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Cutie Quotes

Hello peoples. ^_^ Welcome to the "Cutie Quotes" page. Here you'll find some of my fave quotes and conversations from the show. And there'll soon be a lot, considering I tape most of the episodes. I'll put the quotes under the episode is appears in. Of course, I have a comment in italics, as usual. Beware.... And have fun! ^^

Since I like watching Digimon with a notebook and pencil in hand, I have a ton of quotes from several episodes. ^_^; Here is a list of the several episodes I have decided to take quotes upon. A lot, eh? More to come, I'm sure. ^^ To go to page two, click on "Page Two" in table. (Duh)

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Enter Flamedramon
The Captive Digimon 
Storm of friendship 
The Good, the Bad, and the Digi  
His Master's Voice 
Digi-Baby Boom
Departure For a New Continent 
WereGarurumon's Diner
Princess Kareoke
Sora's Crest of Love 
The Gateway to Home
It's All in the Cards
Under Pressure
Playing Games



Digi-Bloop That? 
Biymon Gets Fire Power
Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker 
Togemon in Toy Town
Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo!
Evil Shows His Face  
Subzero Ice Punch!
Legend of the DigiDestined
Return to Highton View Terrace 
Almost Home Free  
The Eighth Digivice 
Gatomon Comes Calling  
Out on the Town 
The Ultimate Clash 
Etemon's Comeback Tour  
Ogremon's Honor 
Trash Day 
The Crest of Light  
Joe's Battle 
The Crest of Friendship 
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Quotes from...

Enter Flamedramon

"We've sure grown up a lot since that summer in the digital world. Tai's in high school; my brother Matt is trying to be in a rock star; Sora's become quite a tennis player; Izzy's in high school too; Mimi and her folks moved to New York; and Joe's still trying to become a doctor. But for Kari and I, it's just the beginning."--TK
"New school, new apartment, but still smae old lump oatmeal. I'm done mom, I'm leaving!"--TK
"Sorry I can't drive you to school on your first day. I have to write about this article before the deadline. It's about the historical significance about toilet paper."-- Nancy  Oh, how... nice. ^^;
"Tai? I must be seeing things."--TK
"You look familiar. Must be the goggles."--TK
"What am I thinking? That can't be Tai! He's a much better soccer player than that kid!"--TK
"All right, what luck! You're in my class again, Kari!"--Davis
"I wouldn't call that luck."--Kari That's just so very sad. ^^
"Please take a seat next to the girl... with a camera around her neck."--Mr. Hamasaki
"Together again."--TK
"Just like old times."--Kari
*thinking* "That kid's trying to make a move on my girl!"--Davis *laughs* Funny.
"Move your tail!"--Gatomon
"Huh? 'Come to the Digital World right away. The Digimon need our help.' Must be a link to an online game."--Yolei Yes Yolei, riff raff.
"Hey buddy!"--Davis
"His name is not buddy, it's TK."--Kari
"Alright TJ or JB, or whatever it is. How do you know Kari!?"--Davis
"Huh? How do I know her? *laughs* Oh, I get it! You're jealous of me!"--TK
"I'm not jealous of anybody!"--Davis Dangit, it's only two letters! *sigh*
"I was just about to send Tai an answer when the battery ran out on my computer. I knew I should have recharged after playing Trigenometry Triviaon the internet last night. But boy, talk about fun."--Izzy The BEST quote ever said...
"What's the Digital World? Is that a new amusement park? I bet they have some great rides."--Yolei  I'm sure. ^_^
"Is it an egg?"--Tai
"Never saw an egg with a spike in it."--Agumon
"It must have been rough on the chicken to lay that thing."--Gatomon Augh! *covers ears* Please, Gatomon! Don't give me a mental image!
"They look like fireflies. Really fast ones!"--Tai
"Listen TC, if you can go, so can I!"--Davis Well, he's getting closer. ^^
"Hey, can I play Donkey Madness on this thing?"--Davis Sounds like my kind of game! ^_^
"Whoa! My first time being downloaded. Pretty cool."--Davis
"So were those things Digimon?"--Davis
"Yep. There's tons of other ones too. A lot more cuter than those."-- Kari
"And a lot scarier ones too!"--TK
"Do they all come out of vending machines?"--Davis Lol. ^_^
"Well there goes the neighborhood."--TK
"Where did everyone disappear to, Izzy?"--Yolei
"I-I told you already, Yolei! They went home!"--Izzy
"I'm not letting you off the hook that east! I know you're hiding something from me, Izzy. Now what is the Digital World and what exactly are Digimon?"--Yolei
"I don't know what you're talking about!"--Izzy
"Then what do you call this? *shows digivice*"--Yolei
"Where did you get that!?"--Izzy He just gave up too easily. =P
"Who will destroy you? Eenie meanie minie... mon."--Digimon Emperor Ooh, I'm shaking in my boots. I'm so scared of a villian who counts to nursery ryhmes. ^^;
"It won't budge."--TK
"Move aside, this is a woman's job."--Kari
"Too bad we don't have a woman here to help."--TK Oooh, good one, TK. ^_^
"It's a monster!"--Davis
"No, it's a Digimon!"--Kari Kari dear, NOW is not the time to be correcting people.
"Davis, tell me what hurts!"--Veemon
"Everything except my earlobes."--Davis
"That's a good Monochromon."--Kari
"The look real cute."--Kari
*nervous* "Ha ha."--Davis Such a lil' flirt. ^^
"Get off! You're crushing my brownies!"--Izzy (Thanks to 'Dr. Bergerac' for this quote. ^^)

The  Captive  Digimon 

"Integrate? Quadratic? It's like this stuff makes no sense."--Tai I hear ya. =P

"When are people gonna learn how to where goggles?"--Davis  Well, when are people gonna learn to USE those goggles??

"Is it not strong enough? Ooh! I can still experiment on Greymon!"-Ken
"Here we go again."--Wormon
"It's so good to have the old gang again! Welcome to my treehouse!"--Tentomon  And I care because..?
"We don't care about your stupid tree, Tentomon."--Davis  Nicely said.
"Tai hasn't been this angry since I popped his soccerball with my claws."--Gatomon  
"I am Woodmon. I cannot be defeated."--Woodmon
"Flame Shield!"--Flamedramon
"Hey, I'm being defeated!"--Woodmon  *rolls eyes*
"Hey, could I get a lil' help here? Seriously. Big spire. Reeeal heavy!"--Woodmon
"I've cleaned my glasses for the third time today, and I'm still not happy."--Yolei So let me get this straight. Cleaning your glasses makes you happy???
"Tai, Agumon's close. I'm following his tracks."--Davis
"Those are train tracks, Davis."--Tai  Dear god...
"I'm so happy to see you again! Give me a great big hug!"--Tai
"I'm in no mood for humor."--Ken  When were you IN the mood?
"Ha! You're about as useless to me as an old pair of underwear that's made of 100% poison ivy!"--Ken  And you said you weren't in the mood for humor. ^_^ Plus, don't give us a mental image... O_o
"So now you don't wanna be called Ken, huh?! Alright then, how about Kenny or Kenneth!?"--Davis  Grr...Davis, just... *shakes fist* Be quiet, for now.
"Ooh, such a tense moment, I've got chills."--Ken Why do you say 'Ooh' a lot??
"Don't hurt him!"--Tai
"He's metal. He'll be fine."--Flamedramon  Hmm. I guess that's true.
"Grahh!!!"--Evil MetalGreymon
"Okay, we're outta here."-Davis
"I'm still too scared to move!"--Kari
"I've forgotten HOW to move!"--TK
"I've got to reach him... *frustrated* Ahh!"--Tai
"The only thing you'll reach is the bottom of his footprint, Tai!"--Davis
"I see. Well, it certainly sounds like you guys had a full day."--Matt
"That's right, and it's all my fault."--Tai
"Hey, why you hitting Tai!? You guys are supposed to be friends and friends don't fight friends unless they're on a boxing team, and that's a whole different thing!!"--Davis
"Davis, let them be!"--TK
"You're right. Thanks Matt. I needed that."--Tai
"Sure, anytime. I'll do it again."--Matt  Well, you guys can tell what was my favorite part in the episode. ^_^
"Next time you see Agumon, trash him, understand!? I can't hear you!!"--Gatomon
"Right!"--Rest of Digimon
"Defeat Agumon! I can't believe those words actually came out of my mouth."--TK
"I've never traveled riding by sailing train car before."--Tai
"That's how all the important people travel."--Kari
"Cute."--Tai  Aww.... *sounds like Scooby* Ri dun getit.
Storm  of  Friendship 
"*playfully* You're ready for a fight now too, aren't you? Let's go!"--Ken Kawaii!! ^_^ I'm starting to grow on Ken...
"We're on the right track."--Matt
"Well technically Matt, we're on the only track."--Tentomon Ah ha ha ha. coughsmartasscough ^_^
"Any bright ideas under that fancy hat!?"--Davis
"At least I'm trying, Goggle Head! And don't make fun of my hat!"--TK Finally, some real action! 
"Well I think the best way to make friends is over a good game of checkers."--Cody
"Sounds great. I get the winner!"--Matt *pushes people out of the way* Get outta my way peoples, I got a checkers game to win!
"Everybody, blow!"--Matt *laughs* I'm sorry, but that just tickles me funny. ^^
"Who could have carved that?"--Yolei
"Someone with a really big chisel?"--TK 
"It kinda looks like my crest of friendship, but why would someone go through the trouble of carving that on the side of a wall?"--Matt It's Jun! She's trying to get your attention!
"You see, in phsyics, there's this little thing called equallibrium. If you have two libriums that are the same size, they're equallibrium."--Davis
"Makes perfect sense to me!"--Tai 
"Oh, I'm sick of all your blabbering, Davis! You're the only one who hasn't tried yet so just get in the hole!"--Matt
"Yeah, lift that digiegg up so we can get out of here!"--Tai
"Would you try to protect me if I was in danger, Davis?"--Flamedramon
"Um... *uncertain* Maybe."--Davis
"Maybe? Maybe!? What about definitely!?"--Flamedramon
"I owe you one."--Veemon
"Don't worry, I'm keeping track."--Patamon
"Right Garurumon?"--Matt
"Riiiiiight!"--Garurumon News Flash! Garurumon will now be replacing Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes with a brand new catch-phrase: GaRUUUUrumon! Itll be big!
"Davis, you saved Agumon and you didn't even lose a single hair!"--Matt
"Not yet!"--Davis
"The name's Mon. Tentomon."--Tentomon Oh dear god...
"I have a question. If you're one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls and how come you never told me about it? I wish you humans could just make up your mind."--Chibimon ROTFLMAO!!! Chbimon, you are officiallty my favorite in-training! ^_^ And that would be my favorite quote. ^^
The Good,  The  Bad, and the  Digi 
"So, ready to go?"--Kari
"Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time to look beautiful."--Gatomon
"So beautiful, wanna help wash the dishes?"--Kari
"Time's up."--Gatomon
"People are like milk. They can turn bad."--Gatomon And life's like a box of chocolates... because we get hungry sometimes.
"I guess I used too much 'V' and not enough 'butt'!"--Veemon
"Holy guacamole!"--Deputymon Holy Guacamole, Batman! The Joker's invading Taco Bell!
"Where's your justice!?"--Cody
"Yeah, that's all that's in here- just us!!"--Veemon Cute. ^_^
"Playing with girls again, georgie-porgie?"--Starmon Hey, I have a distant niece who's nickname is Georgie-Porgie. Coincidence!?!? Prolly.
"Come to Papa!"--Davis Should I EVEN comment on this?? ^^;
"I saw a movie like this once. The good guy won."--Yolei
"Which one's good?"--Sora
"Go whoever!"--Yolei and Sora
His  Master's  Voice
"Stay away! Oh, TK. Sorry."--Kari
"Let's go raid the cafeteria!"--Gatomon
"Wait for me!"--Patamon And me!! *dashes to the cafeteria but is caught by Big Betty, the cafeteria lady* Drats.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, X=Y, Y+14, and lickity split Q=36. Isn't that exciting?"--Mr. Hamasaki Oh yeah, exciting. Lickety split exciting, even.
"What's more boring: Paint drying or Math?"--TK Is this some sort of trick question??
"This is bizarre."--Kari Hunny, you ain't sen nuthin' yet.
"Oh, it's no big deal. Blame it on the algebra."--Kari
"Hello? Is anybody there? Davis, is that you? You win Davis, I'm scared now..."--Kari Talk about intense.
"Do you wanna lie down TK?"--Nurse *narrows eyes* I don't like her...
"Maybe she's in the girls' bathroom. I'll go check."--TK
"Are you okay?"--TK
"It was weird. I was at the beach."--Kari
"You ditched school?"--TK
"You're gonna quit? Give up? Just like that? Look Kari, I care too much about you to let anyone take you without a fight!"--TK
"Uh... *stammers* Sorry. I better go now. I'll... talk to you later?"--TK
"The beach..."--Kari God, no. Guess how many times they say beach in this episode. Aproximately 51 times. Sure, it doesn't seem that much. They said it while we were shown the commercials. I was there...
"You're speeding, Harold!"--Woman 
"It happened again. I'm back at the beach. But something's not right. What kind of lighthouse shines dark light?"--Kari Um, a lighthouse which in reality is really a dark spire??
"This place is creepy. But at least the beach is nice... and deserted."--Kari
"Kariiiiii!!"--TK Wilmaaaaa!
"TK, wait for us!"--Patamon
"Yeah TK! Let us be your Advancemon! You're a lover, not a fighter!"--Gatomon
"*thinking*Coming in here has got to be the worst idea I have ever had. I must be out of my mind."--Kari
"Kari, Kari!"--TK
"I think he just went crazy."--Gatomon
"Kari... Kari!!"--TK and Patamon
"Huh? They both flipped."--Gatomon
"I need Tai... Gatomon... The National Guard!"--Kari
"It's her!" *jumps*--TK
"TK wait!"--Patamon
"Oh what the heck. I've got nine lives."Gatomon True, true.
"TK, promise me we' never do that ever again."--Gatomon
"Now that's what I call a red-eye reduction."--Scubamon
"I trusted you guys and you lied to me!"--Kari

Digi-Baby  Boom 

"Just when I think this place is the bomb, it all goes creepy on me again!"--TK The bomb? TK, you've been hanging around Tai too much...

"I thought that waterfall was gonna knock my underpants off!"--TK 

"I am not a pig, TK!"--Patamon You're not, ARE you?? *pause* Okay, that didn't make any sense whatsoever...

"Did the train go by?"--Patamon
"If it did, it's the most silentest, most invisiblest train ever."--TK Did I spell those words right?
"What a scream!"--TK and Patamon Yeah. Ahh. Oh, and speaking of scream, the freaky Scream Guy is right behind you. RUN!
"It looks like instruction!"--Patamon
"It's written in DigiCode!"--Patamon Otherwise known as Japanese writing. ^_^
"Maybe a digital Genie comes out. I'm gonna wish for a new skateboard."--TK Okay, first comment: Hey, it might be Christina Aguilera! Second comment: Skateboard? Can he even get on? And third comment: That's where the Digimon skateboard we've been seeing in stores comes to place. And you say that it wasn't mention in the entire show. ^_^ 
"Atta boy!"--Matt Okay, so he had those Brock eyes and that was his only line. But still... Baby Yama is ADORABLE! ^_^ 
"Hang on babies, I'm coming!"--Elecmon
"Intruders. Invaders."--Elecmon 'I' words, eh?
"I saw you playing with my babies, you interlopers."--Elecmon What the heck is with 'I' words!?
"Uh uh uh uh. You barbarians."--Elecmon See, he listened to me and is now using 'B' words. ^^
"Man, they're worse than Matt and me. and they're not even brothers."--TK
"You know what I heard, Po Po? Trying too hard to act grown-up is a sign of immaturity."--Patamon 1st comment: Po Po? Ya got a little Tellytubby buddy there, Patamon? 2nd: Dr. Joyce Patamon will return after the commercial break.
"You're the terror of tug-o-war."--Elecmon Oooh, I'm so scared.
"My parents are still mad at me from the time I painted my kitty cat."--TK
"Laughings the best part of friendship."--TK

Departure  For  a New  Continent 

"Boy, you're a regular fountain of information aren't you?"--Tai
"I have a fool proof plan. First we'll eat something that I'll be open for suggestion."--Tai Now that's a plan!
"Egg-zactly!"--TK Enough with the eggs already...
"Yeah, hi. What's up?"--Elecmon *pictures Elecmon with a Budweiser* Lol. ^_^
"When we had to survive on our own, we grew up very fast. Except Joe. He just threw up very fast."--Tai Eeew... Mental image.
"That had to be 12 feet tall!"--Matt
"18.3 to be exact!"--Izzy
"An island!? Since when does an island have fins!?"--Sora The islands that do have fins. Duh, Sora. ^_^
"Gastric juice!"--Izzy *sarcasm* Yum.
"We're melting!"--TK
"Poyomon, talk to me!"--TK
"You're okay!"--TK Well, I guess so, eh?
"Those black gears are rude. I bet that was the last one!"--Tai
"I bet you're wrong!"--Joe
"I gotta drop a couple 1000 pounds."--Whamon Jenny Craig!
"Please forgive me for attacking you."--Drillmon Oh, that's okay. You're forgiven. You blew off my arm, but it's the thought that counts.
"How pretty!"--Mimi Mimi, are you looking in the mirror again!?

WereGarurumon's  Diner

"Where are we Matt? Don't tell me we're lost again!"--Gabumon
"Okay, I won't."--Matt Hee hee. ^_^
"This job is giving me a killer headache. Tell me this is just a bad dream."--Matt Aww, poor Matt. =(
"Your music sounds sad."--DemiDevimon No it isn't! His music is very good! Why you- *pause* Oh, you mean the boo hoo sad...
"I can't stay here for another week! I've got places to go!"--Matt And people to see. ^_^
"Quit making up excuses!"--Matt
"But I'm not!"--Joe
*Matt storms out*
"You've got to believe me, Matt."--Joe
"You could say we got ourselves into hot water."--Matt
"Ooh, a cooking joke!"--Tai *sarcasm* Funny. Ah hah hah ahhhh....
"We've worked here long enough to pay a trip for Hawaii!"--Matt I wanna go!
"Coming up- one scrambled egg."--Matt
"That's just the beginning, you little poacher!"--Matt
"You're the awesomest big brother!"--TK Isn't he the only one you have?
"At my old school, they voted me most likely to chicken out. Guess we showed them."--Joe

Princess  Kareoke

"Can't you make this bucket go any faster?"--Agumon
"What are you doing to help!?"--Joe
"Watching for icebergs."--Agumon LOL. That was totally unexpected. ^^
"We'd love to help-"--Gomamon
"-But unfortunately, our feet won't reach the pedals! *laughs*"--Gomamon and Agumon
"It sounds like their princess of theirs is really picky."--Joe
"Huh? It's Mimi!"--Everyone
"Oh, bummer."--Mimi Yeah, like totally.
"What a surprise."--Mimi
"You're telling me!"--Tai
"I'm keeping this dress on!"--Mimi
"And it's beautiful, but it's not the best thing to wear for walking long distances."--Agumon
"Do you expect us to carry you out of here, your majesty!?!"--Joe Oooh... One point for Joe.
"Get off that high horse of yours and get your rear into high gear!"--Tai Yeah, what he said.
"I won't disect frogs in biology, okay!?"--Tai Biology!? I thought you're in the 5th grade...
"Whoa! Somebody's had  a few too many donuts!"--Tai
"We Gekomon love music, but unfortunately none of us has a voice considered beautiful."--Gekomon That's sad. ^^;;
"Who says you need Mimi to wake up Jumbo? Crank it up and let me take a shot!"--Tai *shudders*
"So you thought you could pull a fast one on Princess Mimi, did you?"--Mimi
"That's Princess Meany!"--Tai
"Sorry, but we only help our friends."--Tai
"What's the matter Mimi?"--Agumon
"What's the matter? I thought you were having the time of your life."--Joe
"Is she gonna chop off our heads?"--Tai
"Don't even joke."--Joe
"I was having such a nice sleep!"--Shogenmon
"And I thought I was cranky when I wake up!"--Joe
"Did you see that?"--Tai
"Yeah, he gives new meaning to the term 'flat note.' "--Joe
"He deserved to hear that last flat note, doncha think?"--Mimi
"Well, ready to go Mimi?"--Tai
"Yeah! But do you think I could take some of my princess clothes with me?"--Mimi
"Don't call me Mimi anymore! It's princess now."--Mimi
"I'm a princess! And you expect me to give this all up? I don't think so!"--Mimi
"Palmon, talk some sense into Mimi."--Joe
"You mean Princess Mimi?"--Palmon
"If that's the way you treat your guests, I'm never coming back!"--Gomamon
"When you hear us sing, you'll call us singing bafoons!"--Agumon Really.
"Oh, you noticed?"--Tai
"You're so observant."--Joe
"Have you completely forgotten of your Crest of Sincerity!?"--Tai
"Have you completely forgotten it's not nice to lock people up in dungeons? Where's your manner!?"--Agumon

Sora's Crest  of Love 

"C'mon Mimi. Get off your throne."--Tai
"Ha. I wouldn't exactly call this a throne."--Mimi
"Yeah, well I wouldn't call you a princess."--Tai Lol. Good one. ^_^
"My, you've shrunk."--Palmon
"Don't rub it in!"-Koromon, Tsunomon, Motimon
"But then, if Sora is actually close to where we are, why won't she come out?"--TK
"Well, maybe Sora just doesn't want to. Or even worse, maybe she can't. All I know is that we've gotta find her quick."--Matt
"It's almost like we're playing tag with her!"--Tai
"C'mon, the signal points this was."--Izzy
"Everyone makes mistakes. Remember disco?"--Demidevimon HAHA!
"Sora, it's you!"--Tai
*Sora runs other way, but sees Matt*
"So why were you running away?"--Matt
"Sora, does this mean that you don't like us anymore?"--TK
"Of course not."--Sora So... why were your running then?
"And finally, mine is the crest of love."--Sora
"Wow, the crest of love. That's just perfect for you, Sora."--Tai
"I don't get it. Why is that girls always have to get so emotional when it comes to love?"--Tai How would you know? You're a guy. =P
"Don't talk so loud dear, the flowers are very sensitive."--Sora's mom Yeah. Scream, and they'll DIE!!!
"Matt, help me out here! I don't know what to do when she starts blubbering!"--Tai
"Just let her go, Tai. She'll be okay."--Matt
"Wow, Matt's like a real grown-up."--Agumon
"Now if only he would cut his hair."--Gabumon Yeah right, Gabumon. ^_^
"We would have gotten here sooner, but Joe fell in the river."--Mimi
"Hey Mimi, you were the one who was hungry and tired every five minutes."--Joe Oooh, another nice comeback. ^_^
"Sora... I can feel your looove!!"--Garudamon AHAHA!

The Gateway  to  Home

"Hey, check this out Mimi! How's this for an instant bath?"--Joe
"Right. That was so funny I forgot to laugh."--Joe Ah ha ha ha. I did it for ya. ^_^
"Let's start with the bad news. I hate being depressed."--Joe
"He's a basket case anyway. Start with the good news."--Matt
"The food's the only reason we joined this dorky army in the first place."--Numemon
"What in the world? Oh! Me likes orange!"--Nanimon
"I'm worried."--Tai
"Just be patient."--Matt
"Hey, look there they are!"--Mimi
"Sorry for taking so long. We got a bruise on our hands."--Palmon
"I've got a funny feeling about this you guys."--Patamon
"Huh, something wrong?"--TK
"It just doesn't seem right."--Patamon
"All we've done so far is go around in circles and we still don't know up from down."--Matt
"They seem to know where they're going."--Matt
"Maybe we should go follow them."--Mimi
"Come on, I'll buy you dinner!"--Numemon
"You might as well give up!"--Matt
"Come on! We have to make a run for it while we still have a chance."--Matt
"He did it! It's clear sailing from here!"--Matt
"No! Open up! Open! This can't be!"--Tai

It's All in the  Cards

"Listen pops. You've got to help us get through that gate. If we don't, the eighth kid will be doomed."--Matt Why not call him Snap or Crackle, why doncha. ^_^;
"It looks like we're gonna do a little swimming."--Joe
"My hat! My beautiful hat!"--Mimi
"Either we got those directions really wrong or Gennai's house is in the middle of a lake."--Matt
"I was kinda hoping he'd send up a boat to pick us up."--Joe
"If anyone wants any sushi, here's your chance!"--Mimi
"Do you think he's pulling our legs?"--Joe
"I have no idea."--Tai
"Wow, he's only a mile from where we all live."--Matt
"I'm cuter in person."--Gomamon
"Well, we'll try them all! Until we get the right ones!"--Tai
"No, not that! I like my skin!"--Mimi
"Wow Joe, why not eat all the bones too?"--Sora
"Hey, I was hungry!"--Joe
"I'll never forget this stomach ache!"--Joe
"Joe! This is serious!"--Sora
"Man, this place looks even scarier than the first we came here."--Joe
"Hmm. Good one... bad one... funky one!"--Tai
"Come on Tai, save the day!!"--Mimi
"Tai, you've gotta make up your mind now. We're out of time!"--Matt
"Okay... it's this one! *picks Gomamon* C'mon... now!"--Tai
"That was real close Tsunomon, but it looks like we made it!"--Matt
Under  Pressure 
"Who is that?"-- I dunno ^^;
"It's Whamon!"--Tai No... it's PIKACHU!
"C'mon everybody! I never knew I wanted to be fish food, but we'll be safe in here!"--Tai
"Technically, it's a mammal!"--Izzy Now is SO not the time...
"Ah, don't mention it. Seriously, don't mention. I don't want it to get around."--Whamon
"By the way, did I mention I charge by the mile?"--Whamon
"Why did you stop playing Matt?"--Tai
"Aw, that song is just too depressing. It always gives me the blues."--Matt
"Besides, I can't stop thinking about the Dark Masters. They're different than any other Digimon we've ever faced before."--Matt
"Well, I analyzed the situation and I believe we could defeat them with Wargreymon. He's a dramon destroyer."--Izzy
"Dramon destroyer?"--Matt
"Try speaking english."--Tai A little run on, but oh well.
"Hey fish! Learn anything new in school?"--Gomamon Cute. ^_^
"This is my moment to shine! Does my hair look all right?"--MetalSeadramon *sweatdrop*
"I'll explain everything later."--Izzy
"Oh c'mon! Do you think I'm too brainless to understand?!"--Tai
"Yes, but I'll tell you anyway."--Izzy *laughs*
"Cool! Like a submarine!"--Matt
"Oh boy! I've always wanted to go on a submarine!"--Mimi For you Mimato Fans: Put this as one of your reasons why they're good together. They both like submarines. ^_^ 
"You're squeezing me too hard."--Patamon
"Matt, you're squeezing ME too hard!"--TK
"Sorry. I guess we're all a little scared."--Matt Kawaii!
"Well forgive me for not being a whale."--Joe ...
"They're easier to figure out than a two piece jig-saw puzzle!"--Matt Er... huh?
"Huuuug!!!"--Mimi AAAHHH!!
"While Agumon gets their attention, we'll cross over and sail to shore."--Tai
"Aye-aye."--Matt 'He's Matty, the sailor man-- TOOT TOOT!' Sorry, I just HAD to put that. ^^;
"Hurry! Get out of here! You're an easy target. You're too big!"--Matt
"What!? Are you calling me fat!? I'm just big-boned!"--Whamon 
Playing  Games
"DigiDestined, please... save this world."--Whamon
"No, don't go!"--DigiDestined
"Oh look, a house in the middle of the forest."--Patamon
"Where'd that little creep take TK?"--Tai
"I don't know!!"--Matt
"Get a hold of yourself, Matt!"--Tai
"Why does this stuff always happen to me?"--Joe
"Joe's on TV? Let's see what else is on!"--Patamon
"What? I'm the life of the party! I put the fun in fungus!"--Puppetmon
"How could you understand how I feel?"--Matt
"No! First we find TK then we'll fight your war!"--Matt
"Biyomon, what did you do!? Look what your Digimon did! Wihout Kiwimon, we'll never find TK!"--Matt
"Here we go again!"--Joe

Not much, I know. Be patient, my little grasshoppers. The time will come.

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