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Hanson 4 Eva!

Hanson 4 Eva!

Hey, welcome to Hanson 4 Eva! I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to click around. If you have any ideas on how I can make my site better then don't hesitate to email me. Don't forget to have fun and sign the guestbook and my SlamBook!!!

NEWS - "This Time Around" has been released WORLDWIDE! Go and buy it now coz it completely ROCKS!!! :0)

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Who Are Hanson?

Hanson are three brothers, Isaac (19-guitar), Taylor (17-keyboards) and Zachary (14-drums), that come from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They come from a very musical background, and they sing, play and write their own songs.

They had world wide success with their smash hit single "MMMBop" and their debut album "Middle Of Nowhere".

Their new album titled "This Time Around" was released worldwide just a couple of months ago.

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