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Black rat (Rattus rattus)
Owner: Santino
Range: Rome
Facts: Deprived of other pleasures, the Coven Master Santino found some comfort in the company of rats. Fascinated by his silent command, the rats gathered around him as he fed them with bread crumbles.
Adopted by:
Laura Dean
Jea Wolf
Keepers' comments:
Oh, I love rats! I'm not sure why though, but there is something thrilling about how everyone else hates them... True creatures of the dark... ~ 
Rats are lovely creatures. I really don't know why everyone hates them so much ~
Laura Dean
(Think no more on St. Francis, with his birds and squirrels and the wolf at his side.) Think on Santino, with his rats. ~

I will give this animal a lovely home for we have much in common....I too am a survivor....I I have survived the plague,starvation and death ~ Ravenwing

Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
Owner: Louis
Range: Louisiana
Facts: Very popular animals of his days, brown rats could be found everywhere, even in the dining rooms of rich planters. An easy prey, they provided valuable support to Louis de Pointe du Lac at the early stage of his immortal life.
Adopted by: 
Etoile Rose
Becky Durden
Keepers' comments:
I suppose I'll have to take special care of the reproduction of the rats. They can serve as a snack for Louis :) - Cristina

Louis appears to be a vampire with a soul. I would be honered to look after his pet. Especially if it provides an alternative food source for vampires - Mina

I'll look after them in honour of the many little rodents who gave their lives to sustain the Beautiful One in his rat-eating stage ~ Becky Durden

I just love rats.  They are rather tasty! ~ Kohni