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Jacquette CAUSADE.

Spouse: Andre CARREAU. Children were: Louis CAREAU.

Michael CAZA was born in 1974. Parents: Roger CAZA and Ruth ROLLS.

Omer CAZA.

Spouse: Catherine NEWMAN. Children were: Roger CAZA.

Roger CAZA was born in 1951. Parents: Omer CAZA and Catherine NEWMAN.

Spouse: Ruth ROLLS. Roger CAZA and Ruth ROLLS were married in 1974. Children were: Michael CAZA, Tracy L. CAZA.

Tracy L. CAZA was born in 1977. Parents: Roger CAZA and Ruth ROLLS.

Angelique CECIRE was born on Jun 29, 1684. She died on Feb 15, 1719/20. Parents: Claude CECIRE and Marie LEGIER.

Spouse: Claude ROBILLARD. Claude ROBILLARD and Angelique CECIRE were married on Oct 17, 1701 in Lachine, Quebec. Children were: Jean Baptiste ROBILLARD.

Claude CECIRE was born about 1646. Parents: Elie CESIRE and Roberte LALLEMANT.

Spouse: Marie LEGIER. Claude CECIRE and Marie LEGIER were married on Aug 19, 1674. Children were: Angelique CECIRE.


Spouse: Howard SWANSON. Children were: Sheri SWANSON, Todd SWANSON, Andrew SWANSON, Candace SWANSON.


Spouse: Roberte LALLEMANT. Children were: Claude CECIRE.

Agathe CHAGNON. Parents: Raymond CHAGNON and Marie Madeleine PELLETIER.

Spouse: Charles Joseph PARSON. Charles Joseph PARSON and Agathe CHAGNON were married on Jan 9, 1759 in L'Assumption, Quebec. Children were: Pierre PERSONNE-LAFOND.

Raymond CHAGNON.

Spouse: Marie Madeleine PELLETIER. Children were: Agathe CHAGNON.

Gilette CHAISON died about 1666.

Spouse: Pierre DARDEYNE. Children were: Marie DARDEYNE.

Linda CHAISON was born in 1962.

Spouse: Roy Herbert KAWIN. Roy Herbert KAWIN and Linda CHAISON were married in 1962. Children were: Royce KAWIN, Shannon KAWIN.


Spouse: Marte GABOURI. Paul CHALIFOU and Marte GABOURI were married. Children were: Paul CHALIFOUR.

Marie Elisabeth CHALIFOUR. Parents: Pierre CHALIFOUR and Felicite Anne Therese BRAULT.

Spouse: Joseph Michel LINCOURT-DESORCY. Joseph Michel LINCOURT-DESORCY and Marie Elisabeth CHALIFOUR were married in 1811. Children were: Damase LINCOURT-DESORCY.

Paul CHALIFOUR was born about 1618. Parents: Paul CHALIFOU and Marte GABOURI.

Spouse: Jacquette ARCHAMBAULT. Paul CHALIFOUR and Jacquette ARCHAMBAULT were married on Sep 28, 1648 in Quebec. Children were: Pierre CHALIFOUR.

Paul CHALIFOUR was born on Sep 27, 1710. Parents: Pierre CHALIFOUR and Anne MIGNIER.

Spouse: Marie Jeanne BERGEVIN. Paul CHALIFOUR and Marie Jeanne BERGEVIN were married on Sep 2, 1737 in Charlesbourg, Quebec. Children were: Pierre CHALIFOUR.

Pierre CHALIFOUR. Parents: Paul CHALIFOUR and Marie Jeanne BERGEVIN.

Spouse: Felicite Anne Therese BRAULT. Pierre CHALIFOUR and Felicite Anne Therese BRAULT were married on Feb 12, 1770 in St. Ours, Quebec. Children were: Marie Elisabeth CHALIFOUR.

Pierre CHALIFOUR was born on Dec 18, 1668 in Quebec. Parents: Paul CHALIFOUR and Jacquette ARCHAMBAULT.

Spouse: Anne MIGNIER. Pierre CHALIFOUR and Anne MIGNIER were married on Oct 17, 1689. Children were: Paul CHALIFOUR.

Charlotte CHAMAILLARD was born about 1714. Parents: Jean CHAMAILLARD.

Spouse: Francois ROY. Francois ROY and Charlotte CHAMAILLARD were married on Mar 8, 1733/34 in Pte Claire, Quebec. Children were: Marie Louise ROUSSE-ROY.


Children were: Charlotte CHAMAILLARD.

Marguerite Bourbeau CHAMPOUX.

Spouse: Nicolas BELAND. Nicolas BELAND and Marguerite Bourbeau CHAMPOUX were married in 1757. Children were: Marie Genevieve BELAND.

Jean Baptiste CHARBONNEAU. Parents: Michel CHARBONNEAU and Marguerite DENOYON.

Spouse: Angelique SAUVE. Jean Baptiste CHARBONNEAU and Angelique SAUVE were married in 1715. Children were: Joseph CHARBONNEAU.

Jean Baptiste CHARBONNEAU was born about 1715. Parents: M CHARBONNEAU and Marguerite DENOYAN.

Spouse: Anglique SAUVE. Children were: Joseph CHARBONNEAU.

Joseph CHARBONNEAU was born. Parents: Jean Baptiste CHARBONNEAU and Anglique SAUVE.

Spouse: Charolette MARTIN-STJEAN. Children were: Marie Josephine CHARBONNEAU.

Joseph CHARBONNEAU. Parents: Jean Baptiste CHARBONNEAU and Angelique SAUVE.

Spouse: Marie Charlotte MARTIN-ST.JEAN. Joseph CHARBONNEAU and Marie Charlotte MARTIN-ST.JEAN were married on Jan 13, 1749/50 in Ste Anne deBout, del'Ile, Quebec.

M CHARBONNEAU was born in 1666. He died in 1724. Parents: Oliver CHARBONNEAU and Marie Marguerite GARNIER.

Spouse: Marguerite DENOYAN. Children were: Jean Baptiste CHARBONNEAU.

Marie Josephine CHARBONNEAU was born on Jan 10, 1759 in , , Quebec. She died after 1809 in , , Quebec. Parents: Joseph CHARBONNEAU and Charolette MARTIN-STJEAN.

Spouse: Louis LANTIER. Louis LANTIER and Marie Josephine CHARBONNEAU were married on Feb 15, 1779. Children were: Marie Josephite LANTIER.

Michel CHARBONNEAU was born on Oct 2, 1666 in Montreal, Quebec. He died on May 3, 1724 in Boucherville, Quebec. [family.FTW] Parents: Olivier CHARBONNEAU and Marie Marguerite GARNIER.

Spouse: Marguerite DENOYON. Michel CHARBONNEAU and Marguerite DENOYON were married on Nov 12, 1692 in Boucherville, Quebec. Children were: Jean Baptiste CHARBONNEAU.


Spouse: Marie Marguerite GARNIER. Children were: M CHARBONNEAU.

Olivier CHARBONNEAU was born in 1611 in Marans, LaRochelle, France. He died on Nov 21, 1687 in Pte aux Trembles, Montreal, Quebec.

Spouse: Marie Marguerite GARNIER. Olivier CHARBONNEAU and Marie Marguerite GARNIER were married about 1654 in LaRochelle, France. Children were: Michel CHARBONNEAU.


Spouse: Louis SEDILOT.


Spouse: John Edward NANCE. Children were: Sherry NANCE.

Madeleine CHARLOT.

Spouse: Pierre GAREMAN. Pierre GAREMAN and Madeleine CHARLOT were married in 1639. Children were: Florence GAREMAN.

CHARLOTTE was born in 1815.

Spouse: James BECKLEY. James BECKLEY and CHARLOTTE were married in 1850. Children were: Sarah BECKLEY.


Spouse: Marguerite MARTIN.


Spouse: Madeleine TISSERAND. Jean CHARPENTIER and Madeleine TISSERAND were married in 1695.

Spouse: Suzanne Catherine DE LA PORTE. Jean CHARPENTIER and Suzanne Catherine DE LA PORTE were married on Oct 9, 1706 in Varennes, Quebec.

Marie CHARPENTIER was born in 1655.

Spouse: Pierre Jean GENDRON. Pierre Jean GENDRON and Marie CHARPENTIER were married on Feb 4, 1665/66 in Chateau-Richer, Quebec, Canada. Children were: Marie Ursule GENDRON.


Spouse: Marie Madeleine QUESNEL. Jean CHASLE and Marie Madeleine QUESNEL were married on Jan 7, 1726 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada.

Francoise CHAUVEAU.

Spouse: Jacques ARCHAMBAULT. Children were: Jacquette ARCHAMBAULT.

Marie CHAUVIN. Parents: Marin Lafortune CHAUVIN and Gilette BONNE.

Spouse: Jean (Desnoyers or) DENOYAN. Children were: Marguerite DENOYAN.

Marie CHAUVIN was born on Sep 8, 1650 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. She died on Mar 31, 1723 in Boucherville, Quebec. [family.FTW] Parents: Marin CHAUVIN and Gilette BONNE.

Spouse: Rolin LANGLOIS. Rolin LANGLOIS and Marie CHAUVIN were married on Nov 25, 1664 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

Spouse: Jean DENOYON. Jean DENOYON and Marie CHAUVIN were married on Jul 20, 1665 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Children were: Marguerite DENOYON.

Marin CHAUVIN was born about 1619 in France. [family.FTW]

Spouse: Gilette BONNE. Marin CHAUVIN and Gilette BONNE were married about 1649. Children were: Marie CHAUVIN.

Marin Lafortune CHAUVIN.

Spouse: Gilette BONNE. Children were: Marie CHAUVIN.


Spouse: Anne ARCHAMBAULT. Michel CHAUVIN and Anne ARCHAMBAULT were married on Jul 27, 1647.

Bertrand CHENAY was born about 1621 in St. Brieux, Bretegne. He died on Jan 16, 1682/83 in Quebec. [family.FTW] Parents: Nicolas CHESNAY and Catherine LARINGUE-LAVIGNE.

Spouse: Marie Madeleine BELANGER. Bertrand CHENAY and Marie Madeleine BELANGER were married on Aug 7, 1656 in Notre Dame, Quebec City, Quebec. Children were: Marie CHENAY.

Marie CHENAY was born on Sep 22, 1658 in Quebec. [family.FTW] Parents: Bertrand CHENAY and Marie Madeleine BELANGER.

Spouse: Joseph PETIT-BRUNO. Joseph PETIT-BRUNO and Marie CHENAY were married on Sep 16, 1765 in Notre Dame, Quebec City, Quebec. Children were: Joseph PETIT-BRUNO.


Spouse: Cheryl Dee KEENEY. Steven CHESLEY and Cheryl Dee KEENEY were married in 1969. Children were: Brian KEENEY.

Nicolas CHESNAY.

Spouse: Catherine LARINGUE-LAVIGNE. Children were: Bertrand CHENAY.

Charlotte CHEVALIER.

Spouse: Jacques GAUDRY. Children were: Nicolas GAUDRY.

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