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Levi PAWLING died about 1782. He was buried about 1782. Parents: Levi (Colonel) PAWLING and Helena BURHANS.

Spouse: Jane WILSON.

Levi (Colonel) PAWLING was born about 1625 in Gelderland, Netherlands. Colonel Levi Pawling was colonel in the Revolutionary War, commanding aregiment of Ulster Couty militia. He was a member of the provicialcongress. He was also the first judge in Ulster County, New York,appointed May, 1777. He was a senator from New York, 1777-1782. His will,on record in the surrogate's office in New York City, speaks of wifeHelena and children Albert, Henry, Levi, and Margaret. The first mentionof the Pawling family is of the marriage of Hendrick Paeldin at Kingston,New York, November, 1676, to Neeltje Roosa, daughter of Albert Hymansenand Wyentje (de Jorge) Roosa. In 1681 the name is written Pawling, andsometimes Paaling and Paling, but the "d" seldom occurs in this branch ofthe family. The Pawlings lived in KIngston and Dutchess Counties, NewYork, and in Pennsylvania, Major H. Pawling, a brother of Colonel LeviPawling, was a noted officer of the revolutionary war. Levi Pawling, sonof Colonel Levi Pawling, was born October 12, 1759, at Lansingburg, NewYork. He moved from Lansingburg to Burnt Hills, Saratoga County, April1789, and settled on a farm. All of his children but Jane were born onthis farm, and many of his grandchildren. He married October 16, 1787,Jane Wilson. Alexander Wilson came from Scotland to New York to recoversome property of a deceased brother, but died shortly after his arrival.It is a tradition of the family that the Armours were a branch of theCameron Clan of Scotland who changed their name for political reasons.Aelert Pawling, eldest brother of Levi and son of Colonel Levi, was alsoa distinguished officer of the revolution, with a record of efficientservice. He was the first mayor of Troy, New York. When General Lafayettelast visited the United States, Mrs. Eunice Pawling, wife of MayorPawling, presented him with a handsome gold watch. Miss Emma Willard,principal of the Troy Female Seminary, accompanied her at thepresentation. Henry Pawling, another brother, was also active in thecause of independence, appearing on the records as a captain. he wascaptured and confined on the prison ships for two years.

Children were: Henry (Paelding) PAWLING.

Levi (Colonel) PAWLING was born about 1788. Levi's life is almost entirely identified with Ulster County, New York,where he achieved distinction in politics and military service. He was aColonel in the Revolution. Parents: Henry Augustus Sr. PAWLING and Eleanor THOMAS.

Spouse: Helena BURHANS. Levi (Colonel) PAWLING and Helena BURHANS were married on Oct 12, 1749. Children were: Albert PAWLING, Henry PAWLING, William PAWLING, Levi PAWLING, Margaret PAWLING.

Margaret PAWLING. Parents: Levi (Colonel) PAWLING and Helena BURHANS.

Spouse: Levi DEYO.

Rachel PAWLING. Parents: John PAWLING and Neeltje VAN KEUREN.

Spouse: HUGHES.

Rebecca PAWLING. Parents: Jan (Johan) (Lt.) PAWLING and Aagje (Angela) DEWITT.

Spouse: Abraham (Captain) DE HAVEN.

Rebecca PAWLING. Parents: Barney PAWLING and Elizabeth JAMES. Parents: John PAWLING and Neeltje VAN KEUREN.

Spouse: David SCHRYVER.

Spouse: UHL.

Sarah PAWLING was baptized in 1716. Parents: Henry Augustus Sr. PAWLING and Eleanor THOMAS.

Weyntje PAWLING. Parents: Henry (Paelding) PAWLING and Neeltje\Noeltje Albertse ROOSA.

Spouse: Richard BROADHEAD.

William PAWLING. Parents: Levi (Colonel) PAWLING and Helena BURHANS.

Jennifer Lee PAXTON was born in 1971. Parents: Thomas PAXTON and Patricia Lee GEORGES.

Thomas PAXTON.

Spouse: Patricia Lee GEORGES. Thomas PAXTON and Patricia Lee GEORGES were divorced. Children were: Jennifer Lee PAXTON.


Spouse: Janet AHEARN.

Madeline PAYNE.

Spouse: Charles Henry LUTZ. Children were: Patricia LUTZ, Carol Jean LUTZ, Charlotte Lou LUTZ, Larry Eugene LUTZ, Brenda Kay LUTZ.

Jeffrey PAYTON.

Spouse: Patricia Kay HENNEY. Jeffrey PAYTON and Patricia Kay HENNEY were married in 1988.

Jeanne PEBISE.

Spouse: Urban GERVAISE. Children were: Jean GERVAISE.

Jeanne PEBISE.

Spouse: Urbain GERVAISE. Children were: Jean GERVAISE.

PEGGY was born in 1952.

Spouse: Charles HOY.


Spouse: Laurent DOUCET. Children were: Marguerite DOUCET.

Marie Madeleine PELLETIER.

Spouse: Raymond CHAGNON. Children were: Agathe CHAGNON.

Maria PELS.

Spouse: Arien ROOSA.

Abraham PENNER was born on Jul 17, 1859 in Russia. He died on Jul 25, 1898 in Manitoba, Canada.

Spouse: Marie HEINRICHS. Children were: Annie PENNER.

Annie PENNER was born on Mar 30, 1880 in Chortitz, Manitoba Canada. She died on Jul 4, 1953 in Nipawin, Sask. Canada. Parents: Abraham PENNER and Marie HEINRICHS.

Spouse: Abraham NEUFELD. Abraham NEUFELD and Annie PENNER were married in 1898 in Manitoba, Canada. Children were: Barbara NEUFELD.

Helena PENNER was born on Apr 11, 1852. She died in Feb 1932 in Lost River Dist. Sask. Canada.

Spouse: Jacob (Jake) NEUFELD. Children were: Abraham NEUFELD.


Spouse: Claude FOURRIER. Children were: Catherine FOURRIER.


Spouse: Claude FOURIER. Children were: Catherine FOURRIER.


Spouse: Guy COUSINEAU. Children were: Jean Baptiste COUSINEAU.

Catherine PERAS. Parents: Pierre PERAS.

Spouse: Eustache DUMAY. Eustache DUMAY and Catherine PERAS were married on Apr 21, 1688 in LaPrairie, Quebec. Children were: Marie DUMAY.

Pierre PERAS.

Children were: Catherine PERAS.


Children were: Madeleine PERRIER.

Madeleine PERRIER. Parents: Jean PERRIER.

Spouse: Pierre SABOURIN. Pierre SABOURIN and Madeleine PERRIER were married in 1688. Children were: Marie Madeleine SABOURIN.


Spouse: Catherine ARCHAMBAULT. Henri PERRIN and Catherine ARCHAMBAULT were married in 1661.


Spouse: Jeanne MERRIN. Children were: Michelle PERRIN.

Henri PERRIN was born about 1623 in , Quebec, Canada. He died bfr 1670.

Spouse: Jeann MERRIN. Henri PERRIN and Jeann MERRIN were married on Jul 18, 1661 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Children were: Michelle PERRIN.

Michelle PERRIN was born on Aug 24, 1661 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She died on Mar 10, 1731 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has Ancestral File Number GCM0-NM. Parents: Henri PERRIN and Jeann MERRIN. Parents: Henri PERRIN and Jeanne MERRIN.

Spouse: Jean Baptiste GOURDON. Jean Baptiste GOURDON and Michelle PERRIN were married on Nov 24, 1676 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Children were: Marie GOURDON, Suzanne GOURDON, Anne GOURDON.

Jane PERRY was born about 1790 in , , Indiana.

Spouse: Phillip KELLER. Children were: John KELLER.

Pierre PERSONNE-LAFOND was born on Nov 5, 1764 in L'Assumption, Quebec. Parents: Charles Joseph PARSON and Agathe CHAGNON.

Spouse: Marie Rose ETHIER. Pierre PERSONNE-LAFOND and Marie Rose ETHIER were married on Sep 29, 1788 in Repentigny, Quebec. Children were: Marie Josephite PARSON, Pierre PARSON, Marie Rose PARSON.

Spouse: Marie Anne BRO. Pierre PERSONNE-LAFOND and Marie Anne BRO were married on Aug 7, 1820.

Spouse: Elisabeth GRENIER. Pierre PERSONNE-LAFOND and Elisabeth GRENIER were married on Jan 13, 1829.

Marie PESCHER was born about 1628. She died on Nov 20, 1728. [family.FTW]

Spouse: Jean HAREL. Jean HAREL and Marie PESCHER were married about 1677. Children were: Jeanne HAREL.

Elizabeth PETER was born in 1588 in Aargau or Zurich, Switzerland. She died in 1640 in Aargau or Zurich, Switzerland. She was buried in 1640.

Spouse: Hans GROFF. Hans GROFF and Elizabeth PETER were married on Mar 2, 1609/10. Children were: Jacob GROFF.

Grete or Grethe Pauline PETERSON was born on Sep 21, 1856 in , , Norway. She died on May 24 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon.

Spouse: Nels Ole KITTELSON. Nels Ole KITTELSON and Grete or Grethe Pauline PETERSON were married on Feb 6, 1885 or 1889 in Highland, , Dakota. Children were: Gets Emanuel KITTELSON, Oscar KITTELSON, Norman KITTELSON, Peter George KITTELSON, Inga Caroline KITTELSON, John Henry KITTELSON, Nora KITTELSON, Arthur Melvin KITTELSON, Ole KITTELSON.

Francoise PETIT.

Spouse: Francois COIGNART. Children were: Marie COIGNART.

Francoise Jeanne PETIT was born about 1643. She died on Mar 30, 1733 in Longveuil, Quebec. [family.FTW]

Spouse: Francois SEGUIN. Francois SEGUIN and Francoise Jeanne PETIT were married on Oct 31, 1672 in Boucherville, Quebec. Children were: Jean Baptiste SEGUIN.

Henri PETIT was born about 1622. He died on Nov 20, 1686 in Quebec. [family.FTW]

Spouse: Elizabeth FONTAINE. Children were: Joseph PETIT-BRUNO.

Joseph PETIT-BRUNO died before 1765. [family.FTW] Parents: Joseph PETIT-BRUNO and Marie CHENAY.

Spouse: Agathe SICARD. Joseph PETIT-BRUNO and Agathe SICARD were married on Feb 28, 1728/29 in Maskinonge, Quebec. Children were: Marie Louise BRUNEAU.

Joseph PETIT-BRUNO was born in 1645 in France. [family.FTW] Parents: Henri PETIT and Elizabeth FONTAINE.

Spouse: Marie CHENAY. Joseph PETIT-BRUNO and Marie CHENAY were married on Sep 16, 1765 in Notre Dame, Quebec City, Quebec. Children were: Joseph PETIT-BRUNO.

Catharina Elisabeth PETZOLD was born in 1884.

Spouse: Carl ROMMEL. Carl ROMMEL and Catharina Elisabeth PETZOLD were married on Feb 16, 1905.

John Robert PEZZANITE was born in 1961.

Spouse: Sandi Lynn WARNER. John Robert PEZZANITE and Sandi Lynn WARNER were married in 1990. They were divorced.

Carin Arwen PFIEFFER was born in 1972. Parents: Mark George PFIEFFER and Mary Jo SMUDA.

Spouse: Brett BROWN. Brett BROWN and Carin Arwen PFIEFFER were married in 1996. Children were: Noah Arden BROWN, Channah BROWN.

Dawn Gladriel PFIEFFER was born in 1970. Parents: Mark George PFIEFFER and Mary Jo SMUDA.

Spouse: Stacy Jordan STTOYANOFF. Stacy Jordan STTOYANOFF and Dawn Gladriel PFIEFFER were married in 1998. Children were: Sydney Elise STTOYANOFF, Samuel Alexander STTOYANOFF.

Mark George PFIEFFER was born in 1950.

Spouse: Mary Jo SMUDA. Mark George PFIEFFER and Mary Jo SMUDA were married in 1969. They were divorced. Children were: Dawn Gladriel PFIEFFER, Carin Arwen PFIEFFER.

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