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Yama Plushie Adoption Center


The first Yama Plushie Adoption Center 
In America, anyway.

What is 'YPAC?' you say? No, it's not the sound of when you hit your older sister with her make-up kit... No, it isn't the sound when cheerleaders attack. It's not a sound at all! YPAC is the... *deep breath* Yama Plushie Adoption Center!

Here, you can adopt your own Yamato Plushie, or for the guys, a Yamato Ishida Action Figurine. ^_~ You might say that you have one already. So? Why not have 2? Or 3? Or a billion!?! *clears throat* But from the YPAC Agency, you can officially declare that you adopted a Yama Plushie with pride. And for proof, you get an 'Authenticity Certificate', which is more like a lil "I adopted...'" thing. ^_^ Won't that be lovely?

But that's not all! Your Yama Plushie can also be the guard for your site, if you have one! Well, not really...  But you can post the picture of your plushie proudly. ^_^ People will say "Oh, what a darling Yama Plushie you have." Then you'll say "Yes, I've adopted it." And then they will say, "Ooh, I'd love one! Where can I adopt one?" And then you'll say "Oh, at the YPAC Agency." And so forth and so forth. ^_^

After one has been blessed with the joy of their very own Yama Plushie, they'll exclaim "Thank you YPAC for our pride and joy!" Well, not really... *sweatdrops*

So you wanna adopt a Yama Plushie? Just read below and you'll be on your way. Just a step closer to having your plushie companion.

What to Put in your e-mail body:

Guidelines for adopting a Yama Plushie:

To adopt a plushie, email me. Then I'll happily give you your own Yama Plushie and 'Authenticity Certificate.' Expect delivery within 1 day -2 weeks. I can be very busy, ya know.  (NOTE: Once you have already have adopted a plushie in the past, and want to adopt another one, you won't get another certificate. Just one.)

Make sure you're specific on which style you want. EX: This is "Plushie #1." Remember that? Plushie #1. Make sure you're subject is reasonably related to YPAC or about Yama Plushies. Okay, thank you, buh bye now. 

Okay, just one more step: Scroll down and pick. 

Here they are! The Yama Plushies! Awww... How cyute.

And now, here are the Yama Plushie styles up for adoption. Aren't they just kawaii? 
Anyhoo, there is currently 3 Yama Plushie Style you can adopt. More will be produced. Remember, this site is still and always will be under construction. 

1st  Edition Plushies




Plushie #1: Awww... Isn't this Yama Plushie absolutely kawaii? The first one I made, too.  And look, he's smiling. You don't see that everyday. So that's why you may consider adopting this kind of Plushie. You'll know whether Yamato is sad or depressed, deep down inside he's still the playful and fun guy he always is. ^_^

This plushie is regular Matt, having the green shirt, blue jeans, and brown gloves. ^_^ The face has deep, blue eyes and a grin. Add some cool, spiky hair and you're done. Add 500 cloves of garlic and BAM!  




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 



Plushie #2: Hey look, it's Neko-Yama Plushie! Neko means cat. ^_^ I was wondering when I'd finally get this colored. I've had this drawing for a month now, without coloring it. Now it's done. It's off my back. Ah, relief. Eee! Sorry, had to get that out. I drew this picture just for neko fun, originally. Then I thought, "Hey, this could be a plushie!" Badda-bing, badda-boom, kapow! And there it is to the right now. Doncha think it's a kawaii thing? Huh, Matt a cat. Fancy that.

Here's the plushie, wearing brown clothing: shirt, gloves, pants. Also with a brownish tail, with brown and pink cat ears. The face has the blue eyes (Sigh) and has pink things below eyes to add a pinch of cuteness. And of course, the cool blonde hair, the finishing touches of the Neko Yama Plushie. 

Anything else to say here? I wanna take up space. ^_^ Oh, I think I'll sing a song. *sings* "Oops... I did it again. I played with your heart, got lost in the game. Oh baby baby... Oops! You think I'm in love, that I'm sent from aboooove. I'm not that innocent!" *stops* Argh! Get out of my head, you song!! *bops head repeatedly* 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2nd  Edition Plushies


Plushie #3: *puts hands on cheeks, looking like Maculay Caulkin from Home Alone* AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! It's... it's... Pikachu!!! *screams loudly*

No, but seriously. ^_^ Here's a Pika Yama Plushie. ^^ This Plushie is for Poké/Pika Fanatics or people who think this plushie is cute. I don't wanna go to an Anti-Pokémon site and see this plushie with a sword going through it's stomach. =P That's just plain wrong. You aren't even supposed to edit my stuff! Besides... I sorta like those Pocket Monsters. ^^;

Well anyhoo, here's Yama... Pikachu style. ^^ He has those Pikachu ears and the tail, and a yellow outfit to match, complete with yellow gloves.  ^^. But still, you've gotta make it somewhat like Yama, so he still has the blue eyes we all know so much, with Pikachu's red electric sacks beneath them. ^^ And don't forget the spiky hair! ^_^

Well, that's it. In the 2nd Edition Plushies, you won't get a certificate cuz it's already there! ^_^


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We-he-ell. That's about it for now. Expect some more features here, though. Well, gotta go. TV is getting lonely... I think I'll go watch it. ^_^

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