in a part of my Lovely Louis...
But also my Faithful Bird ~ Claudia de Lioncourt

Humming-bird (Trochilidae)
Owner: Armand
Range: South America
Facts: Was chosen as the model for the cover of Armand's autobiography
Adopted by: 
Keepers' comments: 
I loved this bird ever since I saw it on the cover of Armand's book! I'm told it likes sugar water, so I know how to feed it! ~ Candice

This little bird is so beautiful, and I like the cover of the book. I'll take good care of your bird, Armand! 
~ Stephanie

It took me a while to decide but this little bird is so sweet and beautiful that it is just right for me.  I'll take good care of him for Armand ~ Natalie

I'm a bird lover, so this one's perfect ~ Yolande