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Welcome! This is my humble archive of fan fic. There's stories written by me, Aimslee, and many other authors. I'll post anyone's Star Trek story, from any series or movie, if it's rated PG or under. Please take a look at the submitting guidelines if you're interested. Enjoy! Updated: Feb. 14, 2001

Voyager Stories

Ordinary Miracles By Abra Mitchell
Tom and B'Elanna's thoughts after their first baby. Chakotey and Captain Janeway are also featured.

Imaginary Friend By Aimslee
When Naomi starts talking about an imaginary friend, nothing more than usual is expected of it. But this friend is more than anyone expected.

A Romantic Interlude By Aimslee
A look into nearly everyone’s minds during the first wedding on Voyager.

The Voyager Journals By Aimslee
Seven hundred years after Voyagers current time, a girl stubles across some old records. These records threaten to chage everything she ever knew and believed, as well as her entire culture
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Dressing Up By Betty Phipps
Tom baby-Sits Naomi, and she has an idea for what to do that evening.

Night of the Animals By Betty Phipps
Sequel to 'Dressing Up', Tom baby-sits Naomi again, but this time it's camping...

Rubber Bands By BLT
There's a rubber Band fight on the bridge.

Wrong Number By Dave Rogers
Janeway sends out three shuttles, but finds that four have come back to her.

Alternate Decisions By Jackie Leb
Captain Janeway is shown how things could have been, by the one and only Q.

The Needs of the Many By James Trevena
Voyager finds a mysterious planet, a strange guy, has anti-matter problems, and kinda, but not really, gets home.

Sissy By Janeway216
For all sisters, everywhere.

Love Changes Everything Except the Truth By Janeway216
Janeway and Doc go over the lessons learned in "Virtuoso."

For the Love of a Woman By Janeway216
The Doctor works up the courage to do something he's wanted to for a long time.

Lies By Janeway 602
When Voyager rescues a girl claiming to be Seven's daughter in the future, mysteries appear and the truth eventually comes out.

Innocent Eyes By KJ
Naomi's perspective of Captain Janeway and Cammander Chakotey's relationship.

All the Right Places By Lady Firebird
A yearly tradition begins when Chakotet tries to cheer Kathryn up one Valentines day on Voyager. A very wonderful story.

Popcorn and Hot Chocolate By Lady Firebird
Janeway/Paris, non-romantic. Set immediately after the sixth-season episode "Pathfinder." Tom reacts to his father's words during Voyager's brief contact with the Alpha Quadrant.

Candy Hearts By Monkee
It's Valentines day on Voyager, Captain Janeway and Chakotey get some Candy Hearts. A wonderful story!

Through the Eyes of a Child By Monkee
Marla Gilmore talks to Naomi, three weeks after the Equinox is destroyed.

The Leonard Series By Monkee
Three short and funny stories about the holographic reptile, Leonard.

A Mother's Pride By Pecosa
In a late-night, peaceful time, Kathryn cherishes the wonder of her children.

To Touch By Pecosa
Seven was deprived of more than socialization in the collective; every human being needs to touch.

The Little Things By Pecosa
Sometimes it's the little things that count most.

Mama Kate By Pecosa
When Voyager is attacked (about five or six years from now), Captain Janeway is left to raise the crew's children.

Nothing to be Scared Of By Sally
A filler for "Nothing Human" set shortly after the Doc's little slide presentation.

A Continuum Christmas By Shayenne
A Voyager Christmas story featuring Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotey.

~The Kathryn Paris Series~
By Stephanie
Tom and B'Elanna are married, and get some surprising and very good news!

Santa By Stephanie
Six-year-old Kathryn Paris learns about an ancient Earth tradition. Santa Claus.

Home and Family By Stephanie
Voyager finally makes it home, and Kathryn sets her heart on a difficult task. Bringing her father and grandfather together.
-Part One-
-Part Two-
-Part Three-

If Dr. Seuss had written for Star Trek: The Next Generation Author Unknown
Though not exactly a fan fiction, this is a very funny parody. I suggest reading it.

Deep Space Nine Stories

The Adventures of Molly O'Brien A. L. Bly
Molly's out on the promenade alone, and wanders into an interesting looking place.

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