Mari-San's Yamato Ishida Shrine V.02 Blur

Fanart!!! Whoo hoo! Gotta collect the codes! *pause* Oh, that's from Eet and Erm. *'nother pause* POOR COWS!


Ah, Yama Otakus unite and share your love for Yamato by bringing in some art! *lightning flashes* Mwahahaha!! Now, magical YamaOtaku rod, make my art magnificent! *rod sputters and fails* @&$%^@%%^@#!!!!

*sigh* Didn't work. *kicks rod into the ocean* Ah well. That's the last time I buy something from Kinko's. Anyhoo, just click on a link to see the picture. *magic rod rises from the ocean and shakes violently* Oh boy...

Taitheriszilada's Artwork

~ Don't worry, Tai's just... sleeping. ^^;

~ Oh ho ho! Sesky Matt! ^_^

~ Yamatto-shipping!!! *goes hysterical* You get it? Good for you. 

Spryte64's Artwork

~ A very cute comic. Hee hee... slinky!!

Liz's Artwork

~ Awww... Yama looks so kawaii. 

Jay's Artwork  

~ An unbelivably *CUTE* Yama with a Rock Tee on. ^__^

~ TK pulling Matt somewhere. Yama sorta looks nervous... 

~ A cool Yama pose, naturally.

~ Not Yama, but Taichi. EEE! ^^

~ We luv ya, Tai!

Misty's Artwork

~ This Mimato picture is so cool! XD I wanna CG like that.

Kaorichan and MewTwo_20's Artwork

~ A cute, sentimental Mimato picture. Mesmerising. ^_~

Ashley's Artwork
~An awesome piccie of Yama resting on the beach.
Dawn's Artwork
~Matt (cutely!) snoozing by Dawn. 
~Bein' close. ^_^
Jul-chan's's Artwork
~ A Taichi plushie! Please refrain from poking, because it would cause displeasure upon the inanimate object.
NEW! Jul-chan's Originals. Some computerly enhanced with the help of Mimi and Sora. ^_^
-Julie happy!
-"I'm like a biiiiird..."
-Julie huggin' her knees. She looks mighty ticked, to tell ya the truth. 
-Julie... looking up. Yes, that's right.
-Kat is all "Augh!"
-Kat lookin' all purdy.
-Cool Kat.
-Claire with Izzy. (You know Izzy. ^_^)
-Afamon. *giggle* Afamon... *more giggle*
NEW! ~Frankly, this pic of Matt scared me out of my wits! *pause* Yes, wits. I know big words. *claps* I'm a big kid now!
NEW! ~Yama all confused; Just the way we like him.
NEW! ~ My my, Kari, have YOU changed since I last saw you. What do you use, Puffs? ^_^;
NEW! ~ Taichi angel! EEE! *squealing*

NEW! Vicky's's Artwork NEW!

~ *spits out daquiri* Mother of God! This is PURE hotness right here. My eyes literally went 'boing!' when I saw this. Vicky. Is. Awesome.

NEW! Michelle's Artwork NEW!

~ Well, it said that it was drawn by Kristen and Megan on the filename, so I'll stick with that. I'm all confu-zed. But o' well. ^_^ Purdy and kawaii.

Mari-San's Artwork

You can pretty much tell that I suck at coloring, that's why most of my sketches are in black and white. And sometimes I suck at drawing in general. =P

Yama Pics:

~ Oooh, spooky, eh? This piccie of Matt being evil was drawn sometime before 'Trash Day.' ^^
~ Ah, Yamato sitting in the rain. And looky, his hair ain't even wet... 
~ Here's little Matt, giving a wink.
~ A head-shot of Yama-kun.
~ Mwahaha!! Yama is my puppet now... 
~ I shall call him... Mini-Me. *thunder flashes*
 ~A nice CG of Yama singing a tune. ^_^
~Celebrity Yama
~ This was drawn during my time of my 'cow infatuation.' And thus, this was born.

My  ~ A n g e l ~ Series:

Feather Friends- This is my personal favorite picture, featuring my fave characters. There's Yamato (My all-time fave), Mimi (My second favorite and most fave female character), and Taichi (The kawaii goofball). ^_^ 
Cloud_9- I wuv this kawaii piccie. ^_^ This is the first time I ever drew wings, well... that I considered cool. ^_^ Yama's in a relaxed pose, doncha think? *drools* I'm in cloud nine... *snaps out of it* Uh, ahem. This is my second favorite picture of my lil' Angel series. Oh, I just like this picture... ^_^
Yama Angel-  Ehh... *sweatdrop* This wasn't really my best picture... But hey, whether my pics are bad or good, I'll post it here anyways. ^_^ Well, this is an odd lil' pic. Yama's legs are totally messed up, so is his face structure... Oy. Anyhoo, what Yama's holding is his little harmonica. Even as an angel, he's still musical. ^_~ 
Musical Angel- Now, this is a kawaii picture. ^_^ And the best thing is, that I did this in less than 10 minutes during music class. Now, I especially don't like my music class since I'm not into classical music, but when the teach said "Draw what you think this piece of music means," I was all "Ooooh yeah." ^_^ But of course, I didn't draw what the music meant to me. =P  
Puffy Cloud- A lil' kawaii piccie. ^^  It looooks so cute, in my opinion. It turned out really good. ^^ It's a piccie of a chibi-looking angel Yama from behind a puffy cloud, with his wings out and open. (colored)

General Digimon/Whatever Pics:

~ This is my First DECENT pic of the Digidestined... and they ended up being bugs. ^^;;   
~ A nice, thoughtful picnic...
~ Yamato versus Yamato. Or in other words, Matt VS Cassidy
~ I have a feeling that Mimato-Shippers will like this one. I, for one, just did it cuz they're my faves. ^_^
~ Now this is a  comfy pic. A picture of Yama, Taichi, Sora, and Mimi on lotsa cushions and shtuff. This was inspired by a FRIENDS picture.
~The group as the gang from That 70's Show! Whoo. 
~Sora and Mimi being ghetto fabulous! Wha ha! (Note: Thanks to everyone who commented to this picture. I lub ya! ^_^) 
~A chibi Taichi. ^_^ I had a go at some cross-hatching, but it doesn't really show here. Oh well.
~Er, an unfinished comic that I never did seem to finish. (I'm like that.) The scene is that grown-up Sora, Matt, and Mimi are freaking out that Sora's going into labor. Yeah, they mostly look the same. That's how they are in my little world. ^_^

Oekaki Pictures These are so fun. ^_^

Kiri-Keroppi Wanna see my past hit banners? Well, you're in luck! Just clicka!

Well, that's all. Buh bye. ^_^

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