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Things you would never hear in Gundam Wing

Seeing as more people are looking at the first page for new entries (even though most of of the newest entries are in the last pages) and since our viewers proably don't want to look at each new entry by person, I'm putting all the new entries in one big batch on the top of the first page. As always send your entries to: Re:Things you'd never hear in Gundam W

One more thing, please keep entries short.

It is the final hour of twilight:
Okay here's what's going to happen for the next...

Twenty-four hours:
I will be home all day (Saturday) checking up on any last minute entries, and will make one more post around midnight PST. After midnight I will stop taking entries.

I will be making up a list of my favorite entries for almost the past two years and will be posting them Friday September 6 around 11:30. That will be my last post, and the new guy will take over (I doubt he's going to be working on these pages, he's working on his own thing.

After next week this page will go on hiatis. If someone is interested in making thier own TYWNHI page just drop me an e-mail and I'll be more than happy to link to you (Hey it could happen, I got the idea of making this page from another site that was put out to pasture). Worst case scenario, I graduate and this page (as well as my other creations) will be moved over there. For those of you asking, I plan to graduate in about eight months to a year.

Remember kids it's not officially over. I'm just taking a break so I can focus more on getting my diploma.

And now more from Nikki!

29.Duo:The things you'd never hear in Gundam Wing site is going to be shut down? This isn't fair!I love this site!It's the only site that made us big!

30.Relena misses Heero and rejoins Gundam Wing.

31.Trowa:I'm really gonna miss this site(Talking about things you'd never hear in Gundam Wing).It's this only place I could lie about what Catherine was doing to me.
Quatre:Yeah,but she did cut your cell phone up with her knives.

And now new entries from Espectra

1.Mariemaia: My name is Mariemaia Kushrenada the daughter of Treize-
Relena: WOW this bed is so cool!
Mariemaia: ...

2.Mariemaia: Well I would like to tell you more but I hear there's a so-called adult world, that children do not-
Relena: Whee!
Relena is jumping on the bed
Mariemaia: ...

3.Mariemaia: We at colony L 3X... ummm... Dekim turn off the camera for a minute...
(short while later)
Mariemaia: We at colony um....
Soldier: It's L-3x18999
Mariemaia: Silence!

4.Heero is working diligently on some electrical device wearing a white jacket and black boots. Relena wearing a pink tutu is sneaking up on Heero.
Relena: Hey Heero!
Heero: Deedee how many times have I told you not to enter my laboritory?

5.Quatre: I do.
Minister: And do you Dorthy take this...

6.Wataru (Sister Princess): I have 13 sisters. Is there anyone in this world who can understand what I'm going through?
Quatre: ...

7.Heero: Hit me now.
Dou: What are you crazy?
Heero: Hurry up.
Dou: Well you asked for it. I'll give you my best punch.
Dou hits Heero; Heero goes down like a rock.

8.Wufei is in Nahato; spinning around in space he turns on the raido.
Radio: This is Major Tom to Ground Control, I'm stepping out through the door, and I'm floating in the most peculiar way...
Wufei: ...
Actually I think someone took this bit while I was taking a break. I'm really sorry if I did.

9.Noin: (To Mariemaia) Do forgive me.
Noin raiser her had at Mariemaia when Relena gets in front of her dressed pimp clothing and slaps Marimaia instead.
Relena: Where's my money bitch?!
No that's not where I got the original pimp idea

10.Marimaia: When I grow up I'm gonna marry Heero.
Relena: No way Mamo-chan uh I mean Heero is my boyfriend!
Heero: ...

11.Heero is asleep with his hands folded on top of a drawing board. On top of his head is a siamese cat.

Dead Hiro day.

12.Relena: Kanon...
Heero: Omae wo... (looks at Relena) Kanon...

13.Quatre watches Kanon.
The rest of the GW crew: Oi, oi.

14.John Leguizamo:
And then one day...
One magic path he crossed my way...
And though we spoke of many things...
Fools and Kings...
This he said to me...

Omae wo korosu...

Mr. Leguizamo if you're reading this, no threat intended.
(Yeah, like he'd ever come to this part of the web.)

15. GW Pilots: We are Soldats!
Relena: No more Noir for them.
Dorthy: Or Star Ocean EX.

16.Trowa and Meia (Vandread) are on the Nirvana.
Meia: So what's it like in your universe?
Hibiki and Heero are running right past them.
Dita: Uchujinsan!
Relena: Heero!
Trowa: Not that much different.

17. Wufei: There are only women on this ship!
Hibiki: Hey there's three guys here too!
Wufei: So are you the ones who run the ship?
Bart: Actually they're holding us prisoner.
Wufei: I'd rather go back to the Evangelion universe!

18. Wufei and Farve (State Troopers) doing anything...

19. Any of the Gundam Pilots playing Virtua On.

20. Oh crap Heero blew himself up again. Oh well (Picks up his cell phone) Hello Gendo?
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