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Here is a Hanson poem that I wrote. It's not very good, but I tried anyway. If you have written a Hanson poem and you would like it to be here then e-mail me and I'll put it on here.

I sit in the lounge room listening to "Middle Of Nowhere".

I listen hard, letting the music inside of me.

Sometimes I listen so hard that I almost feel like a part of the band.

The feeling is indescribable - a mixture of many emotions that can sometimes make you feel like your floating away on a cloud.

Those heavenly voices and fantastic lyrics run through my head over and over again.

I listen to the character in each boys voice:

Taylor with his slightly husky yet very soulful voice.

Isaac with his deep, meaningful voice.

Zac with his loud voice that adds power to the lyrics.

Together these three voices make Hanson.

When they sing as Hanson the harmonys are so good that you could swear that only one person is singing.

When the CD finishes I slowly return to the real world and wish that I could listen to Hanson 24 hours a day.

By Michelle Rowe


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