Family Tree "illat napaaqtuq" of Corinne Spencer-McDonnell
Inupiat Eskimo name (Uvanga): Kullaluk Nanauq
YEAR: 1066-2012, Over 15,000 names with 5162 marriages.

Due to high volume of names. You will need to go into links below and find your search.

1st Researched: 2002
1st Established Website: August 13, 2003
Updated: Currently trying to update with new PAF program: October 2019. Last update was 2010. Please let me know if you see any errors of trying to see information by emailing me and the area you are trying to get into.

KILIKSI WARNING: Please be aware some information will not be accurate to some. Living information will show year of birth only!
Because of the deceased with out dates shows as "living" so I had to bring forth the living with year only to show the deceased's names.
Eskimo last names will be misspelled until corrected. They are based from US Census dated 1885, 1900-1930.

Bolt and AimakEnter here My mother's family: Dates back to 1800AD, The Inuit/Inupiat Eskimo - Bolt of Tigerah (Pt. Hope), Alaska and Aimak of Nuvuk, Alaska.
Updated: January 1, 2012
(La De Spenser) Spencer and DeMille Enter here My dad's family: Dates back to 1066AD, Spencer of England and DeMille of France; both traveled to Utah.
Updated: November 2010 - All the Westerman information is located in this link
Selepack and Smethurst Enter Here My biological father Johnathon Joseph Selepack: Dates back to 1650AD, Selepack of Austria and Smethurst of England; both traveled to Pennsylvania.
Updated: February 26, 2009
McDonnell and Laurine Enter Here The McDonnell (a link for my daughter Sara): Dates back to 1530AD, McDonnell of Ireland and Laurine of Quebec, France; both traveled to Washington.
Updated: February 26, 2009

Sources: Most of my information is based on documented census until notified to change.

  • (Eskimo) Edna Maclean Genealogy 1973
  • All Vital Record Certificates
  • US Census: 1790-1930
  • N.W.T. Canada Census 1890-1910 and relatives
  • Canada 1851 - 1911
  • England Census 1841-1901
  • Publish Books
  • Verbal
  • Family trees
  • newspapers
  • Military records
  • Social Security Death index
  • Ellis Island immigration
  • E-mails
  • Changed information is changed again by different contacts.

    BARROW INUPIAT ESKIMOS - A little link to see more photos of Inupiat Eskimos and you will hear Eskimo Song in the back ground. please come and see!

    FYI - *The Inuit Tribes* known as Eskimo: French word "eaters of raw meat" "The Ice People"
    Inupiaq: North Alaskan Eskimo
    Inuvialuit: N.W.T.; Nunvut; Quebec; Labrador Canada Eskimo
    Kalaaliq: Greenlander Eskimo
    Siberian: Uelen coast of Bering Sea across Kotezbue Sound Russian Eskimo

    Pt. Hope (Tikigaqmuit) - people

    I want to thank those who have contacted me over the years. They are very generous for giving me copies of photos and information on their ancestors. I wouldn't have made it this far with out their help. QUYANAQPAK (Thank you very much) all~

    If there is any errors please contact me at
    Nanauq Genealogy Tech



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