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Here are the latest updates on Hanson that I can find. If you have any more then please e-mail me and tell me them. You can also find updates on Hanson at Hansonline.


The single "This Time Around" has been released in Australia. It comes in two parts and it absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately it's not doing to well on the charts. If you are and Australian Hanson fan, please go and buy it and support Hanson. Thanks!

"This Time Around" has now been released WORLDWIDE, so there's no excuse for you not to go down to your nearest music store and buy it.

"This Time Around" has been realeased in Australia! It's a great album and I really do recommend that you buy it. The release date for the US is May 9.

The single of "This Time Around" has been released in the US, so if you're a Hanson fan from America, go out and buy it.


Only two days to go to the release of "If Only" and I bet you're all getting excited! So, what do you look for in the shops? Click here to see the cover.

The "If Only" single is due for release in Australia on March 13, so all fellow Australians can go and buy that on Monday. YAY! The album is being released here on April 17.

The "This Time Around" single has now been released in the US, so if you live in the US go and buy it. The album will be released there on May 9.

The "If Only" video clip is being showed on Video Hits.

"If Only" has been played on Ugly Phil's and now you can vote for it. If you live in Australia then go to here or call 1800 151 100 to vote.

The first single to be released in the US is "This Time Around" and for the rest of the world it's going to be "If Only". Go to Hansonline to check out the audio clips for these songs and three other songs.

Hanson announced just the other night that the new album is titled "This Time Around".

"This Time Around" is now due to be released in Australia in the 17th of April and Australia will be the first place in the world to get it. YAY...go Oz!!!

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