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Richard Robert BLOOM. Parents: John BLOOM and Irene Melxene LINKER.


Spouse: Louise GARNIER. Jean BLOUIN and Louise GARNIER were married on May 21, 1721.

Marguerite BOCHARD.

Spouse: Jean GAGNON. Jean GAGNON and Marguerite BOCHARD were married about 1692.

Maria BOEM.

Spouse: Witte DEWITT. Children were: Kornelis DEWITT.

Gincy Jincy BOHANON was born.

Spouse: William Lewis COCHRON. William Lewis COCHRON and Gincy Jincy BOHANON were married in 1865. Children were: Eugenia COCHRON, Clarence Rhodes COCHRAN.


Spouse: Louise PLUMEREAU. Raymond BOINNEAU and Louise PLUMEREAU were married on Oct 21, 1692 in Lachine, Quebec.


Spouse: Pierre LAUZON. Children were: Gilles LAUZON.


Spouse: Sharon ADKINS.

Debora BOLLET.

Spouse: Jacques PACRAU. Children were: Marie PACRAU.


Spouse: Agnes MORIN. Ignace BONHOMME and Agnes MORIN were married on Jan 12, 1670/71 in Quebec.

Gilette BONNE.

Spouse: Marin Lafortune CHAUVIN. Children were: Marie CHAUVIN.

Gilette BONNE was born about 1629 in Argences, Normandie. [family.FTW] Parents: Marin BONNE and Isabelle BOURG.

Spouse: Marin CHAUVIN. Marin CHAUVIN and Gilette BONNE were married about 1649. Children were: Marie CHAUVIN.

Marin BONNE.

Spouse: Isabelle BOURG. Children were: Gilette BONNE.

Julia BONZO was born about 1822.

Spouse: Francis SETH. Francis SETH and Julia BONZO were married about 1843 in Pa. Children were: John SETH, George SETH, Susan SETH, Jacob SETH, Joseph SETH, Margaret SETH.

Martha BOOTH was born on Jan 25, 1886 in Eastern Twnshp, Otter Tail, Minnesota. She died on Dec 18, 1964 in Moose Lake, Carlton, Minnesota.

Spouse: Elmer Leroy WARNER. Elmer Leroy WARNER and Martha BOOTH were married on May 22, 1909 in Tenstrike, Minnesota. Children were: Raymond Leroy WARNER, Elby Lyle WARNER, Inez WARNER, John Hugh WARNER.

Sarah BOOTHBY was born about 1837 in , , Ohio.

Spouse: Friend Brown KELLER. Friend Brown KELLER and Sarah BOOTHBY were married about 1860.

Barbara BORGESON was born in 1950. Parents: Marvin BORGESON and Marilu HURRELL.

Spouse: Jack GILMORE. Jack GILMORE and Barbara BORGESON were married in 1973. Children were: Kenny GILMORE, Tracy GILMORE.

Donna BORGESON was born in 1946. Parents: Marvin BORGESON and Marilu HURRELL.

Spouse: Douglas PATRICK. Douglas PATRICK and Donna BORGESON were married in 1966. Children were: Nicole PATRICK, Sean PATRICK.


Spouse: Marilu HURRELL. Marvin BORGESON and Marilu HURRELL were married in 1944. Children were: Donna BORGESON, Barbara BORGESON.

Anna Barbara BORHOW\BORHO was born on Nov 7, 1670 in Tuningen, Wurtemburg, Germany. She died on Jun 8, 1737 in Tuningen, Wurtemburg, Germany. She was buried in Jun 1737. Parents: Hans BOROW and Anna Catharina IRION.

Spouse: Johann Georg (Sir) GLOCKLER. Johann Georg (Sir) GLOCKLER and Anna Barbara BORHOW\BORHO were married on Jan 31, 1687/88 in Tuningen, Wurtemburg, Germany. Children were: Maria (Agnes) GLOCKHLER.

Elizabeth BORMAN was born in 1925.

Spouse: Gideon Grant SLOAN. Gideon Grant SLOAN and Elizabeth BORMAN were divorced.

Hans BOROW was buried in Jun 1687. He died on Jun 23, 1687 in fall to his death, Tuningen, Wurtemburg, Germany. Hans was an alderman.

Spouse: Anna Catharina IRION. Hans BOROW and Anna Catharina IRION were married on Oct 25, 1668. Children were: Anna Barbara BORHOW\BORHO.

Louise BOSSIE was born in 1920.

Spouse: Reginald Chanes MARTIN. Reginald Chanes MARTIN and Louise BOSSIE were married in 1960.

Philapena BOTHA.

Spouse: Joseph James BECKLEY. Joseph James BECKLEY and Philapena BOTHA were married in South Africa.

Charlotte BOUCHER was born on May 31, 1704 in St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada. She died on Jan 22, 1758 in St. Nicolas, Quebec, Canada. Parents: Denis BOUCHER and M-Jeanne MIVILLE.

Spouse: Francois Nicolas MARION. Francois Nicolas MARION and Charlotte BOUCHER were married on Feb 24, 1720/21. Children were: Francois Nicolas MARION.

Denis BOUCHER was born on Apr 11, 1660 in Sillery. He died on Nov 17, 1723 in St. Antoine, Tilly. [family.FTW] Parents: Francois BOUCHER and Florence GAREMAN.

Spouse: M-Jeanne MIVILLE. Denis BOUCHER and M-Jeanne MIVILLE were married on Nov 21, 1689. Children were: Charlotte BOUCHER.

Francois BOUCHER was born about 1626 in Perche. [family.FTW] Parents: Marin BOUCHER and Julienne DU BARIL.

Spouse: Florence GAREMAN. Francois BOUCHER and Florence GAREMAN were married on Sep 3, 1641. Children were: Denis BOUCHER.

Marie Josephite BOUCHER. Parents: Noel BOUCHER and Anne BEBLOIS.

Spouse: Augustin GAGNON. Augustin GAGNON and Marie Josephite BOUCHER were married in 1756. Children were: Pierre GAGNON.

Marin BOUCHER was born about 1589 in Perche. He died on Mar 19, 1670/71.

Spouse: Julienne DU BARIL. Marin BOUCHER and Julienne DU BARIL were married on Feb 7, 1610/11. Children were: Francois BOUCHER.


Spouse: Anne BEBLOIS. Children were: Marie Josephite BOUCHER.

Francois BOUDEAU.

Spouse: Jeanne JEHANNE. Francois BOUDEAU and Jeanne JEHANNE were married in 1634. Children were: Francoise BOUDEAU.

Francoise BOUDEAU was born in 1634. She died on Sep 14, 1696 in Chateau-Richer, Quebec, Canada. Parents: Francois BOUDEAU and Jeanne JEHANNE.

Spouse: Mathurin GAGNON. Mathurin GAGNON and Francoise BOUDEAU were married on Sep 30, 1647 in Quebec, Canada. Children were: Marthe GAGNON, Marie Madeleine GAGNON, Anonymous GAGNON, Mathurin GAGNON, Francoise GAGNON, Vincent GAGNON, Marie GAGNON, Marguerite GAGNON, Francois GAGNON, Flavien GAGNON, Jean GAGNON, Pierre GAGNON, Joseph GAGNON.

Francoise BOUET.

Spouse: Jean ROY. Children were: Marie ROY.

Francoise BOUET was born about 1630 in LaRochelle, France.

Spouse: Jean ROY. Jean ROY and Francoise BOUET were married about 1658 in LaRochelle, France. Children were: Marie ROY.

Spouse: Alexis BUET. Alexis BUET and Francoise BOUET were married about 1678 in Lachine, Quebec.


Spouse: Jean RAPIN-LAMUZETTE. Children were: Andre RAPIN-LAMUZETTE.


Spouse: Marie GENDRE. Children were: Marie M. BOUGERY.

Marie M. BOUGERY was born in 1652. She died in 1689. Parents: Jean Bte BOUGERY and Marie GENDRE.

Spouse: LaFranchise (Beaune) BAUNE. Children were: Albert BAUNE.


Spouse: Joseph GIRARDIN. Children were: Leonard GIRARDIN.


Spouse: Nicolas GODILLON. Children were: Elisabeth GODILLON.

Antoinette BOULE'.

Spouse: Francois GARNIER. Children were: Francois GARNIER.


Spouse: Betty Marie JOBICK.

Antoine BOURG.

Spouse: Antoinette LANDRY. Children were: Marie BOURG.

Isabelle BOURG.

Spouse: Marin BONNE. Children were: Gilette BONNE.

Marie BOURG. Parents: Antoine BOURG and Antoinette LANDRY.

Spouse: Vincent BRAULT. Vincent BRAULT and Marie BOURG were married about 1661. Children were: Jean BROT.

Jean Baptiste BOURGERY died on Jun 14, 1657 in Quebec, Canada. He was born in St. Nicolas, LaRochelle, France.

Spouse: Marie GENDRE. Jean Baptiste BOURGERY and Marie GENDRE were married about 1643 in France. Children were: Marie Madeleine BOURGERY.

Marie Madeleine BOURGERY was born on Jul 22, 1652 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Parents: Jean Baptiste BOURGERY and Marie GENDRE.

Spouse: Jean BEAUNE. Jean BEAUNE and Marie Madeleine BOURGERY were married on Aug 22, 1667 in Quebec. Children were: Albert BAUNE.

Spouse: Charles JACQUES. Charles JACQUES and Marie Madeleine BOURGERY were married on Dec 2, 1689 in Lachine, Quebec.


Spouse: Isabelle HILAIRET. Children were: Jean BOUSQUET.


Spouse: Isabelle HILAIRET. Children were: Jean BOUSQUET.

Jean BOUSQUET was born in 1646 in Tonneins, Guyenne, France. He died in 1714. Parents: Jean BOUSQUET and Isabelle HILAIRET. Parents: Jean BOUSQUET and Isabelle HILAIRET.

Spouse: Catherine FOURRIER. Jean BOUSQUET and Catherine FOURRIER were married on May 11, 1672. Children were: Jeanne BOUSQUET.

Jeanne BOUSQUET was born on Oct 17, 1685 in Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec, Canada. She died before 1717 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Parents: Jean BOUSQUET and Catherine FOURRIER.

Spouse: Albert BAUNE. Albert BAUNE and Jeanne BOUSQUET were married on Nov 24, 1710 in Montreal. Children were: Marie Louisa BAUNE.

Spouse: Albert BAUNE. Albert BAUNE and Jeanne BOUSQUET were married on Nov 24, 1710 in Montreal, Quebec. Children were: Marie Louisa BAUNE.

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