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Todd SWANSON was born in 1966. Parents: Howard SWANSON and Nancy CEDERSTROM.

Viola May SWANSON was born in 1953. Parents: Everett SWANSON and Etta Irene FLINN.

Spouse: Dwight POSS. Children were: James Everett POSS.

Marie SYLVESTRE died on Sep 10, 1665. [family.FTW]

Spouse: Martin PREVOST. Martin PREVOST and Marie SYLVESTRE were married on Nov 3, 1644. Children were: Louis PREVOST, Jean Baptiste PREVOST.

Trientien (Katharina) SYMONS was born about 1645 in Towamencin, Kulpsville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Spouse: Herman DAVITS. Herman DAVITS and Trientien (Katharina) SYMONS were married on Jan 30, 1666/67 in Goch, Germany. Children were: Aeltien (Adeheid) (Symons) HERMANS.

David Thomas SYSON was born in 1974. Parents: Thomas Richard SYSON and Katherine Ann SMUDA.

Spouse: Ruth Margaret ZAZULA. David Thomas SYSON and Ruth Margaret ZAZULA were married in 1998. Children were: Grace Eileen SYSON.

Grace Eileen SYSON was born in 2002. Parents: David Thomas SYSON and Ruth Margaret ZAZULA.

Stacey Ann SYSON was born in 1977. Parents: Thomas Richard SYSON and Katherine Ann SMUDA.

Spouse: Michael QUICK. Children were: Johnathan Paul QUICK.

Thomas Richard SYSON was born in 1953.

Spouse: Katherine Ann SMUDA. Thomas Richard SYSON and Katherine Ann SMUDA were married in 1974. Children were: David Thomas SYSON, Stacey Ann SYSON.


Spouse: Sharon Ann LACROSSE. Children were: Renee SZATKOWSKI, Peter SZATKOWSKI.

Peter SZATKOWSKI was born in 1971. Parents: Peter SZATKOWSKI and Sharon Ann LACROSSE.

Renee SZATKOWSKI was born in 1969. Parents: Peter SZATKOWSKI and Sharon Ann LACROSSE.

Maria TAK.

Spouse: Jan DEWITT. Children were: Witte DEWITT.

TALISHA. Parents: Pamela SULLIVAN.


Spouse: Roy HOY. Roy HOY and Laura TAYLOR were divorced.

Louis TE'TRO.

Children were: Marie TE'TRO.

Marie TE'TRO was born about 1664. Parents: Louis TE'TRO.

Spouse: Paul DESMARETS. Paul DESMARETS and Marie TE'TRO were married on Oct 14, 1681 in Champlain. Children were: Marie Antoinette DESMARETS.

Catherine TELLIER.

Spouse: Michel DENIS. Children were: Jacques ST. DENIS.


Spouse: George Edward BROWN. Children were: Larry BROWN.

Anne TESSIER was born.

Spouse: Jacques LALANCETTE. Children were: Joseph Jacques LALANCETTE.

Madeleine TESSIER was born about 1692. She died on Jul 24, 1758.

Spouse: Jean Francois BERGEVIN. Jean Francois BERGEVIN and Madeleine TESSIER were married on Feb 13, 1712/13 in Beauport, Quebec. Children were: Marie Jeanne BERGEVIN.


Spouse: Maturin BERGEVIN. Children were: Jean BERGEVIN.

Charles TESSON.

Spouse: Helene QUESNEL.

Mathieu TEXIER.

Spouse: Marguerite CAREAU. Mathieu TEXIER and Marguerite CAREAU were married on Nov 25, 1687.

Maria Elisabeth THAUTFEST.

Spouse: Georg Friedrich ROMMEL. Children were: Johann Adam ROMMEL, Johann Georg ROMMEL, Johann Georg ROMMEL.

Jean Baptiste THEOLET-TRIOLET was born on Mar 14, 1731/32 in Pte Claire, Quebec. Parents: Jean Baptiste TRIOLET and Marie Marthe CHOLET.

Spouse: Marie Josephite LEGAULT. Jean Baptiste THEOLET-TRIOLET and Marie Josephite LEGAULT were married on Jan 31, 1757 in Pte Claire, Quebec. Children were: Marguerite THEORET-TRIOLET.

Marguerite THEORET-TRIOLET. Parents: Jean Baptiste THEOLET-TRIOLET and Marie Josephite LEGAULT.

Spouse: Jean Baptiste GROUX. Jean Baptiste GROUX and Marguerite THEORET-TRIOLET were married on Oct 21, 1782 in Pte Claire, Quebec.

Jean Baptiste THEORET-TROILET was born on Mar 4, 1707 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. He died on Jul 15, 1787. Parents: J TROILET-LARIVIERE and Marie ROY.

Spouse: Marie Mathe CHOLET. Jean Baptiste THEORET-TROILET and Marie Mathe CHOLET were married on Jul 19, 1731. Children were: John Baptiste THEORET-TROILET.

John Baptiste THEORET-TROILET was born on Mar 14, 1732. Parents: Jean Baptiste THEORET-TROILET and Marie Mathe CHOLET.

Spouse: Marie Josett LEGAULT. John Baptiste THEORET-TROILET and Marie Josett LEGAULT were married on Jan 31, 1757. Children were: Marquerite THEORET-TROILET.

Marquerite THEORET-TROILET. Parents: John Baptiste THEORET-TROILET and Marie Josett LEGAULT.

Spouse: Jean Baptiste GROUX. Jean Baptiste GROUX and Marquerite THEORET-TROILET were married in 1782. Children were: Marguerite GROUX.


Spouse: Lillian GORMAN. Leo THER and Lillian GORMAN were married in 1921.

Loretta THILL.

Spouse: Harold Edison HOY. Children were: Marilynn HOY, David HOY, Rodney HOY, Brian HOY.


Spouse: Fannie Mae KELLER. Children were: Fannie R THOMAS.


Spouse: Bette Jean BLOOM.

Catharine THOMAS was born in 1849 in Ashland, Ohio. She died in 1909.

Spouse: Abraham LUTZ. Abraham LUTZ and Catharine THOMAS were married on Jan 13, 1867.

Catherine Baum THOMAS was born on May 1, 1849 in Ashland County, Ohio. She died on Nov 5, 1909. She was buried in Nov 1909 in Old Nankin Cemetery, Ashland, Ohio. Catharine's obituary is quite interesting:

"Catharine Thomas Lutz was born in Miflin Township, Ashland County, Ohioon May 1 1849 and died at her home in orange (Nankin) on November 5,1909. She was married to Abram Lutz on January 9, 1867. Ten children camefrom this union - six sons and four daughters; five sons and threedaughters, together with the husband and father, mourn a devoted motherand a faithful wife.

In the days of her youth she consecrated her young life to the service ofher Lord and Redeemer, uniting with the German Reformed Church. After hermarriage to Mr. Lutz, she cast her lot with him and became a member ofthe German Lutheran Church of Ashland (Peace Lutheran Church), but ontheir removal to near Orange, both united with the methodist EpiscopalChurch which has continued to be ther (church) home. Sister Lutz was a'choice spirit,' her beaming face and cheery, hopeful words bespoke thejoy and peace within. Ready always to reach out a helping hand to thosein need, a faithful attendant in the house of God, an all-around everydayChristian, she will be greatly missed from the social circles of thechurch, the Sabbath School and the community. In the face of a pouringrain the funeral services were largely attended by sypathizing friendsand neighbors who thus bore silent testimony to her worth.

"The circumstances of her death were peculiarly sad. On Friday afternoonshe had gone unattended and in usual health, to Ashland to do someshopping. This done, she hurried to get the 3:15 (street) car for home.On entering the car, she sank into a seat and throwing up her arms said,"Oh, I am so sick." On reaching the station in Nanking she was quitedelirious and directly after removal to her home became unconscious, inwhich state she lingered till about 8 o'clock, when without a struggleshe passed from earth to heaven.

"Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore thee,
Though sorrow and darkness encompass the tomb,
Thy Savior has passed through its portal before thee,
And the lamp of his life is thy guide through the gloom.

"Thou art gone to the grave; we no longer behold thee,
Nor tread the rough path of the world by thy side.
But the wide arms of mercy are spread to engulf you,
And sinners may die, for the sinless fath died.- Rev. E. S. Warner Parents: Johnathan THOMAS and Mary BAUM.

Spouse: Abraham LUTZ. Abraham LUTZ and Catherine Baum THOMAS were married on Jan 13, 1867 in Ashland County, Ohio. Children were: George Edward LUTZ, Samuel LUTZ, Sarah Elizabeth LUTZ, Sylvester LUTZ, Laura LUTZ, Mary A. LUTZ, Henry F. LUTZ, John LUTZ, Hannah Myrtle LUTZ, (Infant) LUTZ.

Eleanor THOMAS.

Spouse: Henry Augustus Sr. PAWLING. Children were: Henry Augustus Jr. PAWLING, Sarah PAWLING, Elizabeth PAWLING, Barney PAWLING, Levi (Colonel) PAWLING, Eleanor PAWLING, John PAWLING.

Fannie R THOMAS was born in 1906. Parents: THOMAS and Fannie Mae KELLER.

Johnathan THOMAS.

Spouse: Mary BAUM. Children were: Catherine Baum THOMAS.

Michael J. THOMAS. Parents: Mrs. J. P. THOMAS.

Spouse: Anita Lynn LUTZ.

Mrs. J. P. THOMAS.

Children were: Michael J. THOMAS.

Lucille THOMPSON was born in 1934.

Spouse: Laurence Raymond GOODMAN. Laurence Raymond GOODMAN and Lucille THOMPSON were married on Oct 27, 1951 in Chicago, Cook, Il. Children were: David GOODMAN, Susan Rae GOODMAN, Jeanne GOODMAN, Melissa Ann GOODMAN.

Malvina THOMPSON was born on Jan 21, 1881 in , , Michigan. She died on Sep 7, 1953 in Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan.

Spouse: Alexis A LAURINE. Children were: Marion Lucille LAURINE, Adrian Joseph LAURINE, Margaret M LAURINE, Phillip LAURINE, Doris Ann LAURINE.


Spouse: William BULL. William BULL and Martha THOMPSON were married on Jun 17, 1747. Children were: Rebecca BULL.

Joyce H THORSON was born in 1953.

Spouse: Daniel LeRoy WARNER. Daniel LeRoy WARNER and Joyce H THORSON were married in 1971.

Elizabeth TIBOU.

Spouse: Jean FAFART. Children were: Francoise FAFART.

Lawrence "Duke" TIEMAN was born in 1922.

Spouse: GENEVA. Children were: Michael TIEMAN.

Michael TIEMAN. Parents: Lawrence "Duke" TIEMAN and GENEVA.

Madge TIMMINS was born about 1796 in , Meath, Ireland. She died on Jun 26, 1873 in Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin. She was buried in St Augustines Rocky Run Cementery.

Spouse: John HALPIN. Children were: James HALPIN.

Mercilla Margaret TIMMONS was born in Aug 1836 in , , Ireland. She died on Dec 16, 1917 in Andover, Day, South Dakota. She immigrated in 1851 per 1900 Andover, Day, South Dakota census

1851 - Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin

1860 - Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin under the name Margaret with 2 daughters, Mary and Margaret (Catherine)

1870 - can't find them - most likey in Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin with 6 children - Mary, Catherine Margaret, Lucy, Charolette, Ellen and possible Ambrose.

1880 - Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin I counted 10 children under the name Mercilla and her daughter Margaret is now Catherine. Children - Mary, Catherine, Lucy, Charolette, Mercilla, Ellen, Ambrose, Bartholomew, John, and Philip

1890 - Fire Damage

1900 - Andover, Day, South Dakota she said 6 of 6 children living with her is John N, and Philip T

1910 - Andover, Day, South Dakota she said 10 but 7 alive living with her son Philip T and her in law Agnes.

1917 - under the name Marcella T Helpin death Dec 16, 1917 in Day county Parents: Phillip TIMMONS.

Spouse: John Bartholomew HALPIN. Children were: Mary HALPIN, Catherine Margaret HALPIN, Lucy HALPIN, Mercilla HALPIN, Charlotte HALPIN, Ellen HALPIN, Ambrose Janke HALPIN, Bartholomew F HALPIN, John N HALPIN, Philip Timmons Timens HALPIN.

Phillip TIMMONS was born.

Children were: Mercilla Margaret TIMMONS.

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