McDonnell and Laurine
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Spouse: Lillian REINHART. Rich BYRUM and Lillian REINHART were married in 1942.

Emma C. was born in Aug 1881 in Pennsylvania. Emma indicated to the census taker in 1900 that her father was born inPennsylvania and her mother was born in Cennecticut. She and her husbandwere both 18 at the time of the 1900 census.

Spouse: Claud LUTZ.

Margaret C. was born in Mar 1858 in Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Jonathan A. LUTZ. Children were: Claud LUTZ.

Elisabeth Mae CAMP.

Spouse: Howard H. SPRENGER. Children were: Mary Joan SPRENGER.

Deborah Marie CAMPBELL was born in 1951. Parents: Robert CAMPBELL and Gloria Shirley DUBORD.

Spouse: Fletcher WILLIS. Fletcher WILLIS and Deborah Marie CAMPBELL were divorced. Children were: Stephanie Ann WILLIS.

Lorena or Laura CAMPBELL was born in Sep 1880 in Honey Creek, Howard, Indiana.

Spouse: James A or W RATCLIFF. James A or W RATCLIFF and Lorena or Laura CAMPBELL were married on Jun 6, 1897 in Kokomo, Howard, Indiana. They were divorced.

Nicole CAMPBELL was born in 1977. Parents: Robert Joseph CAMPBELL and Robin ACKONS.


Spouse: Gloria Shirley DUBORD. Children were: Deborah Marie CAMPBELL, Robert Joseph CAMPBELL.

Robert Joseph CAMPBELL was born in 1954. Parents: Robert CAMPBELL and Gloria Shirley DUBORD.

Spouse: Robin ACKONS. Children were: Stacey CAMPBELL, Nicole CAMPBELL.

Stacey CAMPBELL was born in 1975. Parents: Robert Joseph CAMPBELL and Robin ACKONS.

Florence CANTEAU.

Spouse: Pierre DOUSSINET. Children were: Marguerite DOUSSINET.

Thomas CARDER.

Spouse: Nancy Jane KELLER. Thomas CARDER and Nancy Jane KELLER were married on Nov 1, 1889.

Louis CAREAU was born about 1621. [family.FTW] Parents: Andre CARREAU and Jacquette CAUSADE.

Spouse: Jeanne LEROUGE. Louis CAREAU and Jeanne LEROUGE were married on Apr 30, 1654 in Quebec. Children were: Marguerite CAREAU.

Marguerite CAREAU was born on Jun 24, 1662. Parents: Louis CAREAU and Jeanne LEROUGE.

Spouse: Louis PREVOST. Louis PREVOST and Marguerite CAREAU were married on Feb 17, 1680/81. Children were: Louis PREVOST.

Spouse: Mathieu TEXIER. Mathieu TEXIER and Marguerite CAREAU were married on Nov 25, 1687.


Spouse: Evonne DELANEY. Gary CARLISLE and Evonne DELANEY were divorced. Children were: Shannon CARLISLE.

Shannon CARLISLE was born in 1970. Parents: Gary CARLISLE and Evonne DELANEY.


Spouse: Bonnie PALMER.

Evelyn Marie CARLSON was born on Sep 13, 1922. She died on Sep 2, 2000 in Seattle, King, Washington. She was buried in Edmonds, Snohomish, Washington.

Spouse: Ned David LAURINE.

Fred R. CARLSON was born in 1888 in Sweden. He died about 1958 in Coeur d'Alene, Id. He was buried in Coeur d'Alene, Id.

Spouse: Catharina Elisabeth ROMMEL. Fred R. CARLSON and Catharina Elisabeth ROMMEL were married on Oct 16, 1948 in Coeur d'Alene, Id.

Janet Ellen CARLSON was born in 1945.

Spouse: David Roger WARNER. David Roger WARNER and Janet Ellen CARLSON were married in 1964. Children were: David Roger Jr WARNER, Sandi Lynn WARNER.

CAROLINE was born in 1840.

Spouse: Jacobus\James Chambers LUTZ. Children were: Catherine LUTZ, Jacob LUTZ, George LUTZ.

Vital CARON.

Spouse: Marguerite GAGNON. Vital CARON and Marguerite GAGNON were married on Feb 10, 1685/86.

Agnes I CARR was born in 1910. Parents: Patrick J CARR and Blanche E RECORD.

Francis P CARR was born in 1907. Parents: Patrick J CARR and Blanche E RECORD.

Patrick J CARR was born.

Spouse: Blanche E RECORD. Patrick J CARR and Blanche E RECORD were married on May 15, 1905 in Clay , Howard, Indiana. They were divorced. divorce by 1920 Children were: Francis P CARR, Agnes I CARR.


Spouse: Jacquette CAUSADE. Children were: Louis CAREAU.


Spouse: Ed WINTER. Children were: Chester B. (Pastor) WINTER.


Spouse: Annette ROMMEL.

Delores Rose CARROLL was born in 1928. Parents: Owen CARROLL and Rose Blanche LACROSSE.

Spouse: Leo George KOVAL. Leo George KOVAL and Delores Rose CARROLL were divorced. Children were: Gary Lee KOVAL, Gail Lyn KOVAL, Karen Ann KOVAL, Keith Allen KOVAL.

Spouse: Frank Thomas KUGAN.

Gerald Owen CARROLL was born on Mar 18, 1931. He died on Dec 11, 1947. Parents: Owen CARROLL and Rose Blanche LACROSSE.

Kareen May CARROLL was born in 1932. Parents: Owen CARROLL and Rose Blanche LACROSSE.

Spouse: Paul Richard ATWOOD. Children were: Richard Owen ATWOOD, Gene Ford ATWOOD, Michelle Sue ATWOOD, Mark Steven ATWOOD.

Lytell Lloyd CARROLL was born on Nov 23, 1935. He died on Mar 10, 1936. Parents: Owen CARROLL and Rose Blanche LACROSSE.

Owen CARROLL was born in 1907.

Spouse: Rose Blanche LACROSSE. Children were: Delores Rose CARROLL, Gerald Owen CARROLL, Kareen May CARROLL, Lytell Lloyd CARROLL, Sharon Lee CARROLL.

Sharon Lee CARROLL was born in 1940. Parents: Owen CARROLL and Rose Blanche LACROSSE.

Spouse: Ronald LANGE. Children were: Robin Christine LANGE, Debra Elizabeth LANGE, Bernard Patrick LANGE.

Virginia Mae CARROLL.

Spouse: Leroy MORRIS. Leroy MORRIS and Virginia Mae CARROLL were married in 1941. Children were: Carolyn Myrle MORRIS, Joyce Ann MORRIS, James Leroy MORRIS, Janie Marie MORRIS, Gerald Louis MORRIS, Lota Jean MORRIS.

Eliza Jane CARTER was born about 1832. She died on Dec 6, 1900. Parents: Simeon CARTER and Sarah HAVENS.

Spouse: Allen NANCE. Allen NANCE and Eliza Jane CARTER were married on Jan 13, 1848. Children were: Sarah Jane NANCE, George W. NANCE, Nancy Elizabeth NANCE, James C. NANCE, Mary Ellen NANCE, Thomas Franklin NANCE, Elizabeth Ann NANCE, Louise NANCE, Allen NANCE, Caroline NANCE, Lincoln NANCE, Minnie Arden NANCE, Wanda Alice NANCE, Rosella NANCE.

Simeon CARTER.

Spouse: Sarah HAVENS. Children were: Eliza Jane CARTER.

William CARTER.

Spouse: Rosella NANCE. William CARTER and Rosella NANCE were married on Jan 21, 1891.

Brandon CARTIER was born in 1990. Parents: Randy CARTIER and Patricia SIEGEL.

Brittany CARTIER was born in 1988. Parents: Randy CARTIER and Patricia SIEGEL.

Francois DeSales CARTIER was born on Apr 29, 1725. [family.FTW] Parents: Guillaume CARTIER and Marie Claude GAMELIN.

Spouse: Marie Louise BRUNEAU. Francois DeSales CARTIER and Marie Louise BRUNEAU were married on Jan 8, 1753 in St. Francois, duLac, Quebec. Children were: Marie Josette CARTIER.

Guillaume CARTIER.

Spouse: Marie Claude GAMELIN. Guillaume CARTIER and Marie Claude GAMELIN were married in 1722. Children were: Francois DeSales CARTIER.

Marie Josette CARTIER was born on Dec 8, 1759. Parents: Francois DeSales CARTIER and Marie Louise BRUNEAU.

Spouse: Louis Joseph LALANCETTE. Louis Joseph LALANCETTE and Marie Josette CARTIER were married on Sep 21, 1780 in St. Michael, d'Yamaska, Quebec. Children were: Joseph LALANCETTE.

Randy CARTIER was born in 1955.

Spouse: Patricia SIEGEL. Randy CARTIER and Patricia SIEGEL were married in 1975. Children were: Brittany CARTIER, Brandon CARTIER.


Spouse: Margaret GODSHALK.

Allie CASTER was born about 1880 in , , Indiana. She died in Spokane, Spokane, Washington.

Spouse: John F PARKER. John F PARKER and Allie CASTER were married on Aug 20, 1898 in Gillam, Jasper, Indiana. They were divorced. Children were: Zona PARKER, LaVera PARKER, Irene PARKER.



Ellen CATHCART was born in 1841. She died in 1893. She was buried in 1893.

Spouse: Michael EHRET. Michael EHRET and Ellen CATHCART were married on Feb 12, 1860. Children were: Blanche Bingham EHRET.

CATHERINE was born about 1705 in Germany. She died about 1765 in Antietam, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. She was buried about 1765.

Spouse: Johannes STEINER. Children were: Johannes "Hans" STONER.

CATHY was born in 1954.

Spouse: James D. MEYERS.

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