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"They're like my best friends, only bester" - Zac

"Everything changes" - Taylor

"We're not a young band, we're a band who just happen to be young" - Isaac

"Save a tree, eat a beaver" - Zac

"it wasn't quite MMMMMMBop or MMBop, it was a little bit in the middle. Three M's and a Bop just looked good." - Isaac

"We're the long-haired guys that look like girls" - Zac

"I think we're normal - I mean, what guy doesn't like girls" - Taylor

"We're not doing this because we want girls to scream at us, but girls can scream at us if they want" - Taylor

"Some people make fun of Hanson. But you know what? I don't give a rip." - Isaac

"I really think you just write about the stuff you feel. You write about life and those cool, emotional experiences" - Taylor

"I've actually advanced my memory where I can store 14,000,000 thoughts!" - Zac

"A new experience can kind of make you nervous, but once you get out there, it's no big deal." - Isaac

"A year ago, nobody really cared that much about us so you have to wonder, why to people care now?" - Taylor

you can be inspired by all different things. Sometimes you just look out the window and something happens." - Isaac

A lot of times we just jam and suddenly the song will be there." - Taylor

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