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Indian elephant (Elephas Maximus)
Owner: Lestat
Range: India
Facts: Actually stopped Lestat from making Raglan James into a vampire. Mr. James met the elephant during his early days in India, and was so impressed that invoked his image during the blood exchange, instead of the expected tiger.
Adopted by: 
Ana Mosqueda
Keepers' comments: 
He is so big and good-hearted he made me want to care for him, to keep bastards like Raglan away from him. Perhaps with some luck he'll even let me ride him! - Killer

I'll promise to take good care of this lovely indian elephant and I'll try to store a lot of peanuts for him - Ana

well i wanted a turtle but i supose old jumbo will do,
he does stand out in a crowd doesn't he:) ~ Jimmy

I dream of Lestat, and Elephants, so why not get a two for one deal? ~ Tasha