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"What are seiyuus" do you say? Seiyuus are the voice actors and actresses of anime shows. Without them, what kind of a anime show would it be? Maybe a mime one, but let's not get into that.

Now, I'm an anime fan, although I haven't seen a lot. Just a few dubbed ones here and there. Anyways, ever since my first huge anime obsession, which was Sailor Moon, I roamed the Internet. Night and day, day and night. You get the picture. All the sites I went to were just about the anime. You know: Character Profiles, Image Galleries, fan stuff, yadda yadda yadda. I thought the sites were terrific, especially about how much originality certain sites had. My bookmark list was jammed pack. But there was one thing missing. Where's the info about the voice actors?

At first I was all, "Oh, I guess they don't know much about them." So I just ignored it. As the few years passed, I went into new anime obsessions. My current one right now is Digimon Adventure, as you can see.  So now, I'm roaming and clicking on Digi-Sites, trying to amuse myself and all that. If I find some of the best Digimon sites in my opinion, I bookmark. "Hey, look, that's cool." *clicks 'save as bookmark'* Well, I've already been to several Digimon sites, and there is still not much talking about the seiyuus.

I haven't really paid attention to seiyuus much until I listened to some Mp3s. I listened to the song by Maeda Ai called Itsu demo Aeru kara. When I listened to it, I immediately loved it. Now, I listen to a whole buncha Japanese MP3s. Ever since then, I've been looking for more info about the seiyuus. I found these really great sites just dedicated to all the seiyuus in anime. And you can pretty much guess it's on my bookmark list. ^~

So that's why I made this tiny little Digimon Adventure Seiyuu Appreciation page, to give credit to all those voice actors and actresses behind the anime who aren't really noticed as much by the fans. I'm gonna give them the credit they deserve by praising them for their fine work in this little section.

Digimon  Adventure  Seiyuus

Alrighty, here are some of the seiyuus of the Digimon Adventure cast. They play the DigiDestined and the Digimon in rookie form. All the names are romanized, meaning last name comes first. I'm not telling you which seiyuu does the voice of who though. YOU figure it out. ^_~ I searched A LOT of seiyuu databases for this, and I got most of this information all by myself. If ya wanna know so desperately, go to Megchan's Digimon Sekai. I'm pretty sure she'll have all the answers. 

Season  1 Seiyuus

Chosen Children/DigiDestined

Kids' Digimon (Rookie)

Kazama Yuuto Tokumitsu Yuka
Fujita Toshiko Matsumoto Miwa
Mizutani Yuko Yamaguchi Mayumi
Maeda Ai Sakamoto Chika
Konishi Hiroko Shigematsu Katori
Kikuchi Masami Sakurai Takahiro
Araki Kae Mizowaki Shihomi
Tenjin Umi Takeuchi Junko
Season 2 Seiyuus
(Newcomers only)

Chosen Children/DigiDestined

Kids' Digimon (Rookie)

Kiuchi Reiko  Noda Junko
Natsuki Rio Toochika Kouichi
Urawa Megumi Takahashi Naozumi
Yamamoto Taisuke
Paku Romi
Seiyuu  Information
Click the above link to learn stats of most of the Japanese seiyuus.
American Voice  Actors Updated!
Who could forget about the wonderful American VAs?

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Well, that's all for now. I plan to add some more cool stuff later on.

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Disclaimer: The Seiyuu Appreciation page of MYIS was created on April 7 and viewed to the public on April 14. This is copyright of Mari-San, 2000. All credit for info is given to the Seiyuu Picture Gallery, Seiyuu databases, and Megchan's Digimon Sekai.